Ready Mix Concrete Truck

Ready mix concrete truck is the professional transportation to convey concrete, and it can prevent concrete from segregating. When transporting concrete, the mixer drum of the concrete ready mix trucks rotates continuously. Therefore, the using of trucks will keep concrete fine. Meanwhile, it will save some time, because the trucks also mix concrete on the way to construction site. Commonly, the concrete batching plant are far away from the work site. In such situation, the ready mix concrete truck plays great role in the construction project. If you need the trucks, read on to get more information and good mixer trucks.

Ready Mix Concrete Truck
Ready Mix Concrete Truck

Ready Mix Concrete Truck Capacity

Before purchasing concrete mixer trucks, it is very necessary to know capacity of ready mix concrete truck you need. Here, we must know the theoretical capacity and mixing capacity. The mixing capacity often takes 50 percent of the drum capacity. If the operators feed concrete over mixing capacity, it will lower mixing quality. What’s worse, it will shorten the working life of concrete ready mix truck. We suggest that the clients will feed concrete according to the mixing capacity.

3 m³ mixer truck
3 m³ mixer truck

8 m³ mixer truck
8 m³ mixer truck

In general, you can get the capacity from 3m3 to 16m3. Among all the ready mix concrete truck dimensions, the mixer trucks with 6m3 and 9 m3 capacity are very popular. For the large-sized construction project, it often needs much concrete. Therefore, the clients had better choose the trucks with high capacity. Similarly, the small ready mix concrete trucks are very suitable for the small-sized construction projects. Because they can transport a small amount of concrete to work site. What is more important is that the concrete truck mixer can guarantee good quality of concrete. In the following pictures, you can see the mixer trucks with different capacities. Click the button and leave your message, you will get concrete ready mix truck price soon.

12 m³ mixer truck
12 m³ mixer truck

16 m³ mixer truck
16 m³ mixer truck

drum capacity/m3 mixing volume/m3 geometric volume/m3 wheelbase of the chassis
3 4.5 7.35 4×2/3800
5 5.9 9.2 4×2/4200
6 6.75 10.3 4×2/4200
8 9.1 13.4 6×4/3200+1350
9 9.8 14.3 6×4/3600+1350
10 10.8 15.96 6×4/3800+1350
12 12.9 17.93 6×4/4000+1350
13 13.8 20.1 6×4/4000+1350
14 14.9 22.17 6×4/4000+1350
15 15.7 24.2 8×4/1800+3000+1350
16 17.1 26.77 8×4/1800+3600+1350



Ready Mix Trucks For Sale

1. Hydraulic transmission system

Hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and reducer are the key elements of the hydraulic transmission system. According to the different structures, there are unitary and split type in Aimix Group. For the unitary type, the three key elements are the one unit and it has the advantages of compact structure and bearing capacity. What’s more, the unitary type of the system has low failure rate, and it has long service life. Of course, the split type is also an ideal choice for effectively maximizing heat dissipation and reliable performance. Once the system doesn’t work, the operators will maintain it quickly and easily.

In order to guarantee high performance of ready mix truck for sale, all of the hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and reducer adopt the famous brand. For example, the hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motor adopt German Rexroth, Italy ARK. The displacement is 89 ml or 90 ml. Our reducers mainly adopt German ZF, Italy PMP, Italy TOP and other famous band. And the torque is 75000 or 80000 N.m.

transmission system
transmission system

2. Mixer Drum

How dose the ready mix concrete mixer trucks mix concrete? In fact, the mixer drum is one of the key parts of the truck. The mixer drums are also called mixing tank, and it is the place that the truck mix concrete. The mixing drum can rotate directly and reversely. When it feed concrete, it will rotate directly; when discharge concrete, it will rotate reversely.

Before purchasing small ready mix concrete trucks for sale, many clients think highly of the materials of the mixer drums. We promise that Aimix mixer drums adopt Q345, and we have the special design for the reliable quality of the drum. The shell cover of the drum is 6 to 8 mm, and we also manufacturer different thickness for the different capacity of the trucks. Therefore, our trucks have long working life, and they can mix and transport concrete at least for 189 thousand cubic meter.

mixer drum
mixer drum

Ready Mix Concrete Mixer Trucks Suppliers

1. How To Select A Reliable Ready Mix Concrete Truck Manufacturer

If you select a good manufacturer of ready mix concrete truck, you will have the maximum possible opportunity to get a good truck. Most of us believe that the reputable company will offer the good trucks for the clients. What the most important is that the clients will enjoy the considerate service, including pre-sales service, sales service and after sales service.

