Ready Mix Concrete Plant

Ready mix concrete plant is the compulsory and efficient type of equipment. It can produce many kinds of concrete such as plastic, rigid concrete, liquid concrete, light aggregate concrete and other concrete types. Meanwhile, it has high production efficiency and is mainly used for prefabrication of concrete products, ideal equipment for concrete. The equipment is high-end smart and it has high production efficiency, reliable product quality, easy operation and maintenance. Our brand focuses on the overall service. According to operators’ requirements, customers can purchase the ready mix plants that they need easily. After more than fifteen years of development, the company’s business model is also constantly improving to produce a series of equipment with good performance. Our products have been delivered to more than 80 countries.

ready mix concrete batching plant sent to Malaysia
ready mix concrete batching plant sent to Malaysia

Advantages of Concrete Ready Mix Plant

1. The utility model has the advantages of good uniformity of the mixed concrete, short stirring time and long service life.

2. Powerful ready mix concrete equipment has high automation procedure, stable operation, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

3. It uses the latest design ideas of electronic weighing, computer control, digital display and other control technology, which manifests measurement accuracy.

4. Gravel feeding system adopts the belt material, which is the majority of construction units ideal for the production of high quality concrete.

5. Complete maintenance equipment and accessories are used in the same industry-standard parts, which is easy to purchase and maintenance for our ready mix batching plant.

6. Environmental performance clearance focuses on practical efficiency and optimizes the structural management.

7. There are low wear and abrasion resistance without impact stirring.

Ready Mix Concrete Plant Photos

AJY35 Ready Mix Concrete Plant
AJY35 mobile ready mix concrete batching plant

AJY50 ready mix mobile concrete batching plant
AJY50 ready mix mobile concrete batching plant

AJ75 ready mix concrete batching plant
AJ75 ready mix concrete batching plant

AJ120 stationary ready mix concrete batching plant
AJ120 stationary ready mix concrete batching plant

Ready Mix Concrete Plant Design

Our products have been known for their high quality and advanced technology. Rmc concrete plant is high-efficiency types of equipment that meet the requirements of many customers about high production efficiency, which are ideal equipment for the production of commercial concrete. We will continue to improve the design of mobile ready mix concrete plant on the basis of its original ability with a variety of functions, which are able to produce a wide range of concrete. Our designers have a very rigorous mindset.

On the one hand, we spent a lot of manpower and financial resources, asked lots of customers’ needs and made the appropriate investigation. Last, we focused on solving the problems that exist, which can help operators easily make the appropriate use. On the other hand, our design will carry out a number of programs to conduct continuous experiments to find the best technology, which can produce a variety of concrete and have low consumption. In general, it is to satisfy the customer the ideal equipment that has excellent quality and reasonable ready mix concrete plant price. In terms of installation, we optimize our products that we use flexible and easy installation. The design of the installation effect will manifest two aspects in portable transport and quick packet assembly and disassembly.

Key Elements Of Ready Mix Concrete Plants For Sale

Concrete Batching Machine: The equipment has the function of weighing and batching materials. And it can weigh and batch the materials on the basis of the presetting of the operators. When it works, it can store the materials and batch the materials under the control of the control system. Commonly, there are three types of the batching plant according to the amount of the storage silos. The batching machines have two storage silos, three silos or four silos. The clients can select the suitable type for the ready mix concrete plant on the basis of the special requirements.

Control system: Generally speaking, there are automatic type and semi automatic type of concrete batching plant for sale in Aimix Group. Compared with the semi automatic type, the automatic control system can print the report forms and reflect all the details on the computer clearly. Of course, it is advisable to select the semi automatic type for saving the cost of ready mix concrete plant.

Mixing system: Mixer is one of the key components of the ready mix plant, and it plays great role in the whole working process. The clients can select the JS series, JSS series or other types of the concrete mixers.

Hoisting system: The main function of the hosting system is to hoist the materials into mixer or storage hopper. As a reliable ready mix plant manufacturer, there are two types of the system. For the belt type, it will convey the materials into the storage. And the hopper type of the system convey the aggregates into mixer.

concrete batching machine
concrete batching machine
control system
control system
compulsory mixer
compulsory mixer

Ready Mix Concrete Plant for Sale

Our products have been exported overseas. We can supply clients from all over the world with many equipment. Ready mix plant for sale is a key product in recent years. Sales is also very impressive and its trade turnover has been in the leading performance. As one of the reputable ready mix concrete plant manufacturers, there is no doubt that our products are popular with the new and regular customers. The most important thing is that we will provide a full range of services. According to your special requirements for the production that you need, our company satisfy your demand to design reasonable ready mixed concrete batching plant.

