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Functions: Self-loading, self-weighing, self batching, and self-discharging concrete.


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Self Loading Mixer

Aimix self loading mixer is an integrative machine which has functions of loading, weighing, batching, mixing and discarging. With capacities of 7.2 m3 to 26 m3 per hour, the self loading concrete mixer can totally satisfy customers’ small-scale construction requirements, such as self-built house construction, foundation pouring, sewer construction, dam construction, parking lot construction, and so on.

self load concrete mixer

The reasons on why the self loader concrete mixers can be applied to so many fields are because they have a few unique components.

Components of Self Loading Concrete Mixer and Their Features

The main components of self loading mixer concrete include the loading hopper, the mixing drum, the cab, the water tank, and the wheeled chassis. Now, let’s show you their functions.

Loading Hopper

  • Functions: The self-lifting hopper is used to load concrete raw materials into the mixing tank, including cement, sand, and gravel.
  • Features: The hopper is usually controlled by a hydraulic system and can automatically lift and lower to facilitate loading and unloading of aggregate materials. Its design makes the loading process more efficient and reduces manual labor. The middle part of the hopper is a sharp iron sheet which can directly cut through the packing bag of the material. This saves time and is very convenient. If the material is in bulk, we can remove this sheet according to your needs. Besides, it can also weigh the aggregates to guarantee the quality of concrete.
self loading concrete mixer machine

Mixing Drum

  • Functions: The mixing tank is a component used to mix concrete raw materials to ensure that the concrete raw materials are fully mixed and achieve a certain uniformity and consistency. When it has forward rotation, it means the self load concrete mixer is mixing materials. When it has reverse rotation, that means the self concrete mixer is discharging.
  • Features: The mixing barrel can rotate at 270 degrees, which is convenient for changing the discharging angles.
concrete mixer self loading

The Cab

  • Functions: The cab is the space where the driver drives and controls the self loading concrete mixer machine, including seats, steering wheels, instrument panels and other components.
  • Features: The cab is usually designed to be simple and comfortable, equipped with necessary driving control equipment and instruments for driver operation and monitoring. Each process is operated with a corresponding button in the cab. You can complete a series of processes (feeding, mixing, discharging) in the cab. Weighing system has a corresponding display, we can clearly know the weight of the material. In addition, there is a small fan in the driver’s cab which can provide a good working environment for drivers. And we can change the fan to air conditioner according to your request.
self loading mixers

Water Tank

  • Functions: The water tank is used to store clean water to supply water during the concrete mixing process. Besdies, it is also used to clean the mixing tank and other parts to keep the equipment clean.
  • Features: The water tank usually has a certain capacity and can provide clean water at any time during the work process to ensure the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment.
self loading mixture

Wheeled Chassis

  • Functions: The wheel base is the support and driving component of the self-loading concrete tanker, supporting the weight of the entire vehicle and providing driving functions.
  • Features: Usually, the aimix self loading concrete mixer is four-wheel steering. Two of these wheels control the direction. What is more, the wheeled base is usually made of reinforced steel and has sufficient load-bearing capacity and stability to adapt to various road conditions and working environments.
loader concrete mixer

Competitive Features of Aimix Self Load Concrete Mixer

Compared with many concrete mixers on the market, our self loading mixer machine has superior characteristics that ordinary mixers do not have. Aimix’s self loading concrete mixer integrates concrete loading, measuring, mixing and discharging together. The equipment has high capacity and good performance. Besides, it can greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce time cost. It is suitable for concrete construction engineering in various special environments, crowded urban areas, remote areas and so on. Consequently, these are our competitive advantages.

self concrete mixer machines

Compact Structure

Our self loading cement mixer is lower than other concrete mixer. That means all parts will be closer and more compact. The gravity center of the concrete mixer will also be lower as the height is lower. Therefore, this will increase the stability of the equipment. Even running on rough roads can reduce the risk of rollover. As a result, the safety of the machine and driver will be guaranteed.

Longer Service Life

It is made of high quality manganese steel. Because the kind of steel is better than ordinary steel material, our self loading concrete mixer for sale has has high-quality and light weight.

Easy to Assemble and Disassemble

The important part of the self concrete mixer machine will not be removed when delivering. The disassembled parts will not contain the hard fitting parts of the tubing, circuit, etc. Therefore, customers receive the self loading mixers after you can install their own, very convenient. It also ensures that the machine is in good condition.

Low Noise and Fast Heat Dissipation

This kind of self loader mixer has small noise and good heat dissipation. A cold air hood is arranged on the engine to stop the hot air.

Cases of Self Loader Mixers in Global Areas

Up to now, we have exported to more than 500 sets of self loading concrete mixer trucks to global clients. Countries including: Uzbekistan, Russia, Burma, Peru, Zambia, Uganda, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Kenya, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. Most customers have positive feedback on our self load concrete mixer. They think highly of them and also recommend it to those who has actual purchasing demands.  You can simply check some successful cases of our self loading cement mixers.

Aimix Self Loading Mixer Models

As a professional self loading concrete mixer manufacturer, Aimix has all types of the self loading mobile concrete mixers for sale. In addition, we can customize any type and size of self propelled concrete mixers according to your requirements. There are some hot sellers: AS-1.2, AS-1.8, AS-2.6, AS-3.5, AS-4, AS-5.5 and AS-6.5. There are some photos and parameters of them.

