Wheeled Type or Crawler Type

Processing materials: Limestone, granite, marble, basalt, iron ore, river pebbles, shale, coal, cobblestones, construction waste, etc.


Mobile Jaw Crusher

Mobile jaw crusher has a V-shaped crushing chamber, thereby has a larger feed inlet, which can accommodate larger pieces of stone materials and is suitable for processing large pieces of stone with higher hardness.

With powerful breaking force, and excellent mobile performance, mobile jaw crushers are widely used for mining, metallurgy, chemical, and building materials industries to crush various ores, including copper, iron, metal ores, etc., as well as various raw materials, such as granite, limestone, etc.

Jaw crusher mobile is usually used for the primary crushing. By means of combining with other crushing equipment, mobile jaw crushers can process large-sized raw stone materials into aggregates that meet the requirements.

mobile crawler jaw crusher

Features of Mobile Jaw Crusher


Mobile jaw crushers are designed to be highly mobile, allowing them to be easily transported between job sites. They are typically mounted on a wheeled chassis or a tracked undercarriage, enabling them to navigate different terrains and access remote locations.

Jaw Crusher

The primary component of a mobile jaw crusher is the jaw crusher itself. It features a fixed jaw and a movable jaw, between which the material is crushed. The jaws are designed to exert force on the material, breaking it down into smaller pieces.

High Crushing Capacity

It is known for his high crushing capacity, allowing them to process large quantities of material efficiently. They are designed to handle various types of hard and abrasive materials, such as granite, basalt, and concrete.

User-Friendly Controls

It is equipped with user-friendly controls and interfaces, making them easy to operate. They typically feature a control panel or remote control system that allows operators to adjust settings and monitor the crusher’s performance.

Benefits of Using The Mobile Jaw Crusher

Improve Crushing Efficiency and Capacity

Mobile primary jaw crusher is known for their powerful crushing capabilities. The jaw plates can crush materials efficiently during the movement inside the jaw crusher, and break large pieces of materials into the required particle size.
This high-efficiency crushing capacity can process a large amount of raw materials in a short period of time, which can not only meet the large number of preliminary crushing requirements but also improve production efficiency.

Increase the Types of Materials That Can Be Broken

In the initial crushing stage, it is usually necessary to process larger particles of raw materials. The portable jaw crusher has a large feed opening port, which can accommodate larger particles of raw materials and meet the needs of primary crushing.
At the same time, the size of its discharge port can be adjusted, and the operator can adjust the size of the discharge port according to the actual size of different raw materials. This makes it more flexible and adaptable to the requirements of different types of materials with different particle sizes, including hard rocks, ores, coal, etc.

Reasons Why Mobile Jaw Crusher is More Cost-effective

When crushing raw stones, the size of the raw stones is often too large. For example, the size of granite is generally between 245-600mm. So when dealing with such a large raw stone material, it is impossible to crush the rough stone into finished aggregates of 0-40mm by only one crushing stage.
Therefore, when processing harder raw stones, we often arrange the secondary or the tertiary crushing stages. Therefore, we need to select the right stone crusher machines as for the primary, secondary, and tertiary crushing stages.
So from the cost perspective, why choose a portable jaw rock crusher for primary crushing? There are three reasons:

Need Shorter Crushing Time

The mobile jaw crusher squeezes and crushes the raw materials through two dynamic and static jaw plates, and has strong crushing force.
The special working principle of the mobile jaw crusher plant enables it to crush raw stones into materials of about 100mm in a short period of time.

Need Low Maintenance Cost

Generally speaking, the hardness and size of raw stones are very large. In the primary crushing stage, crushing raw stones with higher hardness and larger size often causes greater wear and tear to the mobile jaw crusher plant.
However, the structure of the mobile jaw crushing plant is relatively simple, which consists of a fixed jaw plate and a moving jaw plate. This simple structure makes the portable mobile jaw crusher easy to maintain and repair.
With proper maintenance and care, the jaw crusher can usually be in motion stably for a long time, which greatly reduces the maintenance and operating costs in the initial crushing stage.

Reduce the Wear and Tear of the Secondary Crusher

Through the primary crushing of the portable jaw crusher plant, the size of the raw stone is reduced to about 100mm.
The reduction in size will undoubtedly reduce the loss of the secondary crusher. The secondary crusher will consume less energy when processing stones of about 100mm to 0-40mm.
At the same time, it also protects the secondary equipment itself.

