Solution for Producing Concrete Aggregates in 150TPH Crushing Plant

Based on the customer’s requirements and needs analysis, we have customized a solution for a customer in need of a medium-capacity crushing line to meet his sand and aggregate sales business needs. The solution is suitable for a crushing production line with a capacity of 150 tons per hour, primarily used for processing basalt from the mountains to produce sand and aggregate required for ordinary concrete.

Basalt Stone

Requirements Analysis

In the absence of specific product size specifications provided by the customer, we focused on the composition of sand and small stones in the final product. Based on this consideration, we recommended a three-stage crushing method, including a jaw crusher, a cone crusher, and a sand-making machine. However, to consider the customer’s budget and profitability, we adjusted by replacing the initially selected third-stage sand-making machine with a fine cavity cone crusher to increase the production of fine sand.

150tph Basalt Crushing Plant For Concrete Production

Configuration Confirmation

Based on the customer’s requirements and analysis results, we have determined the following equipment configuration:

  1. APG-3895W Vibrating Feeder
    To meet the requirements for feed granularity and output, we have chosen the APG-3895W model of vibrating feeder.
  2. APJ-6090E Jaw Crusher
    Based on the blast curve and the desired spacing of grizzly bars (100mm), we have selected the APJ-6090E model of jaw crusher. The material below the grizzly bars can directly enter the secondary crusher.
  3. APC-132C-M Cone Crusher
    Considering the discharge curve of the jaw crusher and the required production capacity, we have chosen the APC-132C-M model of a medium-sized compound cone crusher.
  4. APS-2160Y4 Vibrating Screen
    Based on the cone curve, the corresponding product density has been calculated, and the required screening area has been determined based on the production capacity of different products. We have selected the APS-2160Y4 model of the vibrating screen.
  5. APC-132C-F Compound Cone Crusher
    To further refine the material and improve the sand production rate, we have chosen the APC-132C-F model of fine compound cone crusher for oversized materials that exceed the desired product size.

Layout drawing of 150tph Basalt Crushing Plant For Concrete Production

Final Customized Solution

Therefore, the final customized solution of the crushing plant for sale is as follows:

Equipment Configuration:

  • Vibrating Feeder: APG-3895W
  • Jaw Crusher: APJ-6090E
  • Cone Crusher: APC-132C-M
  • Fine Compound Cone Crusher: APC-132C-F
  • Vibrating Screen: APS-2160Y4

The above configuration is the customized solution for the crushing production line provided based on the customer’s requirements and needs analysis. The client was also satisfied with our professional service, especially for layout design, prompt response, and long-lasting patience. We believe the solution of basalt stone crushing machines will support his sand and aggregate sales business. If you also want to invest in crushing equipment for business, contact us right now.

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