What is Aggregate Crushing Plant

An aggregate crushing plant is a mechanical device used to break large rocks or other raw materials into the required aggregate size. Aggregate crushing plants are mainly used to crush and process aggregates for use in construction, road construction, railway construction, water conservancy projects, mining and other fields.

crushing plant for aggregates for quarry

Functional Characteristics of Crushing Plant for Aggregates

Crushing Function

The main function of the aggregate crusher plant is to break raw materials into particles of different sizes through the crushing principle. The main parts that support this crushing function include aggregate jaw crushers, aggregate cone crushers, and aggregate impact crushers. Their crushing principles are different so they have different uses.

crushing aggregate equipment

Aggregate Jaw Crusher

  • Main Uses: Jaw crushers are commonly used in rock mines and ore processing for primary crushing of raw materials. The raw materials are crushed into smaller particles(within 100mm) by the jaw crusher to meet the needs of subsequent processing and extraction.

stationary-type aggregate jaw crusher
stationary-type aggregate jaw crusher
mobile-type aggregate jaw crusher
mobile-type aggregate jaw crusher

Aggregate Cone Crushers

  • Aggregate cone crusher is mainly composed of fixed cone, movable cone, adjustment sleeve, eccentric shaft, transmission device, gravel cavity, discharge port and other components.
  • Main Purpose: Cone crusher is usually used as secondary crushing equipment to further process the raw materials into smaller particles, and to refine the coarse particles produced by primary crushing equipment such as jaw crusher to obtain more uniform and in line with the requirements. aggregate.

stationary-type aggregate cone crusher
stationary-type aggregate cone crusher
mobile-type aggregate cone crusher
mobile-type aggregate cone crusher

Aggregate Impact Crusher

  • Main Uses: Impact crusher is mainly used for secondary crushing of stone, refining the coarse particles produced by primary crushing, and optimizing the particle shape of aggregates.
  • In addition, impact crushers are often used as the first choice in construction waste crushing. Because construction waste usually includes concrete, bricks, tiles and other hard materials. The impact force generated by the high-speed rotating rotor of the impact crusher can effectively crush the construction waste into small pieces, making it easier to handle and recycle.

stationary-type aggregate impact crusher
stationary-type aggregate impact crusher
mobile-type aggregate impact crusher
mobile-type aggregate impact crusher

Screening Function

The aggregate crushing equipment is usually equipped with screening machines to classify the crushed aggregates to obtain aggregates of different sizes that meet specific requirements to meet the requirements of different application fields.

Aggregates of Various Particle Sizes

By means of the screening processes, you can get aggregates of various particle sizes, including 100-150mm, 5-40mm, 0-5mm, etc.

100-150mm aggregate
100-150mm aggregate
10-40mm aggregate
10-40mm aggregate
5-10mm aggregate
5-10mm aggregate
0.15-4.75mm sand aggregate
0.15-4.75mm sand aggregate

Screening Machines

stationary-type aggregate screener
stationary-type aggregate screener
mobile-type aggregate screening plant
mobile-type aggregate screening plant

What Fields Can You Apply the Aggregate Crushing Plant For?

mobile-type aggregate crush plant


Aggregate crushing plant for sale is one of the commonly used equipment in the construction industry. It is used to produce aggregates of various specifications for the preparation of construction materials such as concrete, asphalt mixture, and roadbed materials. It is used in engineering projects such as roads, bridges, dams, and other projects.

Road Construction

During the road construction process, the aggregate crusher plants are used to produce the aggregate required for road base, pavement, road shoulders, etc. to ensure the strength and durability of the road.

Railway Construction

In railway construction, aggregate crush plants are used to produce aggregates required for railway track beds, roadbeds, track underlays, etc. to support the stability and safety of railway lines.

Water Conservancy Project

In the construction of water conservancy projects, crushing aggregate equipment is used to produce aggregates required for cement concrete, hydraulic dams, dykes, channels, etc. to ensure the stability and durability of the project structure.


