XPS Foamed Board Production Line

XPS foamed board production line is the professional production equipment to produce XPS board. The XPS board is a special construction material, and it has cellular structure and continuous surface. The board has the prominent advantages of heat preservation, thermal insulation, waterproof and high intensity. So that it is an ideal thermal insulation material. Because of that, the production line is also called XPS foam insulation board extrusion lines. The XPS boards made by the production can be used for 60 to 80 years. Even in the extraordinary high-temperature condition, the board can be used more than 40 years. We can say that it is a good choice for the clients who would like to invest the thermal insulation construction materials.

XPS boards
XPS boards
XPS board used in construction building
XPS board used in construction building
application XPS boards
application XPS boards

Great Advantages Of the Twin Screw CE Approved XPS Insulation Board Production Line

1. It has feature to reduce the volatilization of the fire retardant. So that the boards have high performance in extrusion and flame retardant.

2. The equipment has large production capacity, and it has low energy consumption than the sing screw type.

3. The operators can makes the XPS board by using the environmentally friendly foaming agent.

4. It feeds the materials in quantity measurement,which makes the boards stable and even.

XPS Foamed Board Production Line
XPS Foamed Board Production Line

XPS Foamed Board Production Line for sale
XPS Foamed Board Production Line for sale

Raw Materials Of the XPS Board Made By XPS Extruded Interior Decorative Line

The XPS boards are made from polystyrene particle, foaming agent (mainly includes Freon or carbon dioxide), nucleating agent (such as talcum powder), fire retardant, color master batch and so on.

Reasonable Design Of The Production Line

The foaming cornice CO2 xps production line mainly consists eight parts, and we will give the details as follows:

1. Raw material mixture and auto conveying equipment. The raw material mixture equipment combines of bulk machine and storage machine. Moreover, the bulk machine is the special to place all the raw materials. After mixing the materials, the equipment will transfer to the storage machine.

2. Extrusion system. Generally speaking, the extrusion system has primary extrusion and secondary extrusion equipment. The primary extrusion equipment enables the powers to be fully melted in the high temperature. For the secondary extrusion equipment, it ensures the boards to be shaped correctly.

extrusion system of XPS production line
extrusion system of XPS production line

3. Transfer & cooling rack. After shaping the boards, the tractor conveys the boards to the transfer and cooling track. In this way, the boards become cool, and they will have high intensity.

4. Control System. The operators can control all the operating procedures by using control system. If the clients would like to use PLC, we can equip the PLC into the CE Standard Full automatic XPS insulation foam board production line.

5. Tractors. The tractors are same as the extrusion system, which includes primary and secondary tractors too. When the boards have specific shape, they are pulled out the by primary tractor. After cooling the boards, the secondary tractor pulls the boards out.

6. Length cutting equipment. If the boards have certain shape and thickness, the equipment will cut the boards into the certain length.

Working Procedures Of CO2 XPS Extrusion production Line

1. Make the raw materials melt. When the equipment starts to work, the operators will put the raw materials into the bulk machine. Then the materials are mixed and transferred into the storage machine. Next, the powers are melt in the primary extrusion equipment under the 240 degree centigrade. In order to make the powers further melt, the operators will add the foaming agent into the melt powers. So that the powers will be melted in the secondary extrusion equipment.

2. Shape and cool the boards. By the time the powers melt absolutely, they will be molded to be the specific shape in the mold. And then, the primary tractor will pull the board out and transfer it to the transfer and cooling rack for cooling.

3. Give specific thickness, wideness and length. If the board cools and has high strength, the secondary tractor will pull the board out. Next, the board will be cut for the accurate wideness according to the special requirements. Due to the different needs, the boards can be cut into the different length by the edge milling machine.

Different Types of XPS Foam Board Extruder Machine

There are single screw and twin screw equipment in Aimix Group. Of course, both of them have their own prominent characteristics. Let’s go ahead.

