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Stone Crusher Plant

The stone crusher plant is a gravel and aggregate production line that integrates feeding, crushing, screening and conveying functions. It can meet your gravel needs in construction, mining, roadbed construction, waste treatment and other fields. The raw materials a stone crusher machine plant can crush include but are not limited to granite, shale, river stone, ore, basalt, limestone, construction waste, etc.

200tph stone crusher plant

Main Components of Stone Crusher Plants

The stone crushing plant is a complex equipment that is composed of multiple main components. Each stone crusher plant part is responsible for a specific function and jointly completes the crushing, screening and transportation of raw materials. The following are the main stone crusher plant components and their respective functions:

Vibrating Feeding Machine

Vibrating feeder is used to transport raw materials from the storage silos or hoppers to the processing equipment such as crushers. It can achieve continuous and uniform feeding and ensure stable operation and efficient production of the stone crushing plants.


Jaw Crusher

The jaw crusher is one of the core equipment of the crushed stone plant and is used to break large raw material particles into smaller particles or gravel as the primary crusher. Its working principle is to crush or break the raw materials through the intermittent movement of the jaw plates.

jaw crushers

Cone Crusher

The cone crusher is usually used to crush and refine the raw materials after being processed by the primary crusher. Its working principle is similar to that of the jaw crusher. The rotation of the cone and the pressure of the crushing chamber break the raw materials into the required fine particles.

cone crushers

Impact Crusher

The impact crusher is used for secondary crushing of raw materials. The high-speed rotating rotor and impact plate impact and crush the raw materials to produce fine gravel. Impact crushers are suitable for processing medium hard materials, such as limestone or construction waste.

impact crusher

Vibrating Screen

Vibrating screen is used to screen and classify the crushed stones, and divide the stones into different size grades according to particle size and shape to meet the different requirements of customers and projects.

screening machine

Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belts are used to transport raw materials, crushed products and other materials from one place to another, realizing continuous operation and automated transportation of the automatic stone crusher plant, and improving production efficiency and work efficiency.

belt conveyor

The above core components can be randomly matched according to actual needs to form several types of stone crusher plant with different configurations to better cope with raw materials of different hardness, humidity, and feed size.

If you plan to buy a stone crushing and screening plant to produce aggregate, tell us your raw material type and we can recommend a stone crusher plant for sale with suitable configuration for you.

Different Configuration to Accomplish Multi-stage Crushing To Process Hard Rock

Hard rocks generally include granite, basalt, and river stone. The characteristic of these stones is that they have high hardness and are not easily broken. In order to crush hard rock, we often need multi-stage crushing to help improve crushing efficiency and obtain a more ideal discharge size.

Iron Ore
Iron Ore
River Pebbles
River Pebbles

What is multi-stage crushing? There are two types.

  1. The first case is for stationary stone crusher plant. Multi-stage stationary stone crusher plant refers to a crusher plant with multiple crushers, including primary crusher (jaw crusher) and secondary crusher (cone crusher or impact crusher).
  2. The second situation is for mobile stone crusher plant. Multi-stage crushing in the mobile production line usually needs a few mobile crushers, including mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone crusher, mobile impact crusher, and mobile screening plant.

Here are several examples of crushing granite, basalt, river rocks, and so on. In these cases, we use multi-stage crushing processes, please check.

200TPH Stone Crusher Plant for Granite Crushing

200tph stone crushing plant for granite

    • Place: Uzbekistan
    • Type: Stationary type
    • Application: Producing sand and gravel aggregates for various building materials, supplying concrete batching plants and asphalt mixing plants.
    • Discharge Size: 0-38mm
    • Special Requirements: The aggregate particle shape is required to be rhombic-shaped.
    • Configuration: APG-4211W (vibrating feeder) + APJ-7510E (jaw crusher) + APC-1315X (impact crusher) + APS-2160Y4 (vibrating screen)

  • Reason for Configuration Selection:The customer’s raw material is granite, which is a high-hardness stone. Granite with a size of about 600mm cannot be directly crushed into aggregates of 0-38mm using a single crusher, so we chose two-stage crushing. They are jaw crusher plus impact crusher. After the jaw crusher breaks the stone into 100mm, the stone will continue to be broken into 0-38mm finished aggregate by the impact crusher.

    In addition, customers have high demand for various types of aggregates and stones in finished products. In general, the impact crusher is good at crushing aggregates with rhombic particle shapes, so we chose impact crushers as the secondary crusher.

    The complete stone crusher plant includes a feeder, primary crusher, secondary crusher, and screening machine, which can meet the customer’s needs for granite processing. At the same time, the models of each component also meet the customer’s production requirements of 200 tons of aggregate per hour.

60TPH Stone Crushing Plant for Mountain Rock

60tph stone crusher plant

  • Place: El Salvador
  • Type: Stationary type
  • Application: Producing aggregates for road filter materials
  • Discharge Size: 0-40mm
  • Configuration: APG-0724Z (vibrating feeder) + APJ-4060E (jaw crusher) + APC-900Y (coarse crushing compound cone crusher) + APS-1548Y3 (vibrating screen)
  • jaw crusher machine in stone crusher plant
    cone crusher machine in stone crusher plant
    conveyors in stone crusher plant

180TPH Stone Crusher Plant for River Pebbles

180tph portable stone crusher plant
stone crusher plant working

  • Place: Malaysia
  • Type: Mobile
  • Application: Productin of construction aggregate for building supermarket, hotel, apartment, etc.
  • Discharge Size: 0-40mm
  • Configuration: 1 set of mobile jaw crusher, 1 set of mobile cone-type stone crusher plant, and 1 set of mobile screening plant.

portable stone crusher plant
mobile stone crusher plant for sale

Advantages of Multi-stage Stone Crusher Plant

Improve Crushing Efficiency and Output

Multi-stage crushing can crush and screen raw materials in stages. The crushing equipment at each stage can be optimized and designed according to different raw material characteristics and processing requirements to improve crushing efficiency and output. After the larger-sized raw materials undergo primary crushing, they undergo intermediate and fine crushing to finally obtain the required finely crushed products.