During the mining process, the aggregate crushing machines are used for medium, coarse and fine crushing of raw materials such as metallic ores, non-metallic ores and coarse sand ores to provide suitable crushed particles for subsequent mineral processing, mineral processing and extraction. .

Recycling and Utilization of Construction Waste

The aggregate & rock crushing equipment can also be used to process construction waste and demolition waste, crushing the waste into recycled aggregates, which can be used in the production and utilization of recycled building materials to achieve resource recycling and environmental protection.

Cases of Aggregate Crushing Plants in Various Fields

180TPH Aggregate Crushing Plant in Malaysia

  • Aggregate Crusher Plant Design: The combination of mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone crusher, and mobile aggregate screening plant.
  • Application Field: Achitechive industry, for the sake of producing construction aggregate to build apartment, supermarkets, hotels in Malaysia.
  • Raw Material: River pebbles
  • Feeding Size: 350mm
  • Finished Product Size: 0-38mm

aggregate crushing plant in Malaysia

200TPH Aggregate Crushing Plant in Madagascar

  • Model: 4-in-1 mobile aggregate crushing plant, including jaw cruher, cone crusher, feeder, and screening machine.
  • Application Field: Road paving construction project. Produce filter aggregate material
  • Raw Material: Mountain rock
  • Feeding Size: 600mm
  • Finished Product Size: 10-40mm

aggregate crushing plant working in Madagascar

50TPH Aggregate Crushing Plant in the Philippines

  • Configuration: mobile impact crusher, and mobile screening plant
  • Application Field: Production of recycled construction aggregate
  • Raw Material: Construction waste
  • Feeding Size: 300mm
  • Finished Product Size: 0-40mm

mobile aggregate crushing equipment

300TPH Stationary Aggregate Crusher Plant in Peru

  • Configuration: feeder, aggregate jaw crusher, aggregate impact crusher, and screening equipment.
  • Application Field: Mining industry. Used for producing crushed iron ore for further mineral processing.
  • Raw Material: Iron ore
  • Feeding Size: 350mm
  • Finished Product Size: 0-5mm

300TPH aggregate crushing plant

What Is the Process of Crushing Aggregate?

The aggregate crushing process usually includes the following main steps:

Raw Material Feeding
Primary Crushing
Secondary Crushing

Raw Material Feeding

Raw materials (such as rocks, ores, etc.) enter the primary crusher (usually jaw crusher) through conveying equipment (such as vibrating feeder, belt conveyor, etc.).

Primary Crushing

The raw materials enter the primary crushing equipment (such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, etc.) and are initially crushed into larger particles or blocks under the action of high-speed rotating crushing equipment.

Secondary Crushing

The primary crushed particles are sent to the secondary crushing equipment (such as cone crusher or impact crusher, etc.) through conveying equipment for further crushing to obtain finer particles.


The particles after secondary crushing are screened through a vibrating screen or other screening equipment to separate the particles that meet the requirements, while larger or smaller particles are returned to the secondary crushing equipment for re-crushing or further screening.

The finished particles after crushing, screening and processing are transported to the finished product silos through conveying equipment for use in construction, roads, railways and other fields. Here, we attach an aggregate crushing plant working process video to show you all details.

How Can An Aggregate Crushing Plant Help You Improve Your Return On Investment?

The aggregate crushing plant is one of the key equipment in modern engineering construction. Its automation functions and advanced technology bring many advantages to aggregate production. At the same time, the crushing plant for aggregates can help you improve your return on investment in many ways:

aggregate crusher plant design

Increase Productivity

Aggregate crushing plants can increase production efficiency, achieve higher output and faster processing speeds. Efficient stone crusher plant and processes can help you process raw materials faster and improve the operating efficiency of production lines, thereby reducing production costs and increasing profits.