3.5m3 self loader concrete mixer

3.5m3 Self Loading Mixer

AS-3.5 belongs to one of our most popular models. 3.5m3 portable self loading concrete mixer can produce 3.5m3 concrete per batch, and 1 hour can produce 4 batch. In total, 14m3 mixing capacity is enough for almost all small-scale construction projects.

4.0m3 self propelled concrete mixer

4.0m3 Self Loading Mixer

By using our 4.0m3 self loading mixture, you can make 16m3 concrete per hour, which is suitable for canal construction, prefab production, etc.

1.8m3 self concrete mixer

1.8m3 Self Loading Mixer

AS-1.8 rough terrain concrete mixer is a mini-size model, which is lightweight and easy to move.

2.6m3 self loading mixer machine

2.6m3 Self Loading Mixer

AS-2.6 self loading concrete mixer China is able to withstand long-term, high-intensity use and maintain stable mixing effects.

5.5m3 concrete mixer self loading

5.5m3 Self Loading Mixer

AS-5.5 self loading transit mixer can produce 22m3 concrete per hour, which is almost equal to a small batching plant. But it is more portable to use.

Learn more technical specifications of the models of self loading mixers in Aimix Group.

Overall size (L*W*H)8450x3050x48308450×3100×45807640×2870×47507830×2680×41707860×2750×41007300×2650×37506400x2550x3300
Wheel base(mm)2850335024802900280026002300
Total weight (Kg)125201150092007900710061005000
Max. Speed (km/h)40423530303030
Max. gradeability (%)30303030303030
Min. turning radius (mm)4800620048005300530053004700
Min. ground clearance (mm)350380330380380380280
Engine power (kw)92929191787855
Fuel tank (L)370180120120756363
Hydraulic tank (L)278180120120756363
Oil tank (L)16161616161616
Water tank (L)1465840920620500400400
Water supplyTime relay
Weighitng methodAutomatic hydraulic weighing system
Mixer drum capacity (L)9000780060004740358026801700
Drum speed (r/min)16.5201713-20131313

Working Video of Aimix Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Self-loading concrete mixer completes the transportation and mixing tasks of concrete through four stages of loading, mixing, transportation and unloading. This kind of vehicle has a simple structure and is easy to operate. It is one of the commonly used concrete mixing equipment in modern construction.

Feeding Stage
Mixing Stage
Carrying Stage
Discharging Stage


This stage mainly includes feeding and weighing processes.

The front bucket loads the cement, sand, and gravel aggregate into the mixer drum. During this feeding process, all the materials are weighed at the same time.


When all the materials are fed into the mixing drum, starts the mixing process. The mixer drum will forward rotate to mix all the materials and turn them into concrete. Besides, self loading mixers can stir concrete while moving.


After finishing mixing concrete, the self loading transit concrete mixer will convey the concrete to the construction point and discharge the concrete.


The mixer drum can rotate 270 degree, which is very convenient for you to adjust the discharging angle. Ajust the discharging port and chute, and then unload the rmc concrete to the construction site.

Combination of Self Loading Concrete Mixer and Concrete Pump

Self loading concrete machines and concrete pumps can work together on-site such as construction sites to improve construction efficiency and concrete pouring quality.

self loading concrete mixer and concrete pump

  • Functional Distribution:

    Self loading mixers are mainly responsible for producing concrete, mixing cement, aggregate, sand and other raw materials into concrete slurry. The concrete mixer can produce concrete on-site at the construction site, avoiding the time and cost of transporting concrete and ensuring the freshness and quality of the concrete.

    Concrete pumps are responsible for transporting concrete from the concrete mixer to specific locations on the construction site. Concrete trailer pumps are usually equipped with a concrete delivery pipe, which can transport concrete along the pipe to the location where it needs to be poured, such as floors, walls, etc.

  • Advantages: It reduces the time and workload of manual handling and loading, and improves construction efficiency.
  • Applicable Fields: The combination of self loading concrete mixers and concrete pumps can be used for for construction projects of all sizes, including small residential buildings, commercial buildings, road construction, and more. Whether indoors or outdoors, on flat land or in high-rise buildings, portable concrete mixers and concrete pumps can be flexibly used to meet the concrete pouring needs of different scenarios.

Service Highlights of Aimix Group

Over the past 30 years, Aimix’s self loading concrete mixer and other concrete machines have been exported to more than 100 countries, such as: Algeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Russia, United Arab Emirates, etc. Why they are so popular? That is because except the guaranteed quality, our price is the most fair in the same industry. What is more, our after-sale services are also highly praised.

self loading concrete mixer with pump in Aimix

  • Customized Services:In fact, as a professional concrete mixer manufacturer, Aimix Group has all types of self loading concrete mixers for sale. In addition, we can customize various models of selfloading concrete mixers according to user’s need.
  • Dispatch Engineers to Your Sites: For the clients who use the self loading concrete mixer for the first time, they always worry that they cannot operate the machine well. We will supply professional operation manual and videos to guide you how to use it. What is more, our after-sale services teams are 24 hours online to help you fix any problems. In addition, we can send technicians to the working site to provide you instructions for installation and operation. So you don’t have to worry about operating problems at all.

This kind of self loading cement mixer has a lot of superior features, such as: good performance, compact structure, reasonable price, simple operation and so on. Contact us now if you need a self loading mixer for any construction projects.

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