The Maintenance of Concrete Mixer

The items that concrete mixer should be checked before its use every time:
1. Check whether the fuselage is stable.
2. Check whether the blade and the connecting bolts on the mixing blades bracket is rigid.
3. Check whether the joint bolts on the feeding frame is fastening.
4. Check whether the water pump can channel enough water and whether the pipeline is unblocked.
The items that concrete mixer should be checked after its use every time:
1. Clear the mixing cylinder inside and outside, discharging door, the dust hopper, and rinse them with water.
2. Park the hopper on the transportation location and plug the brake pin, and there can not be impurities inside the hopper.
3. Cut off the power and lock the electrical control box.
4. Fill necessary lubricating oil (grease) for all lubricating points according to the circumstances.
5. Drain the remaining water in the water supply system.

JS serise concrete mixer
The items that concrete mixer should be checked every week:
1. Check the abrasion of wire rope and smear a little oil on its surface, and the steel wire rope should be replaced when it is worn to a certain extent.
2. Check the oil level of reducer casing and the oil mass in the pump, and check the status of the lubrication parts and inject lubricating oil into the hopper trolley bearing and roller bearing.
3. Keep the water supply device clean so as to avoid blockage, and check and clean the suction valve.
4. Check whether the rocker arm of travel switches is loose, and it is necessary to adjust it if it is loose.
5. Check whether the blade connection bolt and bracket connecting bolt is loose and make appropriate adjustment, and ensure that the biggest gap between the blade and the cylinder wall is less than 5mm and tighten the connection bolt properly.
6. Check the contactor in the electric box.
The items that concrete mixer should be checked regularly:
1. Check the winch lifting brake and make appropriate adjustments.
2. Check whether the water pump and throttle valve is leaking.
3. Check open gear, smear grease on it and adjust the belt to an appropriate degree.
4. Check the abrasion of the blade and lining board, and make appropriate replacement.

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