It is very important to consider the strength of the ready concrete mix trucks manufacturers. The clients often have access to get more information about the company, including the establishing date, the hot products and so on. Meanwhile, the clients can check the scale and the certifications of the company. If the clients have large scale and some certifications, the companies are reliable.

Whether the company has exported the concrete ready mix trucks for sale to the country that the clients live. If so, you can feel free to communicate with the sales further because they have rich experience. When dealing with your trade, the company will help you a lot both in shipment and service.

You had better to select the company who offers first-class service. Although the company offers the ce certification ready mix concrete truck, but no one can guarantee that the trucks will never break down. In this case, it is obvious that the clients need to select the company with good service, especially after-sales service. Some company often leaves good impression on clients’ mind due to the considerate pre-sales service. However, after the clients receive the equipment, they will have no access to get touch with the concrete ready mix truck manufacturers. The bad service will delay time for the clients.

2. Aimix Group – Well-known China Ready Mix Concrete Truck Company

To be honest, Aimix is not the only ready mix concrete truck manufacturer in the world even in China. But why some clients would like to buy ready mix concrete truck from China Aimix Group?

First all of all, most of the ready mix concrete truck made in china, and China is one of the largest exporting country. Not only that, China also export the a large amount of high-quality construction machines to foreign countries. As a pioneer construction machinery in China, Aimix Group has exported ready mix concrete truck made in china to many countries. For instance, we ship the mixer truck to the Philippines in February; we deliver the truck to Russia in March. Aimix Group is your ideal choice.

As a reputable China ready mix concrete truck manufacturing company, there are more than 1000 workers manufacturing the trucks in the workshop. In addition, there are more than 30 engineers, 100 pre-sales and after sales stuff in our company. Whenever you contact us for the ready mix truck capacity for sale, we will give immediate reply. If you are interested in our products and our company, it is convenient to come to our website. Even if you get the trucks, you can get all of the technology support from Aimix Group.

mixer truck to the Philippines
mixer truck to the Philippines
delivering concrete truck
delivering concrete truck

Ready Mix Concrete Truck Price

Mentioning the price of ready mix concrete truck for sale, it is believed that the price is one of the key factors for the clients. That is to say, what truck the clients need should have both reliable performance and reasonable price. If the clients select China small ready mix concrete trucks, they may get it with lower cost or higher performance. But Aimix Group will offer the relatively higher performance and lower price trucks for clients. Because we have innovative team, which ensures the high performance of the truck. Additionally, we have the professional sales team, which ensures the lowest equipment in the truck industry. Just feel free to get a quote now!

Common Questions About Ready Concrete Mix Trucks

What is the capacity of the ready mix concrete truck?

In general, the clients can make sure the capacity when they purchase the mixer truck. Commonly, there are 3m3, 4m3, 5m3, 6m3, 8m3, 9m3, 12m3 and other capacities for sale in China ready mix concrete truck factory. You can get the specific capacity from the ready mix truck manufacturers.

How long can concrete be in he truck?

On the way to the construction site, the concrete are always mixed in the truck mixer. In fact, the operators can put a cloth on the mixer drum. The measure will prevent concrete from segregating effectively. If the concrete is far away from the construction site, we suggest that the clients set a mobile concrete batching plant in work site.

How does a concrete mixer truck work?

The operators often feed concrete into the concrete ready mix truck for sale, then the drivers drive the truck to the construction site. During transporting concrete, the mixer drum rotates continuously. When reaching the work site, the operators turn on the operating handle. Then concrete will be discharged on the certain place through the discharging hopper.

How to avoid the accident for ready mix cement trucks?

It is reported that most of the accidents result from the high-speed driving. In order to improve ready mix concrete truck safety, all of the drivers should accept professional training.

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