Portable Concrete Pump

sPortable concrete pump, same as other concrete pumps, is a professional machine to pump concrete mixture. But it is different from others for its prominent feature – portable design. It is popular among customers at home and abroad not only for its special portable advantage but also its high pumping capacity, high pressure and easy movement. Indeed, it is an ideal pumping machine for construction projects. With large demands in the market, our concrete pump has also occupied large market share. Up to now, Aimix portable concrete pump for sale has been exported to over 30 countries. Let’s get through Aimix concrete pump for sale.

portable concrete pump
portable concrete pump

portable concrete mixer and pump
portable concrete mixer and pump

The Reason Why Aimix Portable Cement Pump Is Well-received

Portable concrete mixer and pump is one of the most popular machines in Aimix, and the clients around the world would like to cooperate with Aimix. One the one hand, the pumps have high performance, all of the clients are satisfied with the machines offered by Aimix. The acceptable price enables the clients to select the pumps without any pressure. On the other hand, Aimix is a reliable and reputable enterprise, which has been manufactured and supplied the pumps to many countries and states. The pumps have been shipped to Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and so forth, and most of them have bought the machines from Aimix for several times. If you choose Aimix, we will never let you down. And you can check the details of the machine.

To Europe
To Europe
To Southeast Asia
To Southeast Asia
To Africa
To Africa

Wide Application Range of Portable Pump

As we mentioned above, the pump with portable design is popular. Because the pump can be moved under the effect of wheels. Besides, If the clients complete a construction project, they can take the pump to another construction site easily.

The portable concrete pumper is very suitable for those special construction situation, particularly for various cave construction, such as diversion tunnels, culvert, mine and so on. What’s more, it can be used in hydraulic project, hydroelectric project, underground construction and other project. These projects has some similar features. All of them are small projects, and they need small amount of concrete. In addition, the projects have hard construction situation, and it is convenient to operate by using the portable pump.

portable concrete pump on construction site
portable concrete pump on construction site

Features of Portable Concrete Pump

1. Aimix portable pump can adapt to small power. Even if there is no electricity in the construction site, the pump can work powered the generator.

2. The pump has small specification, so that it can be used in many kinds of construction site, especially the small construction site.

3. Compared with the common concrete pump, it has lighter weight. Thus the users can move it from one place to another easily.

4. The portable concrete pump for sale has high configuration, and it adopts the hydraulic system. So that the pump has the advantages of stable performance, low failure rate and long working life.

ABT40D portable concrete pump for sale

ABT60D concrete pump portable


5. We offer the equipment with acceptable price, so that the clients don’t need to worry the high cost. Meanwhile, the clients can choose the portable concrete pumps, cement mortar pump or fine aggregate pump.

6. Though the pump has compact structure and light weight, the pump can generate great power. Therefore, the pump can deliver concrete to high building and long-distance site.

7. Our pump can deliver concrete continuously. Moreover, it has high working efficiency, which is much higher than worker’s efficiency. The invention of pump has greatly shortened the construction period, reduced labor intensity and decreased the cost of labor.

8. In Aimix, we supply the clients with mini concrete pump machine and small concrete pump.


Items Units ABT40D ABT60D ABT80D
Max. theo. concrete output(L./H) M3/h 40 60/36 86/45
Max.concrete pumping pressure(H./L.) MPa 10 13/7 16/11
Distribution valve type S  Valve S  Valve S  Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×stroke mm Φ180×1200 Φ200×1650 Φ200×1800
Hopper capacity x feeding height L/mm 400/1100 800/1100 800/1100
Outlet diameter mm Φ100 Φ180 Φ180
Electrical engineering power KW 45 90 90
Rotate speed r/min 1480 1480 1480
Circuit type
Pumping system pressure MPa 28 28 32
Mixing system pressure MPa 8 6-8 14
Capacity of oil tank L 370 560 580
Max. Theoretical Vertical/Horizontal Conveying Distance m 120/500 160/800 200/800
Max. aggregate diameter mm Slick/scree:40/50 Slick/scree:40/50 Slick/scree:40/50
Inside diameter of delivering pipe mm Φ125 Φ125 Φ125
Dimensions:length×width×height mm 4500x1750x1600 4500x1750x1600 6300x2100x2250
Total weight kg 3200 6000 6300

Working Principle of Portable Concrete Pump for Sale

Generally speaking, the equipment mainly consists of hopper, pumping system, hydraulic system, cleaning system, electric system, engine and chassis and so forth. The pumping system is the main part of the machine, which ensures stable pumping. As a matter of fact, the pumping system has simple structure and working principle.

When the concrete pump starts pumping, the concrete piston goes forward and backward under the influence of the main oil cylinder. At the same time, the distribution valve will connect with concrete, and the concrete cylinder will connect with the hopper.

When the concrete piston goes backward, the concrete in the hopper will be sucked into the concrete cylinder. If the piston goes forward, the concrete in the cylinder will be pushed to the distribution valve. The special design contributes to the good performance of pumping.

When backward pumping, the concrete in the pipe will connect with the distribution valve, and the concrete cylinder will connect with the hopper.

About Aimix Concrete Pump

Nowadays, there are several models of portable concrete pump for sale in Aimix. We promise that you can choose the most ideal one from us. Because we will customize our pump according to special demands. Actually, the concrete pump can help your construction project schedule earlier. Besides, customers can use it many times. If you need other kinds of concrete pumps for sale, such as concrete pump trailer, concrete mixer pump, concrete boom pump etc, We also can offer for you. Any need, please contact us through email or send us inquiry in the following form.

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