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Stone Crusher Machine

What is a stone crusher machine? As the name implies, the stone crusher machine for sale is a piece of equipment to crush stones into smaller rocks, gravel, or rock dust. In general, it is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, road, railway, water conservancy, and chemical industries, among others.

Stone Crusher Machine in AIMIX

There are different types of stone crushers in the market for choice. However, do you know how to select the right stone crushing machine? Before choosing one, it is necessary for you to have a better understanding of the types of stones, especially for its hardness. Because the appropriate crusher choice is dependent on the hardness of stones.

Understanding The Types of Stones Based on Hardness

In different countries, there are various kinds of original stones, like pebbles, river stone, quartz, basalt, marble, granite, gravel, basalt, shale, limestone, etc. These stones can be broadly categorized into two main types based on their hardness: ultra-hard stones, hard stones, and soft stones. The classification is often related to the stone’s mineral composition and physical properties. Examine these materials and their applications post-crushing.

Soft Stones

Limestone: Limestone is a relatively soft sedimentary rock that is commonly used in roads, as an aggregate in concrete, construction, particularly for flooring and facades.
Sandstone: Sandstone varies in hardness but is generally softer than granite. It is used in construction and can also be carved for artistic purposes.


Hard Stones

Granite: Known for its durability and resistance to wear, granite is a common hard stone used in construction, countertops, and monuments.
River Stone: River stones, commonly employed in landscaping and as decorative elements, can be crushed for utilization as concrete aggregate and for drainage applications.

River Stone
River Stone

Ultra-hard Stones

Basalt: A dense, dark volcanic rock, basalt is often used in construction and landscaping.
Marble: Marble is a type of metamorphic rock, often used for sculpture, flooring, and countertops. It is commonly used as an aggregate or for decorative applications.


After knowing the hardness of these stones, it is easier to choose the appropriate crusher among the stone crusher machine types. Here are also some suggestions and solutions on the selection of crushers based on the stone hardness for reference.

Select the Appropriate Stone Crusher Machine Based on Material Hardness

Indeed, choosing the right stone crusher for sale is important for optimizing performance and ensuring efficient crushing processes. Understanding the specific hardness of the materials involved allows for a precise match between the quarry stone crusher’s capabilities and the demands of the application.

In the market, the crusher machine for stone comes in different kinds, like jaw stone crusher, cone stone crusher, impact stone crusher, sand making machines, screening machine, etc. Sometimes, it is necessary to for the stone crushing equipment for sale to cooperate with each other to process the materials to the ideal particle sizes.

Therefore, I have listed several commonly used crusher combinations according to different hardness of raw materials.

Stone crusher machine for sale working on-site

Stone Crushing Machine for Sale – Handling with Soft Stones

Generally, the compressive strength of soft rock is less than 120MPa.

For soft stone materials with a compressive strength ranging between 80-100MPa, the optimal selection involves employing a combination of heavy hammer crusher, shaping hammer crushing, vibrating screen, and sand making machine.

In cases where the compressive strength reaches 100-120MPa, the effective crusher combination comprises a jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, and sand making machine.

Among various crushing solutions, there is one that is designed for processing the soft stone – limestone. Check its details below.

300tph Crusher Machine Stone For Dealing with Limestone

  • Raw Material: Limestone
  • Compressive Strength: 105MPa
  • Capacity: 300 t/h
  • Feeding Size: <700mm
  • Output size: 0-19-38-76mm
  • Client requirements: Concrete aggregate production for own contracted projects
  • Configurations: APG-4911W Vibration feeder, APJ-110W jaw crusher, APF-1315H impact crusher, APS-2160Y3 vibrating screen, etc

300tph Stone Crusher Machine For Dealing with Limestone

Reasons to Choose the Machine for Crushing Stone

  • Primary jaw crusher stone for sale: The maximum size of limestone is about 600mm and its compressive strength is approximately 110MPa. In terms of the characteristics and specifications of the stone crusher near me, we decide to adopt the APJ-110W jaw crusher as the primary crusher, which can fully meet the requirements.
  • Secondary stone crusher: Due to customer requirements for concrete aggregate quality, AIMIX engineer uses the impact crusher as secondary crushing. Because impact crushers are particularly suitable for producing well-shaped aggregates and finely crushed limestone.

APJ-110V Jaw Crusher
APJ-110V Jaw Crusher
APF1315 impact crusher
APF1315 Impact Crusher

Stone Crusher for Sale Near Me – Processing Hard Stones

With a compressive strength falling within the range of 120MPa to 300MPa, the most suitable crusher combination include jaw crusher, cone crusher (multi-cylinder), vibrating screening, and sand making machine.

Our engineer also have launched some crushing solutions for the hard stones, especially the granite. Check the granite stone crusher solutions below.

200TPH Mobile Stone Crusher For Sale To Crush Granite

  • Raw materials: Granite
  • Capacity: 200tph
  • Feeding size: < 700mm
  • Output size: 0-2-5-25mm
  • Equipment configurations: APY2-110J mobile jaw crusher + APY2-200C mobile cone crusher + APS-2160Y2 Vibrating Screen + APY2-9532V sand making machine
  • Customer reviews: I am glad to start the stone crusher project with an excellent crusher stone for sale near me. Because I am newer in stone crushing industry, thanks to AIMIX sales professional advice on stone crusher business cost. They are professional, reliable, and trustworthy. It’s a great pleasure to cooperate with AIMIX.

