Wheeled Type or Crawler Type

Processing Materials: Construction waste, granite, marble, basalt, iron ore, river pebbles, shale, limestone, coal, cobblestones, etc.


Mobile Stone Crusher

The mobile stone crusher is designed as an integrated unit for processing various kinds of rocks, including granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, etc. All mobile stone crushers components are set on a set of movable chassis and can be moved freely. If you need a set of vehicle-mounted integrated crushing equipment that is convenient, flexible and can be transferred at any time, our mobile stone crusher machine can definitely meet your various needs.

mobile stone crusher

What Needs Can Our Mobile Stone Crusher Meet?

Temporary or Short-term Project Needs

When you need to carry out crushing operations in temporary or short-term engineering projects, the flexibility and portability of mobile stone crushers for sale make it an ideal choice to handle the needs of such projects.

The chassis types of our mobile stone crushing machine include tire type and crawler type. Regardless of which type of chassises, no basic steel frame or concrete foundation installation arrangement is required.

tire-type mobile stone crusher

Its flexible and mobile features allow you to move from place to place without any stress. Besides, you can quickly set up and dismantle the mobile stone crushers to adapt to frequent changes in location.

tracked mobile stone crusher

Requirements for Save Transshipment Charges

Mobile stone crusher for sale is a convenient solution for customers who need to carry out crushing operations at multiple project locations. While providing you with convenience, it can reduce your transshipment costs. The mobile stone crusher plant adopts an integrated design, the integrating core equipment such as crusher, feeder, vibrating screen, etc. on one frame. This design reduces the volume of components, which makes the entire portable stone crusher more compact and easier to transport. Therefore, your delivering costs can be reduced because of the volume of parts is less.

mobile stone crushing machine

With regard to our tire-mounted mobile stone crusher machine for sale, all it takes is a truck to tow it away. Here, we attach a video to describe how easy to transfer the tire-type mobile stone crusher between different sites.

Regarding the crawler-type portable stone crusher machine, it has capability of self-driving, which allows you to shift it to the construction site without additional transportation equipment or costs. Therefore, you can save extra costs for transporting the track-mounted mobile stone crusher.

crawler-type mobile stone crusher

Needs to Reduce Installation and Removal Time and Costs

The portable stone crushers for sale usually have the characteristics of quick installation and disassembly, and can be assembled and disassembled within 3 hours. This means that upon arrival at the job site, the mobile-type crusher plant can be quickly set up for work and quickly dismantled ready for transport when the job is complete. Quick installation and disassembly can reduce your time spent on the construction site and reduce shipping costs.

Needs to Reduce Raw Material Transportation Time

In industries such as resource extraction and quarrying, you may need to carry out crushing operations at different mining points. The mobile stone crushers can flexibly respond to the needs of different mining sites, reduce transportation distance and time, and improve the production efficiency.

mobile stone crusher for sale

Overall, the flexibility, portability and efficiency of mobile stone crushers make them ideal for meeting your stone-crushing needs.

Several Types of Mobile Stone Crusher To Meet Your Different Crushing Demands

In response to your needs for crushing hard rocks such as granite, copper ore, iron ore, etc. or soft rocks such as limestone, construction waste, etc, we can provide you with a four-in-one mobile stone crusher or a combination of multiple mobile stone crusher machines. So, no matter what your raw materials are, we can meet your crushing needs.

Thence, as a professional mobile stone crusher manufacturer, except four-in-one type, we also provide you jaw-type, cone-type, and impact-type for sale so that we can offer you with various types of combinations to meet your crushing needs.

Four-in-One Mobile Stone Crusher

This type of mobile stone crushers mainly contain two sets of stone crushers: jaw crusher and cone crusher, or jaw crusher and impact crusher, one set of feeder, and one set of vibrating screen.

Stones with high hardness usually have high compressive strength and wear resistance, so a single level of crushing often cannot fully break them. Through multi-stage crushing of two stone crushers, raw materials can be broken down into smaller particles and the crushing efficiency can be improved.

mobile stone crusher machine

Jaw-type Mobile Stone Crusher

In Aimix Group, our jaw-type mobile stone crusher is usually used as the primary crushing equipment due to its V-type crushing cavity that is suitable for processing raw stone materials with larger size.