Ready Mix Concrete Mixing Plant Equipment

Ready mix concrete plant operation is very simple. The use of automation technology and computer control system reflect the measurement accuracy. The whole idea of the design is to use the new equipment that blends the product with our ideas together. Taking into account a number of factors, we will focus on environmental protection in the production process. The main structure will be effective and stable operation, adjusting the automated engine equipment. Flexible and stable performance enhances the overall cooperation of the various components.

The ready mix concrete plants are continuous development and upgraded models in Aimix Group, which are very suitable for short term or medium term projects. It has the advantages of excellent equipment performance, reasonable structure and easy repair. In addition, the improvement of accuracy ratio will speed up product output and reduce unnecessary waste. Rational product use is a groundbreaking challenge for our ready-mix concrete plant. In the process of reform, we will adopt the advice given by skilled workers, then regulate our products to put forward a higher level.

Model Bucket type Belt type
AJ-25 AJ-35 AJ-50 AJ-75 AJ-60 AJ-90 AJ-120 AJ-180
Theoretical Productivity (m³/h) 25 35 50 75 60 90 120 180
Mixer Model (Mixer Output L) JS500 JS750 JS1000 JS1500 JS1000 JS1500 MAO3000/2000(SICOMA) MAO4500/3000(SICOMA)
Mixer Power (kW) 18.5 30 2×18.5 2×30 2×18.5 2×30 2×37 2×55
Mixing Cycle Period (s) 67 72 72 72 60 60 65 65
Max.Aggregate Size (mm) Φ60 Φ60 Φ60 Φ80 Φ60 Φ80 Φ80 Φ80
Standard Aggregate Bin Capacity (m³) 3×3 3×5 3×8 3×12 4×7 4×15 4×15 4×20
Category of Aggregate 2/3 2/3/4 3/4 3/4 4/5 4/5 4/5/6 4/5/6
Max. Discharging Height (m) 3.8 4.1 4.1 4.1 4.1 4.1 4.3 4.3
Overall Weight (ton) ≈15 ≈18 ≈23 ≈30 ≈40 ≈68 ≈93 ≈101
Installation Power (kW) ≈65 ≈75 ≈100 ≈140 ≈110 ≈160 ≈220 ≈290
Power Supply 380V/220V/415/440V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase
Model Belt Type
AJY-25 AJY-35 AJY-50
Theoretical Productivity (m³/h) 25 35 50
Mixer Model (Mixer Output L) JS500 JS750 JS1000
Mixer Power (kW) 18.5 30 2×18.5
Mixing Cycle Period (s) 67 72 72
Max.Aggregate Size (mm) Φ60 Φ60 Φ60
Standard Aggregate Bin Capacity (m³) 2×3 2×5 3×5
Category of Aggregate 2/3/4
Max. Discharging Height (m) 3.8 3.8 4.1
Overall Weight (ton) ≈15 ≈22 ≈26
Installation Power (kW) ≈61 ≈73 ≈92
Power Supply 380V/220V/415/440V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturers

We are leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a wide crowd of ready mix concrete plant in China. Adding to this, ready mix concrete batching plant which we offer is widely appreciated by our customers for its outstanding features. Besides, high efficiency and long functional life are the key factors of our ready mix plant that increases its demand in the market. The relocation is very convenient and the equipment cost is low. The control series adopts the advanced automatic control mode and is equipped with manual control. Therefore, it can realize the manual, automatic control and conversion of the production process easily. All the electrical control system uses imported components and reliable performance, which will be easy to operate.

As one of the reliable rmc batching plant manufacturers, we think highly of the quality of the equipment. We set a higher pursuit to ourselves that the quality of each part can not only meet the eligibility criteria but also have to be like perfect. Excellent technology and quality clearance are our company’s basic guidelines. Supplier’s responsibility: Everything is for the client’s needs to set his own direction.

installation of ready mix concrete batching plant
installation of ready mix concrete batching plant

Related Construction Equipment Of Concrete Ready Mix Plants

Wheel loaders: The loaders are the special equipment to transfer the aggregates. In general, the loaders put the aggregates into the batching machine. And the loaders have higher efficiency than labors.

Concrete mixer trucks: The mixer trucks often work as the conveyor of the mixer concrete. When the redi mix concrete plants finish batching the materials, the mixers will discharge the concrete. At the same time, the feeding hole of the truck will approach the discharging outlet. In this way, the mixed concrete will be delivered into the trucks.

Diesel engine concrete Pump: The pumps can transport the concrete to the high position or remote place. With the help of concrete pumps, the redi mix concrete plant will complete many kinds of construction projects.

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