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Quartz Crusher

Quartz crusher is a mechanical equipment used to crush quartz stone and some other similar materials. It uses advanced technology and innovative design to process quartz stone into 0-40mm quartz gravel and 0-5mm quartz sand that can be used in mining, construction, highway construction and other engineering projects.

quartz crushing plant

Next, let’s take a look at the specific functions and characteristics of quartz crushing machine.

Quartz Crusher Functions

Meet Your Processing Needs for Quartz Gravel

The quartz stone crusher can crush and screen quartz stone into quartz gravel particles of different sizes, and the sizes range from 0-40mm.

3-20mm quartz gravel
3-20mm quartz gravel
20-40mm quartz gravel
20-40mm quartz gravel

Therefore, quartz crushers are often used in the construction industry for concrete production, roadbed laying, building decoration and other fields. If you are a construction company, engineering contractor or concrete manufacturer who needs a quartz crusher to produce the required building materials, you are welcome to purchase our company’s quartz stone crushers.

quartz gravel used for concrete production
for concrete production
quartz gravel used for road paving
for road paving

Meet Your Quartz Sand Processing Needs

Our quartz rock crusher can crush quartz stone into medium sand, fine sand, and
ultra-fine sand.

0-3mm quartz sand
0-3mm quartz sand
0-0.8mm quartz sand
0-0.8mm quartz sand

So, you can buy our quartz crushing plant to produce quartz sand for industrial production, such as glass manufacturing, ceramic production, chemical raw materials and other fields.

quartz sand used for making glass
for making glass
quartz sand used for Ceramic
for making ceramic

Generally speaking, we have different types of quartz crushers. Whether you are using it to produce building materials or industrial raw materials, our quartz stone crushers can meet your needs.

Various Types of Quartz Crushers and Their Respective Working Principles

Quartz is an extremely hard mineral, with a hardness typically rated at 7 on the Mohs scale. In order to deal with this kind of hard quartz stone, we usually use a variety of rock quartz crushers at the same time to work together to crush the quartz stone into different grades of particle sizes required by the customer.

The types of crushers commonly used to crush quartz stone include: jaw quartz crusher and cone quartz crusher.

Jaw Quartz Crusher

Jaw quartz crusher is a kind of crushing equipment commonly used to crush ores and rocks with high hardness. Due to the high hardness of quartz stone, jaw quartz crushers are often used as primary crushers to crush quartz stone. The size of quartz stone raw material is usually around 450mm, and the jaw crusher can initially crush the quartz stone into large particles of about 100mm.

There are mainly two kinds of jaw quartz crushers: stationary jaw quartz crushers and mobile jaw crusher.

jaw quartz crusher
Stationary type
mobile jaw quartz crusher
Mobile type


Adjustment device: The quartz jaw crusher is usually equipped with an adjustment device, which can adjust the size of the discharge port of the crushing chamber to control the particle size and shape of the crushed quartz stone particles.

How Does the Jaw Quartz Crusher Work?

In short, the jaw crusher crushes and breaks materials with higher hardness such as quartz stone into the required particle size and shape through the relative movement between the swing jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate.

  • Quartz stone feeding: Send the quartz stone to be crushed into the crushing chamber of the jaw quartz crusher through the feeding port.
  • Crushing process: When the quartz stone enters the crushing chamber, the jaw plate is driven by the motor, and the jaw plate produces periodic swing motion. Due to the swinging motion of the jaws, the quartz stone is caught between the jaws. As the jaws move, the quartz stone is squeezed, crushed and broken into smaller particles.
  • Discharging process: The crushed quartz stone particles slide along the bottom of the crushing chamber and are discharged through the discharge port to complete the crushing process.

mobile jaw crusher working principle

Cone Quartz Crusher

Cone quartz crusher is often used as a secondary crusher to process quartz stone gravel of about 100mm after being crushed by the jaw crusher. After the secondary treatment of cone crushing, the size of quartz stone can reach 0-40mm.


Cone quartz crushers are usually equipped with an adjustment device that can adjust the size of the discharge port and control the size and shape of the crushed quartz stone particles.

