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Quarry Crusher

Quarry crusher is a mechanical equipment used to crush and screen raw materials such as granite, basalt, ore, cobblestone, limestone, and so on. 30-1200TPH quarry crushers can crush large pieces of hard rock raw materials into particles of various sizes and sizes to meet the needs of different industries and projects.

200 tph quarry crusher

Only the stone crushed by the crusher quarry can continue to be processed and used. Crushed stone has important application value in many fields such as industrial production, construction, agriculture and environmental protection. Therefore, if you want to process stone raw materials, it is necessary to purchase a set of quarry stone crusher. Now, follow me to learn about stone crusher quarry.

Core Components of Quarry Crusher

Quarry crusher machine is composed of multiple components, which support the quarry rock crusher to crush and screen many kinds of stone materials. Its main core components include four core components: feeding equipment, crushing equipment, screening equipment, and conveying equipment.

  1. The feeding equipment refers to vibrating feeder.
  2. For various types and different hardness of stone materials, the crushing equipment that can be selected usually includes the following three types: quarry jaw crusher, impact quarry crusher, and cone quarry crusher.
  3. The screening equipment refers to vibrating screens.
  4. The conveying equipment refers to belt conveyors.

feeder machine
Feeder Machine
belt conveyors
Belt Conveyors
screening machine in quarry crusher
Screening Machine

quarry jaw crusher
Quarry Jaw Crusher
cone quarry crusher
Cone Quarry Crusher
quarry impact crusher
Quarry Impact Crusher

These components together form the core of the quarry crusher plant, working together to complete the crushing, screening and conveying of stone. Besides, these core components can often be changed according to actual conditions and freely matched to form different types of quarry crusher suitable for your own project.

Types of Quarry Crusher To Meet Your Different Needs

We mainly provide two types of quarry crusher for sale: fixed and mobile. These two types have their own advantages and characteristics, and can be used in different fields to better serve your project.

Fixed Quarry Crusher

Each component of the fixed quarry crushing plant is installed in a fixed position, usually at a fixed operating point in a mine, quarry or construction site. The configuration of the fixed quarry crushing equipment usually includes feeder, crusher (jaw crusher/impact crusher/cone crusher), screener, conveyor, etc.

Cases of Fixed Type

1. 100TPH Rock Crusher Quarry Working in the Philippines

  • Application Industry: Construction and engineering industry
  • Quarry Crusher Configuration: 1 set of feeder, 2 sets of jaw crusher, 1 set of screening machine, and several belt conveyors.
  • After-sale Services: In this case, Aimix Group provides installation services and tranining services for our customers. Aimix has local partners in the Philippines, which can supply timely after-sale services.

100tph quarry crushing plant
100tph Quarry crushing equipment

quarry crusher plant machinery
rock quarry crusher for sale
quarry stone crusher machinery

Mobile Quarry Crusher

Mobile quarry crusher refers to that all crushing, screening and other components are installed on a set of movable wheeled or crawler bases. It has high flexibility and can be quickly transferred to different construction sites or job sites. Portable quarry crusher is especially suitable for use when frequent changes of operating points or temporary crushing tasks are required.

quarry crusher 150tph

We have mobile jaw-type quarry crushers, mobile impact-type quarry crushers, mobile cone-type quarry crushers, and mobile screening machines. Different mobile crusher plants can be matched according to different needs. Below we give you some examples to see how we use different mobile quarry stone crushing machines to complete crushing projects for customers.

Cases of Mobile Type

1. 180TPH Mobile Quarry Crushers Working in Malaysia

  • Application Industry: Mining Industry
  • Quarry Crusher Configuration: 1 set of mobile jaw crusher, 1 set of mobile cone crusher, and 1 set of mobile screening plant.
  • Why Customers Choose Our Mobile-type Machine: Mobile quarry crushers can be flexibly moved between different construction sites and projects to meet customers’ production needs in different cities of Malaysia. Besides, our mobile quarry crushers help to save time and labor costs for our customers becauses they can be deployed and evacuated quickly and easily, saving time and labor costs.

portable jaw-type quarry crusher

portable quarry crusher

180tph mobile quarry crusher

After you have a preliminary understanding of quarry crusher plant machinery and viewed some cases, if you are now interested in investing in how to start a quarry business in your country, it is time to make some preparations. Below, we list some of the requirements for you if you want to start a crushing project.

