Reasons Why A Concrete Pump with Mixer Can Be A Good Helper

This time, our concrete pump with mixer was purchased by a customer to build a mosque in Cotabato, the Philippines. This project itself is a small project, and the reason why our concrete pump mixer is very suitable for such a small project is because of its unique characteristics.
40m3 concrete pump with mixer

Why Is Concrete Mixer Pump Well-suited for Small-scaled Building Construction

Concrete pump with mixer is a good helper for small-scaled house construction projects. There are a few reasons to help you understand.

Required Initial Investment Cost Is Low

If you want to build a self-built house, a small apartment, or a small building such as a sports hall or a mosque, you will definitely need a large amount of concrete and concrete pumping equipment. If you buy concrete from other rmc suppliers, the price will definitely be high, so you have to buy your own equipment to produce concrete.

Our concrete mixer pump is a multi-functional equipment that combines mixing and pumping functions into one. If you buy a set of concrete mixing pumps at a reasonable price, you no longer need to purchase a concrete mixer and extra pumping equipment separately. In this way, you will save a lot of money for multiple devices. And producing concrete yourself is much more cost-effective than buying finished concrete from a supplier.

Concrete Mixer Pump Is Easy to Move

  • The concrete mixing pump is equipped with tires and only requires a forklift to move it to any location, which can help you save a lot of transportation costs.
  • In addition, concrete pump with mixer is an integrated design, does not require assembly. So you can use and transfer it at anytime.

concrete mixing pump unit
concrete mixer pump placing concrete
concrete mixer with pump equipment

Meets Production and Pumping Functions Simultaneously

By combining mixing and pumping functions into a single unit, our concrete mixer pump can place concrete while producing it at the same time. Therefore, the streamlined workflow provided by concrete mixer pumps enables faster concrete placement, resulting in shorter construction timelines and reduced labor costs.

Here, we attach a video to help you understand how the concrete pump with mixer improves efficiency in concrete producing and placement for mosque construction project.

Contact us if you are interested in our concrete mixer pump machine. Or if you need a concrete mixer pump machine for house construction projects, you are welcome to contact us for inquiring some solutions.

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