Differences between single screw and twin screw XPS foam board extrusion line

Differences in structure

The single screw type of the equipment adopts the single screw extruder. While the twin screw type adopts the parallel twin screw extruder. We can find the difference in the following pictures.

single screw type
single screw type

twin screw type
twin screw type

Difference in working efficiency

Due to the different structure, the two types of the equipment has different working efficiency.

The single screw type of XPS foamed board production line has common working efficiency, and they have been the most popular products.

For the twin screw type of XPS half-crust fomaed board machine line, the installation of the parallel twin screw extruder ensures the high rotation speed of the screws. Moreover, it can mix up the raw materials fully and quickly, and the materials have short staying time. So that the twin screw type of the equipment has higher working efficiency. With time going by, the twin screw type equipment has becoming more popular. Because most of the manufacturers and suppliers of XPS board would like to have higherProduction efficiency and higher profits.

Difference in Cost

We can say that the twin screw type of the production line has higher performance than single shaft type. So it is very suitable for the big investors. Additionally, the single screw type of the extruded polystyrene XPS insulation board production line has good cost performance. The clients can select the most suitable equipment based on their own requirements.

XPS Foam Insulation Board Extrusion Lines Specifications:

Associated Equipment Of XPS Insulation Board Production Line With CE

Model JG-XPS75P/200(CO2)
Extruder Φ75/36 Φ200/36
Heating power (approx) KW 60 80
Driving motor power KW 110 110
Thickness of board mm 25-60
Width of board mm 600
Length of board mm 1200, 1250, 2450, 2500
Output (approx) kg/h 320-550
Installed capacity (approx) KW 400
Dimensions (L×W×H)(approx) m 50×12×4
Total weight (approx) T 33

1.XPS Board Napping Machine

Most of the building professionals realize that it is very necessary to use the napping machines. Because the non-barking XPS boards are easy to harm due to the high solar radiant heat. Barking is the best way to remove stress absolutely.

The napping machines are famous as the best equipment for insulation board and get ride of stress. If you need the machines to improve the performance of the boards, you can select the napping machines from Aimix Group. Once you get the machine, the boards made by the Xps foam board production line with high quality will have better performance. If the operators used the boards in the construction projects, they are not easy to deform, and the external wall will not crack and detach.

We mainly offer three types of 600,900,1200 in width,which contains single and double end milling in structure. Moreover, it can process various types of plain, fine wool and coarse etc..

2.XPS Recycling & Pelletizer Machine Specialized for Extrusion Plate

XPS recycling and pelletizer machine specialized for extrusion plate is used for recycling and pelletizing of waste plates and scraps production in the production of XPS formed board production line.

XPS Board Napping Machine
XPS Board Napping Machine

Four-sided molding machine
Four-sided molding machine

Perfect Service Of XPS Foamed Board Production Line Offered By Aimix

Aimix Group is a reliable enterprise, which tries his best to satisfy the requirements of the clients. Whenever you contact us, we will provide the best extruded xps foam board production line and service for the clients. It is obvious that the perfect service will create great experience for our clients. Our service mainly consist:

Pre-sales services: In order to offer timely assistance, there is a service hot in to give 24-hour inquiry service. Meanwhile, we will supply the accurate details about the equipment to the clients.

Sales-service: Our salesman will give professional answer to the questions put forward by the clients.

After-sales service: Specifically fulfill the after-sales commitments to customers and revisit the customers regularly or irregularly to enhance relations with old and new customers. We Aimix offers the one-month training for the operators in our factory. So the clients will have chance to learn how to operate the machines closely. If the clients need to help install the XPS foam machine, we also dispatch the engineers to do that. We believe that all the efforts will get the highly regards from clients.

our clients
our clients

As a leading enterprise in manufacturing the XPS board extrusion line, we Aimix will provide many kinds of the machines for you. If you would like to buy Xps foam board production line, you can check the details and leave your message here. What’s more, if you need other construction machines, such as concrete mixer truck, asphalt plant for sale, you can contact us. Hope we will have further cooperation.

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