Requirements for Carrying Out Quarry Crushing Projects

Here are some things you should prepare before starting a quarry crushing business.

Venue Requirements

  • Land area: A quarry crushing machine requires sufficient land area to accommodate equipment, material storage areas and production operation areas. The size of the land area depends on the size and production capacity of the crushing plant.
  • Drainage system: The quarry rock crusher plant site needs to have an effective drainage system to ensure that rainwater and other liquids can be drained smoothly to prevent accumulation of water from affecting equipment and production operations.
  • Access roads: The quarry crusher plant site needs convenient access roads to facilitate the entry and exit of transportation vehicles and the transportation of materials. The width and carrying capacity of access roads should be suitable for the needs of transport vehicles.
  • Power and water: The quarry and crusher requires stable power and water supplies. There should be power lines and water pipes near the site to meet the electricity and water needs of the equipment and production process.
  • Environmental protection: The site should be far away from residential areas and environmentally sensitive areas to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment and residents’ lives. The crushing station should be equipped with appropriate dust control facilities and noise reduction measures to protect the surrounding environment and ecosystem.
  • Planning permission: When selecting a site, local land planning and construction regulations need to be considered to ensure that the construction of the crushing station complies with legal and regulatory requirements and obtain corresponding construction permits and approval procedures.

quarry crushing machine

Budget Requirements

The budget requirements for purchasing a quarry crusher plant depend on many factors, including equipment type, production capacity, brand selection, equipment configuration, and market supply and demand. Here are some key factors that may impact your budget for the quarry crusher price:

  • Equipment Type and Size: The equipment type and size of your rock quarry crusher for sale will have a direct impact on your budget. Large quarry crushers have higher production capacity and processing capacity, so they are usually have higher quarry crusher prices.
  • Equipment configurations and additional features: Quarry crushers may be equipped with different additional features and configuration options, such as feeders, vibrating screens, conveyor belts, dust removal equipment, etc. These additional features and configurations will affect the overall cost of quarry crusher. Choose the appropriate configuration based on project needs and budget.
  • Transportation and Installation costs: Transportation and installation costs also need to be considered when purchasing a quarry stone crusher plant. If the equipment requires long-distance transportation or professional installation services, these additional costs may increase the overall budget.
  • After-sales service and maintenance costs: Considering the long-term operation and maintenance of the equipment, after-sales service and maintenance costs also need to be considered when purchasing. Some vendors may offer additional warranties or maintenance plans that may impact the overall budget.

quarry rock crusher plant

After understanding the above requirements, you may be confused about how to meet them. As a professional quarry crusher manufacturer with 10 years of experience, Aimix Group can provide you with professional services to solve your problems.

What We Can Do for You?

Recommend Quarry Crusher with Suitable Yields

First, we will recommend you appropriate configurations and solutions based on the size and output requirements of your project.

Planning Your Site

We have professional pre-sales engineers who can do site planning for you. You can send us photos of your site and we can plan the project site arrangement for you.

  • Determine site requirements: First, you need to determine the size and production capacity of the quarry crushing plant to determine the required site size. Consider space requirements for facilities such as crushing equipment, storage warehouses, transportation facilities, offices, and parking lots.
  • Assess topography and geological conditions: Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the site’s topography, geological features and soil conditions. Areas with flat and stable terrain are more suitable for construction of crushing stations, while areas that require a large amount of filling or foundation reinforcement may increase construction costs.

60tph quarry crusher plant

After-sale Services:

In addition to this, Aimix has a 60-person porfessional after-sale service team who can offer the installation services, testing services, training services, and maintenance services.

aimix service team

Any industry that requires large amounts of crushed stone as raw material may need to purchase a quarry crusher to process and handle the raw material. Contact us now for models details and crushing solutions.

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