Working Principle

  • Feeding and compression: Quartz stone enters the crushing cavity of the quartz cone crusher through the feeding port. In the crushing chamber, the quartz stone is compressed and broken by the compression between the inner wall of the cone and the crushing wall.
  • Rotational movement: The crushing head inside the quartz cone crusher is fixed on the main shaft. Driven by the motor, the main shaft produces rotational movement. The rotating motion of the crushing head causes uniform pressure and crushing of the quartz stone materials in the crushing cavity.
  • Crushing process: Quartz stone is continuously compressed and broken in the crushing cavity of the quartz cone crusher, and is gradually crushed into smaller particles. The design of the quartz cone crusher enables the quartz stone to receive even force distribution during the crushing process, which is beneficial to the improvement of crushing efficiency and crushing quality.
  • Discharging process: The crushed quartz stone particles slide along the bottom of the crushing cavity and are discharged through the discharge port to complete the crushing process.

cone crusher working principle

Below, let’s take a case about quartz crusher plant used for producing quartz sand.

Examples of Quartz Stone Crushers in Practical Applications

150TPH Quartz Crushing Plant Used in Vietnam

quartz crusher plant for quartz sand

  • Feeding Size: 400mm
  • Finished Product Size: 0-3mm medium fine sand
  • Configuration: 1 set of mobile jaw quartz crusher, 1 set of mobile cone quartz crusher, 1 set of sand making machine, 1 set of sand washing machine, and a few belt conveyors.
  • Application: Production of quartz sand as the raw material for making and selling glass and ceramics.

mobile jaw quartz crushers
mobile cone quartz crusher plant
sand making machine
sand washing equipment

Our company’s quartz sand crushers are not only complete in variety, but also have many advantages, which will definitely help you successfully start your quartz stone crushing business.

Crushing and Production Capacity Characteristics of Quartz Crusher

  • Efficient crushing capacity: Quartz crusher has strong crushing capacity and can quickly and effectively break materials with higher hardness such as quartz stone into the required particle size and shape.
  • Adjustable production capacity: The production capacity of the quartz stone crusher is adjustable and can be adjusted and optimized according to production needs. This enables the quartz stone crusher plant to adapt to different production environments and production requirements, improving production efficiency and utilization.
  • Stable operating performance: The quartz stone crusher has stable operating performance and can continue to operate for a long time without being affected. Its structural design is reasonable, equipped with high-quality components and advanced control systems, ensuring the stability and reliability of the equipment.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: Small quartz crusher takes energy saving and environmental protection factors into consideration during the design and production process, and adopts advanced energy saving technology and environmental protection equipment. This not only reduces the energy consumption of the equipment and production costs, but also helps reduce the impact on the environment and meets modern environmental protection requirements.

Generally speaking, AIMIX quartz crusher has the characteristics of efficient crushing capacity, flexible production capacity adjustment, stable operating performance, energy saving and environmental protection. It is an ideal equipment for crushing and processing of quartz stone and other materials with higher hardness.

quartz crusher plant

In addition to providing high-quality products, our company also provides excellent after-sales service to protect your crushing business.

What Services Can You Get from Aimix Group?

As one of the leading quartz crusher manufacturers in the world, Aimix Group has successfully served over 100 customers from all over the world for their quartz crushing businesses.

aimix service team

24/7 technical support hotline:

Aimix provides a 24/7 technical support hotline. Customers can contact your company’s technical support team at any time to obtain timely technical support and assistance.

Professional installation and technical support team

Aimix has a professional technical support team whose members have rich industry experience and professional knowledge to supply installation services and can promptly solve the problems and difficulties that customers encounter during the use of equipment.

AIMIX Best Service for Granite Crushing Layout

Training Services

Aimix provides equipment usage training and technical education programs to help customers train operators and maintenance personnel to improve their equipment use skills and maintenance capabilities.

Regular maintenance services

Aimix can offer regular maintenance services to help customers conduct regular inspections, maintenance and upkeep of equipment to ensure that the equipment is always in good working condition and reduce the risk of equipment failure and damage.

Consider buying a quartz crusher from us. The production capacity of our quartz crusher for sale is among the best, the quality is excellent, and the after-sales service is first-rate. Welcome to contact us to inquire about suitable models and quartz crusher prices.

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