Successfully Installing AJ35 Concrete Batching Plant in The Philippines

Good news! After one month’s installing, our concrete batching plant has been erected on construction sites in the Philippines. With the help of local workers and engineers, concrete plant has been debugged successfully. Here are some photos our sale taking on construction sites.

HZS35 concrete plant in the Philippines
AJ35 concrete plant in the Philippines

Concrete Mixing Plant in Philippines
Concrete Mixing Plant in Philippines

This time, our sale choose AJ35 concrete plant for his small construction projects, especially for rural buildings. With capacity of 35 m3/h, our plant can totally satisfy his construction requirements. Besides,AJ35 is an automatic concrete batching plant, which can be controlled by electric control panel. Moreover, it can help save a lot of labour, time and cost. Therefore, it must be your ideal choice.

concrete mixer plant Philippines - Manila
concrete mixer plant in Philippines

Apart from AJ35 model, we can also supply 25, 50, 60, 75, 90, 120, 180 and 240 m3/h concrete plant, both stationary type and mobile type. Welcome to contact us for quotation. Contact us through forms on web page or send email to our sale:

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