River Pebble – Best Raw Material for Sand Making Production

River pebbles are named after their shape, resembling cobblestone. They come in various shades and intensities, exhibiting a beautiful appearance. Their hardness and durability make them highly favored by builders and widely used in construction, roads, landscaping, and other fields. Walking on river pebbles is also believed to have positive effects on human health, further enhancing their reputation in the health sector.

River Pebble – Best Raw Material for Sand Making Production

In recent years, the ability of river pebbles to be processed into high-quality manufactured sand has been discovered, further elevating their significance in the construction industry. The premium manufactured sand produced from river pebbles has gained recognition and approval from manufacturers who uphold stringent quality standards.

Why is The River Pebble The Best Material for Sand Making?

Apart from river pebbles, granite, limestone, quartz sandstone, basalt, and construction waste can also be used to produce manufactured sand. However, despite facing such strong competitors, why are river pebbles still the preferred choice for many customers in sand production? The main reasons are as follows:

Abundant Resources and Easy-to-mine

River pebbles are widely distributed and have low mining costs, which can meet the needs of large-scale production.

Hard and Wear-resistant

They are hard rocks with high hardness, pressure resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Easy Control of The Quality of The Finished Product

The machine-made sand and gravel made of river pebbles has less powder and stable material, making it easy to control the quality of the finished product.

Wide Application of Finial Sand Product

It is the preferred construction sand for high-rise buildings, highways, municipal projects, water conservancy and hydropower, bridges and other infrastructure.

Wide Applications of Sand

The process of crushing river pebbles to produce sand is relatively complex, and it requires a complete production line rather than relying solely on a single crushing machine. Generally, a complete river pebble sand production line needs to be configured.

River Pebble Sand Production Line Configuration

The inherent advantages of river pebbles explain their popularity, but selecting suitable production equipment is also crucial for producing high-quality manufactured sand. The mechanism sand production line needs to integrate multiple equipment such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, VSI crusher, vibrating screen, etc. Here I introduce these main components in detail.

River Pebble Sand Making Production On-site

Jaw Crusher in Primary Crushing Process

The jaw crusher has relatively high crushing force and crushing ratio, making it a major component of the production line. Additionally, it has good wear resistance and relatively low maintenance costs. They can process a wide range of materials.

Cone Crusher in The Secondary Crushing Process

Cone crushers are suitable for processing various medium-hard materials, especially common raw materials for sand production like river pebbles, granite, and basalt. Cone crushers produce well-shaped finished products and have high wear resistance, making them a suitable choice for fine crushing.

Sand Making Process

VSI Crusher for Tertiary Crushing

Although there are various types of equipment available in the market for sand production, such as hammer crushers and roll crushers, none can match the effectiveness of VSI crushers. The VSI Impact crushers have proven technology and high-quality finished products in the field of sand production. They use the crushing principles of stone-on-stone and stone-on-iron, resulting in high production efficiency and low maintenance costs for wearing parts. Considering multiple factors, VSI crushers are a good choice for sand production.

Sand Washing Machine for Impurities Removal

The sand washing machine is mainly responsible for the final stage of the sand production line. Its main function is to remove impurities such as clay from the surface of manufactured sand. Through the sand washing process, the quality of manufactured sand improves, leading to higher market value.

Sand Washing Machines
sand washing equipment

Vibrating Screens for Separating Materials

Vibrating screens are commonly used screening equipment that can separate various types of stones into different particle sizes. They usually have three or four layers of screen meshes and work in a cycle with the sand-making machine in the sand production line.

Other Equipment

Apart from the above crushing equipment, feeder and conveyors are also important for the whole crushing line. They are auxiliary devices in the production line but are indispensable. The feeder is generally used at the front end of the jaw crusher, while the conveyor connects the main equipment throughout the production line.

Processing River Pebble Sand Making Site
River Pebble for Sand Making Site

These main equipment components form a complete sand production line. The specific configuration of the equipment depends on various requirements such as production capacity, power consumption, and desired particle size of the finished product. If you also want to process the river pebble into the sand, welcome to contact us for the solutions.

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