200TPH Mobile Stone Crusher To Crush Granite

APY2-110J mobile jaw crusher
APY2-200C mobile cone crusher

Stone Crushing Machine – Handling with Cobble and Pebble

We know that the cobble and peddles are too hard and tough. Besides, it contains high SiO2 content and natural sand. Therefore, many clients would like to invest in the sandstone crusher to produce sand and gravel, especially in South Asia areas, like countries, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, etc. In general, engineers would combined these crusher to form a stone crushing line: jaw crusher + cone crusher + vibrating screen.

Here is Malaysian clients requesting a solution for cobbles in his quarry. Our engineers designed the the crushing plants as follows:

Mobile Stone Crushing solution for cobbles

150TPH Mobile Stone Crusher Machine for Processing Cobble

  • Mobile Chassis: Crawler
  • Application Field: Road paving
  • Output Size: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-25mm
  • Configurations: portable stone crusher machine jaw type + mobile stone crusher cone + screening machine
  • Customer reviews: Thanks for AIMIX team guiding me to visit the stone crusher factory. Awesome! I was deeply impressed by the manufacturing skills. When checking the equipment, I also received additional stone crusher spare parts. Besides, AIMIX stone crusher supplier has dispatched the engineers to install the movable stone crusher on-site. Now these equipment was running very well.

150tph Mobile Crusher Stone for Processing Cobble
150tph Portable Crusher Stone for Cobble
Mobile Stone Crusher Machine for Processing Cobble

Examining the diagram reveals that achieving the optimal particle shape for aggregates typically involves a series of distinct processes. Curious about the specific crushing steps? Continue reading to delve into the details.

How Does A Stone Crusher Work?

Typically, the crushing process involves secondary or even tertiary crushing. Here, I will use the example of a primary crushing stage consisting of jaw crushing and secondary crushing involving cone crushing to illustrate the entire crushing process.

  • Feeding the Crusher: Raw materials, typically large pieces of rocks or minerals, are fed into the crusher through a hopper.
  • Primary Crushing Process: The heart of the stone crusher, the crushing chamber, houses a set of heavy-duty jaws that exert pressure on the raw material. The crushing action breaks down the material into smaller pieces.
  • Conveyor System: Once crushed, the material moves along a conveyor belt for further processing. This system transports the processed material to subsequent stages or storage areas.
  • Secondary Crushing: For finer granules, secondary crusher stone for sale near me may further reduce the material size. The quarry stone crushing machine provides additional refinement to achieve the desired particle shape.
  • Screening Process: In some cases, the screening machine separates the crushed material into different sizes. It ensures that the final product meets specific size requirements.
  • Sorting and Stockpiling: The final crushed and screened material undergoes sorting based on size and quality. And the sorted aggregates are then stockpiled for use in various construction applications.

Here is also a working animated flow chart for better understanding the process. In addition, there is a Youtube working video show how does stone crusher work clearly.

stone crusher working animated flow chart

How to Invest in A Cost-effective Stone Crusher?

For those entering the crushing industry for the first time, here is some valuable guidance when considering cost-effective stone crushers for your reference:

Clarify your needs

Carefully analyze stone crusher business investment needs, especially including stone types, hardness of stones, production scale, crusher usage frequency, etc. These information helps Stone Crusher Machine Manufacturer determines the type and size of crusher machine you need.

Communicating with suppliers

Communicate with potential suppliers and ask for detailed information about stone crushers, such as technical specifications, performance guarantees, after-sales services, etc. Make sure you have a good understanding of the equipment.

Communicating With Stone Crusher Suppliers
AIMIX Stone Crusher Supplier Checking Crushing Sites

Performance and quality first

Focus on the performance and quality of the crusher, not just the stone crusher price. A crusher with superior performance and reliable quality can provide higher production efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

Estimate the budget

Determine if the stone crusher cost falls within your budget constraints. Here is the stone crusher machine price list in AIMIX for reference:

  • APY2-57J-APY2-110J primary jaw crusher stone machine price: $550000-$960000
  • APY2-1010F-APY2-1214F secondary mobile stone crusher machine price: $620000-$940000
  • APY2-110C-APY2-200C secondary mobile stone crusher price: $750000-$1350000
  • APY4-4660S-APY4-6912S 4 in 1 portable stone crusher for sale: $730000-$1240000

Cost-benefit analysis

Not merely considering the initial stone crusher machine cost. It involves taking into account various factors such as operating expenses, maintenance costs, and other related expenditures. Conduct a thorough analysis to ensure your investment is sound and sustainable.

estimating stone crusher maintenance costs
Stone Crusher Business Cost-Benefit Analysis

Consider after-sales service

Choose a supplier that provides good after-sales service, including timely maintenance support, training services and spare parts supply. It can ensure that the equipment receives timely support and maintenance during use.

AIMIX After-Sales Service for Stone Crusher Machines on-site

By considering the above factors, you can make an informed decision and select a cost-effective crusher that will maximum your stone crusher business profit. If you are interested in the mini mobile crusher, especially the exact stone crusher cost, warmly welcome to consult us for the latest quotation through email, tel, or WhatsApp. Then our sales would respond you as soon as possible!

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