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Functions: Self-loading, self-weighing, self batching, and self-discharging concrete.


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Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

There is a large demand for self loading concrete mixer truck duo to the rapid development of urban construction maintenance and municipal engineering projects. This type of concrete mixer truck self loading indeed can save a lot of cost, time and labor because this unique self loading truck mixer can realize concrete mixture feeding, mixing and discharging as convenient as a small concrete plant. It is hot-sale in the market now.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck in AIMIX

Therefore, Aimix Group also has launched this new generation of self loading mixer truck to meet customers’ requirements. Surprisingly, a lot of our new and old customers has make orders . Proudly, up to now, our self loading concrete mixer truck for sale has been exported to more than 20 countries, including Uganda, Philippines, Kenya, Pakistan, Vietnam, Argentina, Indonesia etc.

Types of Self Loading Mixer Truck

There are various kinds of Aimix ‘s self loading truck mixers. Besides, we can customize all types of the concrete mixer trucks. Here, I strongly recommend these six models of self loading concrete truck mixers to you: AS-1.8, AS-2.6, AS-3.5, AS-4.0, AS-5.5, and AS-6.5. . They can meet all the requirements of concrete mixing in various small projects. Besides, we also spend a lot of times and efforts to improve the design in order to make the self loading concrete mixer for sale more reasonable.

AS-1.8 self loading truck mixer

Obvious Advantages of The Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

1. The self mix concrete truck is a walking concrete mixer, and it can feed materials automatically.

2. It is equipped with electronic weighing system which can accurately weigh concrete materials.

3. The self mixing concrete truck manufactured by Aimix is powerful and can quickly mix concrete materials. In addition, the finished product has good quality and high performance.

4. The tank can rotate 270 degrees and discharge from multiple directions. That’s why the self concrete mixer truck can realize self loading, mixing and discharging.

5. It has high speed of material feeding and discharging, low residual rate, reliable hydraulic transmission system.

6. The self loading cement truck also has stable rotation, reliable performance, simple maintenance, long service life and other advantages.


Overall size (L*W*H)8450x3050x48308450×3100×45807640×2870×47507830×2680×41707860×2750×41007300×2650×37506400x2550x3300
Wheel base(mm)2850335024802900280026002300
Total weight (Kg)125201150092007900710061005000
Max. Speed (km/h)40423530303030
Max. gradeability (%)30303030303030
Min. turning radius (mm)4800620048005300530053004700
Min. ground clearance (mm)350380330380380380280
Engine power (kw)92929191787855
Fuel tank (L)370180120120756363
Hydraulic tank (L)278180120120756363
Oil tank (L)16161616161616
Water tank (L)1465840920620500400400
Water supplyTime relay
Weighitng methodAutomatic hydraulic weighing system
Mixer drum capacity (L)9000780060004740358026801700
Drum speed (r/min)16.5201713-20131313

Parts of Self Loading Concrete Truck Nixer

1. Operation cabin. All processes are controlled by a corresponding button in the cabin, including feeding, mixing and discharging. Weighing system has a corresponding display screen. Therefore, we can control the material proportioning. Importantly, we have installed small fan in the cabin for better operation environment. Moreover, we can change the fan to air conditioner according to your request.

2. Hopper. The middle part of the hopper is a sharp iron sheet which can directly cut the packing bag of the material. This saves time and is very convenient. If the material is in bulk, we can remove this sheet on the basis of users ‘ requirements.

3. Water box. It ‘s backup water. You can store some water in case of power cuts during working. And the water in the water box can also be used to clean the self loader mixer truck. Moreover, when the mixture is dry, you can add some water in the tank.

4. Wheel. The wheel is made up of high strength rubber which has high quality. The loading-bear is so high that it can run smoothly when loading.

Operation Cabin
Operation Cabin
Water box
Water box

Self Batching Concrete Truck Operation Details

All of our self loading concrete mixers are all featured by good performance, high production capacity, and simple operation. At the moment, I’d like to introduce the operation methods in detail.

This is a new-type and high-end concrete equipment, all the operations can be finished by only one person.

1. Filling the tank with water and then putting the cement into the bucket before starting. The serrated blade in the middle of the bucket can cut the cement bag easily. At this point, you can start the machine.

2. Putting the cement, sand, and other materials into the mixing tank. The electronic weighing system can accurately control the burden ratio. Mixing them with water after the material are put into the mixing tank.

3. The self contained concrete mixer truck adopts hydraulic four-wheel drive, so that it can work on the harsh construction environment and complex road surface. The power split system enables the mixing tank in a mixing state during the driving. So that sand will not precipitate, the quality of concrete is high.

4. The mixing tank can be rotated 270 degrees, and the concrete can be dumped at a height of more than 1.5 meters around the vehicle. During the dumping process, the mixing truck can move back and forth as required, and the operation is flexible and convenient.

What Services Aimix Can Provide

Pre-sale service

1. Before you buy self loading concrete mixer truck, we will answer any questions you are confused about the self loading cement truck mixer.

2. And we will also suggest you to buy the most suitable machine according to your actual needs, but not the most expensive machine.

3. We can send various photos and videos about the self mixing concrete truck for sale to help you understand how it works well.

4. You can visit our mini self loading concrete mixer truck factory at any time if you want, and we will receive you at any time!

After-sale service

1. We will delivery the self loading concrete truck to any where you are in safely and quickly.

2. We provide detailed installation and operation instructions to all customers.

2.We can We can send technicians to your country to provide technical guidance for you. And if the self loading concrete truck mixer for sale has any quality problem, you can always contact us. We ‘ll deal with it at first time.

After-sales Service for Self Loading Mixer Truck AIMIX

Choose Reliable Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck Manufacturer — Aimix

How to become a leader among numerous self loading concrete mixer truck manufacturers. Our company has been producing and researching concrete mixer for many years. Except self loading mobile concrete mixer trucks, we can also professionally manufacture various concrete machines. For example, concrete mixer truck, concrete mixing plant, concrete mixing pump, etc. And all of our products are famous for their high quality.

In order to develop the market and make our products known all over the world, all of our self loading concrete mixer truck for sale must experience multiple strict inspections. Therefore, we promise that our self loading concrete mixer truck has prefect performance. More importantly, AIMIX self loading concrete mixer truck price is competitive in the market. Welcome to inquiry our machine.

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