The Safe Operation of The Concrete Mixing Plant

How to safely operate concrete mixing station? First of all, we should install concrete mixing plant under the guidance of technical personnel from the manufacturers. And we can operate concrete mixing plant in accordance with equipment specification strictly after the technical performance indicators of equipment are qualified.
A. Before the operation
1. Prepare qualified sand, stone, aggregate according to the technical characteristics of the mixing plant;
2. Check whether the transmission, motor parts, bin gate, material flood gate and track in the mixing barrel get stuck by foreign bodies;
3. Check whether the oil level height of lubricating oil box is in accordance with the provisions;
4. Open the water valve to discharge the hydrops of gas water separator, and open the air storage tank drain plug to discharge oil-water mixture;
5. Ensure that the steel wire rope of elevator bucket is installed right and the brake of the elevator bucket is sensitive and effective;
6. Ensure that each bolt is fastened, the inlet and discharge valve is without excessive wear and the tensity of conveyor belt is moderate;
7. Ensure that weighing device is normal and its precision conforms to provisions;
8. Ensure that electric device can effectively control the operation of equipment.
B. During the operation

mobile concrete batching plant
1. Anyone can’t be under the storage area and elevator bucket when the equipment is in operation; and we must not put our hands or feet into hoppers and mixing barrels;
2. We can’t forcibly pull the shovel when it gets stuck by obstacles; we can’t crane weights with pull shovel; we can’t conduct rotary operation when the shovel is in operation.
3. The mixer shall not stop when it is at work with full load; when the mixer breaks down or power failure happens, we should immediately cut off the power, lock the switch box, remove the concrete within the mixing barrel, and then we remove the fault or wait for the incoming telegram;
4. the equipment can’t overload at work; we should check the operation of the motor and it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check when abnormal sound happens or temperature goes up.
C. After the operation:
1. Before the downtime, we should first uninstall and then switch off the switches and pipelines in order, and carry out all the cement in the spiral pipe. And there should not be any residual material in the pipe;
2. After the shutdown, we should clean all the equipment parts, and ensure the accuracy of weighing;
3. During the freezing season, we should drain the remained water in pumps, admixture pumps, water tanks and additive tanks, and start the pump and admixture pump running 1-2 minutes.

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