What Equipment Can the Mobile Jaw Crusher Be Paired With?

The mobile jaw crusher can combine with the mobile cone crusher, mobile impact crusher, and mobile screening plant to form a complete mobile production line. This combination has many advantages, and we also have many cases. Next, please look at the cases and the advantages of the portable jaw crushers for sale.

180TPH Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant for River Pebbles

  • Model: 180TPH mobile production line
  • Use Place: Malaysia
  • Application: Production of construction aggregate
  • Feeding Size: ≤265mm
  • Finished Product Size: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-38mm aggregate
  • Configuration: 1 set of mobile jaw crusher, 1 mobile cone crusher, and 1 set of mobile crushing plant
  • mobile tracked jaw crusher
    Mobile Jaw Crusher
    mobile cone crusher plant
    Mobile Cone Crusher
    mobile screening equipment
    Mobile Screening Plant

  • Analyze of the Configuration Selection:

    The hardness of river pebbles is very high. If only use one stage of crushing, the size of the finished material may not meet the customer’s requirements of 0-40mm. So we arranged for 2-stage crushing, and use a mobile jaw plant for the first crushing stage and mobile cone crusher for the second crushing stage. Then we add a mobile screening machine to make it easier to screen the finished materials into 4 grades: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, and 20-38mm.

  • 0.15-4.75mm sand aggregate
    0.15-4.75mm sand aggregate
    5-10mm aggregate
    5-10mm aggregate
    10-40mm aggregate

  • Advantages of Mobile Jaw Crusher Used for River Pebbles:

    When the mobile jaw crusher breaks round and hard river pebbles, it can quickly break river pebbles with a size of about 265mm into 100mm through the extrusion principle. At the same time, the structural design of the mobile jaw crusher is relatively stable and can maintain stability when processing large, and hard river pebbles, which can help reduce equipment vibration and improves production efficiency.

150TPH Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant For Quartz

stone crushing plant for quartz sand

  • Use Place: Vietnam
  • Raw materials:Quartz – relatively hard stone; need at least two-crushing stage: mobile jaw crusher and mobile cone crusher
  • Application: Production of quartz sand to make and sell glass and ceramics, have certain requirements for the type of sand in the finished product, equipped a sand washing machine
  • Feeding Size: ≤400mm, choosing mobile jaw crusher as the primary crusher
  • Finished Production Size: 0-3mm, secondary crushing may not be enough, use the sand making machine
  • Configuration: 1 set of mobile jaw crusher plant, 1 set of mobile cone crusher plant, 1 set of mobile sand making machine, and 1 set of sand washing machine
  • Mobile Jaw Crusher
    Mobile Jaw Crusher
    mobile cone crusher plant
    Mobile Cone Crusher
    sand making machine
    Sand Making Machine
    sand washing equipment
    Sand Washing Machine

  • Analyze of the Configuration Selection:

    The customer’s raw material is quartz stone, which is a relatively hard stone. Therefore, we choose mobile jaw crusher as the primary crusher.

    The customer requires the finished product should meet the size requirement of 0-3mm fine sand. For this finished product size requirement, secondary crushing may not be enough. Therefore, on the basis of selecting the mobile cone crusher as the secondary crusher, we add a third-level crusher and use the sand making machine for the third-level crushing stage. Through these three crushing stages, the size of the finished material fully meets customer expectations.

    0-0.8mm quartz sand
    0-0.8mm quartz sand
    0-3mm quartz sand
    0-3mm quartz sand

    At the same time, customers have certain requirements for the type of sand in the finished product and have high requirements for the cleanliness of the finished product, so we have equipped a sand washing machine for our customer.

Applications Of Mobile Jaw Crusher

The mobile jaw crusher is a flexible and efficient mobile crushing plant that is widely used in many fields and industries. It is mainly used for crushing and processing of ore, construction waste, highway construction waste and other materials.

mining industry

Mining Industry

Mobile jaw crusher plays a key role in mining and is used for coarse and medium crushing of ore. It can be flexibly moved and arranged in the wild mining environment to meet the crushing needs of different ores, including iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, etc.

construction waste recycling industry

Construction Waste Recycling Industry

Construction sites generate a large amount of construction waste, including concrete, bricks, limestone, etc. The mobile jaw crusher can crush and reuse these waste materials to produce recycled aggregates and recycled concrete, which can be used in new construction projects and infrastructure construction to achieve resource recycling.