Mobile jaw crusher adopts the principle of jaw crushing, which can quickly break larger-sized raw materials into the required particle size, improves crushing efficiency and productivity, and provides convenience for secondary crushing.

jaw-type mobile stone crushers

Cone-type Mobile Stone Crusher

The cone-type mobile stone crusher is mainly composed of a cone crusher, and a vibrating screening machine. It adopts a cone-shaped crushing cavity design, which can crush the raw materials evenly and produce high-quality finished products.

This design helps ensure efficient capabilities and good finished product shape during the secondary crushing process. Usually, the mobile cone crusher is used for the secondary crusher.

cone-type mobile stone crusher

Impact-type Mobile Stone Crusher

Impact-type mobile stone crushers usually consist of a feeding system, impact crusher, and screener. Its high-speed rotating rotor and unique crushing cavity design can effectively collide the raw materials with the high-speed moving striking plate, thereby achieving efficient crushing operations.

This enables the mobile impact crusher to handle raw materials of various hardness and granularity and produce uniform finished products. In genearl, impact-type mobile stone crusher is used for the secondary crushing.

impact-type mobile stone crusher

No matter for which types of our mobile stone crusher machines for sale, their main structural components are made of high-strength steel, which has good compression and impact resistance to cope with different stone materials. Moreover, their key components such as crushing tooth plates, hammer heads, etc. are made of wear-resistant materials, which have a long service life and low maintenance costs. Therefore, if you choose our mobile crusher to complete your stone crushing business, it must be a very good choice.

Cases of Mobile Stone Crushers in Various Fields

With suitable mobile stone crusher machine price, our mobile stone crushers are widely used to various kinds of fields, including mining industry, construction waste recycling industry, road & railway construction, house construction, and so on. Now, please follow me to find more cases.

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180TPH Mobile Stone Crusher for House Construction

Machine Configurations: 1 jaw-type mobile stone crusher, 1 cone-type mobile stone crusher machine, and 1 mobile screening machine.

Use Place: Malaysia

Application: Producing 0-38mm construction aggregate for apartment construction

portable stone crusher manufacturers

50TPH Mobile Stone Crusher for Construction Waste Recycling

Configurations: 1 impact-type mobile stone crusher, and 1 mobile screening plant

Use Place: the Philippines

Application: Processing 50ton construction waste per hour to produce recycled construction waste for roadbed filler material.

50tph mobile stone crusher

50TPH Mobile Stone Crusher for Road Construction

Configurations: 1 set of 4-in-1 mobile stone crusher

Use Place: the Philippines

Application: Crushing river pebbles to produce aggregate for road construction

30tph mobile stone crushers

30TPH Mobile Stone Crusher for Mining Industry

Configurations: 1 set of 4-in-1 portable stone crusher

Use Place: Madagascar

Application: Processing iron ore and turning the iron ore into 0-30mm particle size, then waiting for further grinding.

200tph mobile stone crusher

200TPH Mobile Stone Crusher for Road Construction

Configurations: 1 set of crawler jaw-type mobile stone crusher

Finished Product: 80-100mm

Application: Processing granite to produce aggregate for roadbed fillers.

After-sale Services Support from Aimix Group

As one of the mobile stone crusher suppliers, Aimix Group has exported our products to all over the world, including Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Russia, UZ, and so on. The reasons why our mobile stone crushers are so popular are not only because the qualified products themselves but also because our efficient after-sale services.

Custom Clearance Services
Installation Serives
Training Services
Maintenance Services

Custom Clearance Services

We have professional knowledge and rich experience for the custom clearance, and we are familiar with various international trade laws and regulations. So, we can speed up the progress of the customs clearance and improve efficiency, and reduce your customs clearance costs and risks at the same time.

Installation Serives

Aimix Group has many local partners in many countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Russia, UZ, and so on. And each of our partners can provide timely installation services on your site.

Training Services

We can dispatch engineers to your site to train your workers on how to operate the mobile stone crushers.

Maintenance Services

We can also provide you with door-to-door maintenance services no mattern what time you need us.

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Contact Aimix Group for further more details about mobile stone crushers. No matter what kind of your projects is, we can customize a right stone-crushing solution to meet your requirement.

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