The Installation and Welding Requirements of Bulk Cement Silos

mobile siloBulk cement silo is applied to store many kinds of small dry particle materials, which occupies a small area and is easy to assemble and unassembled.
1. It is widely used to storing bulk cements and is one of the equipment of concrete mixing station.
2. Specifications can be customized according to the requirements of the customer.
3. Weld requirements.
a. The operation must be strict in accordance with the work drawing, scheme and welding procedure instruction.
b. Take maximum advantage of quality assurance system and ensure that the quality assurance system can function normally.
c. Welding materials with no manufacturer certificate and material quality certificate are forbidden to use. When there is doubt about the materials, should test whether can be used.
d. Strengthen the quality education and intensify the quality awareness of the staff.
e. Unlicensed staff is forbidden to weld.
4. Full water experiment and anticorrosion.
After the tank is finished, fill the cement silo with water, 2 or 3 hours later, knock lightly about 150mm along the both sides of the weld with 0.5-1.5 kg hammer, no water leakage is qualified. If discover there is leakage, must weld again and have an experiment. The external anticorrosive design of cement silo should be in accordance with the relevant stipulations of presentnational standards 《steel pipeline and storage tank corrosion control engineering design specifications》, and adopts he anti-corrosion insulation layer that is not less than those strengthen levels; the anti-corrosive measure of cement silo wall should depend on tank storage medium.
5. Tank installation.
a. Complete the whole concrete foundation according to the requirement of design drawing, imbed the anchor bolt and install the anchor bolt connection plate, make sure four plates are in the same horizontal plane, after the foundation drying, lock the nut tightly.
b. Check whether there is a clash in the transport process or loose connection, ec, should repair and reinforce.
c. Hoisting is ready(pay attention to the direction of feeding and the location of escalator), weld the tank heels and base anchor tightly.
6. The use and maintenance of cement silo.
a. Open the discharge valve and check whether there are sundries in the tank before use.
b. Close the material valve before feed.
c. Have a usual check whether there is too much particles in the sack of dust removal equipment, should clean it timely, if there is breakage and change it timely in case of spraying the powder during the feeding.

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