road construction

Highway Construction and Roadbed Engineering

In highway construction and roadbed engineering, mobile jaw crushers are used to process different types of roadbed materials, including gravel, crushed sand and asphalt mixtures. It can crush raw materials coarsely and finely to produce roadbed materials that meet highway construction standards and can be used to build roads, highways, airport runways, etc.

mobile jaw crusher applications

Temporary Crushing Operations at Construction Sites

Temporary crushing operations are often required at construction sites, such as processing dismantled old walls, floor tiles, concrete components, etc. The mobile jaw crusher has flexible mobility and operability, and can be quickly deployed at the construction site to perform temporary crushing operations, reducing the cost of dismantling and cleaning up the construction site.

Housing Construction Projects

Housing construction projects often require large amounts of concrete. The mobile jaw crusher can be used to produce concrete raw materials required for infrastructure construction, such as gravel, crushed sand, etc., providing reliable material guarantee for infrastructure construction.

How Does A Mobile Jaw Crusher Work?

The working process of mobile jaw crusher mainly includes four processes: feeding, crushing, conveying, and adjustment. The following is the working process of mobile jaw crusher:


Material Feeding

Use a vibrating feeder to transport the materials to be processed from loading equipment such as wheel loaders or excavators to the feeding port of the jaw crusher.


The material enters the crushing cavity of the jaw crusher. In the crushing cavity formed between the movable jaw and the static jaw of the jaw crusher, the material is subjected to multiple forces such as extrusion, impact and shearing. , thereby being crushed or broken.


The crushed materials are transported to the downstream vibrating screening equipment, the secondary crusher(such as mobile cone crusher or mobile impact crusher), or storage yard through the conveying mechanism.


By adjusting the size of the discharging opening of the jaw crusher and the movement trajectory of the jaw, the crushing particle size and output of the material can be controlled. At the same time, the electronic control system is used to monitor and adjust the operation of the jaw crusher to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

How To Buy A Cost-effective Mobile Jaw Crusher?

Purchasing a mobile jaw crusher plant requires careful selection of suppliers and products, and sufficient market research and comparison. At the same time, you must pay attention to the quality and performance of the product to ensure that the selected jaw-type stone crusher plant can meet your actual needs, and has a good user experience and long-term reliability. To purchase a set of affordable mobile jaw crushers for sale, you can take the following steps:

Market Research and Comparison

Conduct research and comparisons in the market to understand the price range of different brands and models of mobile jaw crushers for sale. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of portable jaw crushers provided by different suppliers or manufacturers in terms of price, quality, performance and service.

Determine Needs and Budget

Determine your needs, including crushing capacity, type and hardness of crushed materials, operating environment, etc. Based on your budget and investment ability, develop a reasonable purchase budget and determine the mobile jaw crusher price range you are willing to pay.

Find Reliable Suppliers and Manufacturers

Find a reputable and reliable mobile jaw crusher supplier or manufacturer. Find several alternative suppliers or manufacturers by attending exhibitions, searching online, consulting industry experts or recommendations from other users, etc.

Contact Suppliers to Negotiate

Contact selected suppliers or manufacturers to learn details about their product models, specifications, performance and prices. Conduct detailed discussions with suppliers about your specific needs and budget to understand whether they can provide mobile jaw crushing plants that meet your requirements, and obtain quotations and related information.

Pay Attention to Additional Services and After-sales Support

Pay attention to the additional services and after-sales support provided by the supplier, such as installation and commissioning, training services, maintenance, etc. Understand the supplier’s after-sales service policy, accessory supply and technical support capabilities to ensure that you can receive timely help and support during use.

Conduct Price Negotiations and Sign Contracts

After selecting the appropriate mobile jaw crusher and screen plant, conduct price negotiations with suppliers to strive for more favorable prices and conditions. After determining the price and other transaction terms, sign a formal contract to clarify the responsibilities and obligations of both parties and ensure the legality and safety of the transaction.

Mobile jaw crusher can perform primary crushing of raw materials efficiently and quickly. If you are interested in our equipment, you can contact us now. As a professional mobile jaw crusher manufacturer of 10 years experience, Aimix Group will recommend a suitable mobile jaw crusher for sale for you based on the hardness of your raw stone, particle size, finished material size requirement, production capacity requirements and other factors.

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