Control the Particle Size and Shape of the Output

Multi-stage crushing can effectively control the particle size and shape of the output. By rationally designing equipment and screening equipment at different crushing stages, crushed stone products that meet specifications can be produced. For some special application scenarios, such as concrete aggregate, roadbed filler, etc., the particle size and shape of gravel need to be precisely controlled, and multi-stage crushing can achieve this goal.

mobile stone crusher plant 1000tph

Maximize Utilization of Raw Materials

Multi-stage crushing stone crusher plant can maximize the utilization of raw materials. Through multiple crushing and screening, the useful ingredients in the raw materials can be fully released and utilized, and the waste and loss of raw materials can be reduced. Especially for some high-grade ores and rare resources, multi-stage crushing can achieve efficient utilization of resources.

Improve Product Quality and Utilization

It can improve product quality and utilization rate. By accurately controlling the particle size and shape of the output, it can produce gravel products with stable and uniform quality, improving product utilization rate and market competitiveness. At the same time, multi-stage crushing can also reduce the fine powder content in the product and reduce the impact on the environment.

Adapt to the Processing Requirements of Different Raw Materials

Different raw materials have different hardness, moisture, shape and composition, so different crushing equipment and processing processes are required. Multi-stage crushing stone crushing plant can flexibly select and configure crushing equipment according to the characteristics and processing requirements of different raw materials to achieve an efficient and stable production process.

150 tph crusher plant price

Since the stone crushing plants for sale have so many advantages, if you invest in a stone crusher plant now, it will definitely bring you a lot of benefits.

Benefits That Stone Crusher Plant Can Bring for You

Meet Your Aggregate Production Needs

Many construction projects and infrastructure projects require large quantities of gravel and aggregate as raw material. Purchasing a stone crusher plant can produce gravel on site to meet the needs of engineering projects and reduce transportation costs and time.

Cut Your Costs

Producing your own gravel and aggregates can reduce costs compared to buying ready-made gravel. The one-time investment and operating costs of the stone crusher plant are relatively low, which can save a lot of costs in the long run.

stone crusher plant cost

After seeing this, I believe you are very confident about investing in a stone crusher plant. So what you are most concerned about now is the stone crusher plant price. We have different types of stone crusher plants for sale, and their approximate price ranges are:

  • Mobile Stone Crusher Plant Price: USD 550,000 ~ USD 2,300,000
  • Stationary Stone Crusher Plant Price: Starts From USD 80,000

Why can we only provide you with a rough price range? That’s because there are too many factors that affect the stone crusher plant price list. Before determining your specific requirements, we cannot provide you with configurations and prices that match your needs.

What are the factors that affect price?

Stone Crusher Plant Specifications and Models

Different specifications and models of stone crusher plants for sale have different processing capabilities and functional features, so the prices will also vary. Generally speaking, the stone crusher plant cost with greater processing capacity, more functions, and superior performance will be relatively higher.

Additional Equipment and Configuration Options

We can configure the stationary stone crusher plant or the mobile crusher plant with various additional equipment and options according to customer needs, such as conveyor belts, vibrating screens, dust collectors, automated control systems, etc. These additional equipment and configuration options may increase the stone crusher plant setup cost.

stone crushing plant for mountain rocks

Shipping and Installation Costs

Transportation and installation costs are one of the important factors affecting the stone crusher plant latest price. If the equipment requires long distance transportation or a complex installation process, transportation and installation costs may be higher.

The price of stone crusher plant is affected by many factors. When choosing a stone crusher plant, you need to comprehensively consider the quality, performance, technical level, after-sales service and price of the equipment to ensure that you choose the most cost-effective equipment. Here we attach some tips to guide you to acquire more reasonable price.

How to Get A Reasonable Stone Crusher Plant Price?

Determine Needs

Determine your project needs, including required stone crusher plant type, specifications, capacity and functional requirements. Develop a clear list of requirements based on the size and budget of the project for communication and comparison with vendors.

Consider Additional Costs

In addition to the price of the equipment itself, other costs should also be considered, such as transportation costs, installation and commissioning costs, training costs, maintenance and upkeep costs, etc. Make sure you take all cost factors into consideration to evaluate the overall stone crusher plant setup cost.

Consider Long-term ROI

Purchasing stone crusher plants is a long-term investment, so the long-term return on investment of the equipment needs to be considered. Evaluate equipment’s production capacity, efficiency, durability and maintenance costs to determine the equipment’s economic effectiveness and commercial viability.

Seek Professional Advice

If necessary, seek advice and opinions from professionals, such as stone crusher plant manufacturers, equipment engineers, industry consultants, or other industry experts. They can provide professional advice on equipment selection, price assessment and market trends to help you make informed decisions. If you have any questions, please contact us for details. Aimix Group has over 20 years manufacturing experiences, which can give you professional advices.

Not only can Aimix Group answer questions about various configurations and models, Aimix Group can also provide you with many high-quality services.

Services in Aimix Group

Localization Services

Aimix Group has local partners who can provide timely local installation services, maintenance services, and training services.

Spot Services

Aimix Group has several offices and warehouses in many countries, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, UZ, the Philippines, and so on. You can visit our warehouses for our spot stone crusher plants.
aimix service team
Investing in a stone crusher plant is a highly profitable business. If you have needs in this area, our company can provide you with accurate configuration services, installation services, etc. Feel free to contact us for a quote.

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