Optimize Product Quality

The aggregate crusher plant can accurately control the particle size and shape of the stone to ensure that product quality meets customer requirements and standards. High-quality construction aggregates can increase customer satisfaction and increase their trust in the product, which in turn increases sales and market share.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Advanced aggregate crush plant usually has higher energy utilization and lower energy consumption. By adopting energy-saving crusher plant and processes, you can reduce energy consumption and production costs, thereby increasing your return on investment.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

High-quality crushing plant for aggregates usually has a lower failure rate and a longer service life, which can reduce maintenance and repair costs. Reliable equipment can reduce downtime and reduce the frequency of repairs and parts replacement, thereby lowering maintenance costs and increasing productivity and return on investment.

How To Choose A Suitable Aggregate Crushing Station?

To ensure you maximize your return on investment, you need to choose an aggregate crushing plant carefully. Here, we provide you with some purchasing suggestions.

aggregate crushing process

Define needs and goals

You need to clarify your own needs and goals, including requirements for the daily output needs, particle size requirements, production efficiency, equipment functions, and preferences for the aggregate crushing plants of fixed or mobile types, etc. Determine the required aggregate crushing equipment type and specifications based on actual project conditions.

Budget Evaluation

You need to evaluate your budget and determine the source of funds and budget range for purchasing an aggregate crushing plant. Choose the right equipment type and configuration based on your budget.

On-site Survey and Measurement

You can conduct on-site survey and measurement to understand the actual conditions of the site, including site size, topography, surrounding environment, power and water sources and other facilities, to provide reference for subsequent aggregate crushing machines installation and debugging.

Formulate Technical Requirements

You can formulate detailed technical requirements based on your own needs and actual conditions, including equipment specifications, performance indicators, operating methods, maintenance requirements, etc., to facilitate communication and negotiation with aggregate crushing equipment manufacturers.

Consider Environmental Factors

When purchasing an aggregate crushing plant, you should also consider the environmental performance of the equipment, including its impact on the environment, exhaust emissions, noise control and other factors, and choose equipment that meets environmental standards.

Understand the After-sales Services

You need to understand the after-sales service content and commitments provided by the manufacturer, including equipment installation and commissioning, training services, maintenance, spare parts supply, etc., to ensure stable operation of the equipment and convenient maintenance.

Through the above preparations, you can have a more comprehensive understanding of your needs and choose a suitable aggregate crushing plant, ensuring that you purchase equipment that meets production needs and quality requirements, and provide strong support for the smooth implementation of the project. If you still have questions, please feel free to consult us for details.

Services to Support You from Aimix Group

We are a professional aggregate crushing plant manufacturer. Our service is excellent and our products are of reliable quality. We will definitely be able to help you choose a suitable aggregate crushing station.

Provide Personalized Solutions

  • We provide personalized and customized crushing plant solutions to meet customers’ specific processing needs and budget constraints according to their specific needs and project requirements.
  • Aimix Group provides professional technical support and consulting services to help you choose the most suitable aggregate & rock crushing equipment model and configuration for your project. For specific raw material characteristics, processing requirements and production goals, customized stone crushers can provide more efficient and economical solutions, helping you achieve a higher return on investment.
  • At the same time, we also provide diversified purchasing plans and flexible payment methods to meet customers’ different financial budgets and purchasing needs.

aimix service team

Provide Timely Service Support

  • Our company’s after-sales service system and technical support capabilities are very strong. We have 24-hour technical staff to provide you with equipment installation and commissioning, training services, regular maintenance and timely after-sales support.
  • We have agents and partners in many countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Peru, Russia, UZ, etc. No matter where you are from, we can ensure that you can get timely technical consultation and troubleshooting during use.

Has Offices and Warehouses in Multiple Countries

Aimix Group is financially robust and well-established, and we have a few warehouses in many countries. Aimix Group has crushing machines in stock and various accessories in the warehouses, which can guarantee you a shorter delivery time.

Contact us now to if you have the need of buying a suitable aggregate crushing plant for your business. We believe our services can better help you start your aggregate crushing business.

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