Wheeled Type or Crawler Type

Processing Materials: Construction waste, granite, marble, basalt, iron ore, river pebbles, shale, limestone, coal, cobblestones, etc.


Mobile Crusher for Sale

The mobile crusher for sale is mainly used to crush the collected large rocks or ores and other raw materials into gravel or aggregates of different sizes and specifications to meet the needs of different engineering projects. Its uniqueness is that all mobile crusher components are installed in a tire-type or crawler-type chassis and can be freely moved around the construction sites.

Different types of rocks or ores often require different mobile crushers for crushing. Below, we briefly introduce the types, characteristics, application fields, etc. of mobile crushers.

mobile crusher for sale

Types of Mobile Crushers & Their Applications

There are many types of mobile crushers for sale, and their components, working principles, etc. are all different. All you have to do is to choose a suitable mobile crusher machine after understanding their respective features.

Jaw-type Mobile Crusher

jaw -type mobile crusher


The jaw-type crusher mobile has a large feed port and is suitable for handling larger raw materials. Besides, its size of the discharge port can be adjusted according to needs to achieve finished products of different particle sizes.

And its V-type crushing cavity is suitable for processing hard rocks.


The mobile jaw crusher is suitable for the primary crushing of large block raw materials, commonly used in quarry, mining and other fields.

Cone-type Mobile Crusher

cone-type mobile crusher


The cone-type movable crusher can output more even particle. which is suitable for crushing medium hard raw materials.

It has high crushing efficiency and can handle a large amount of raw materials.


Cone-type mobile crushers are commonly used in building construction, road construction and other projects, especially where high-quality crushed stone is required.

Impact-type Mobile Crusher

impact-type mobile crusher machine


The impact-type mobile crushers are especially suitable for medium-fine crushing of raw materials with high compressive strength. Besides, they are often used to crush construction waste. They have a solid structure, are wear-resistant and durable, and have a long service life.


The mobile impact crushers are commonly used in mining, metallurgy, construction waste recycling industry, and other fields.

After introducing these types of mobile crushers and screeners, if you still don’t know how to choose a suitable mobile crusher, here we provide you with some purchasing suggestions and guidance.

Advice and Guidance for Buying Mobile Crusher

Choosing the right mobile crusher can directly affect production efficiency, product quality and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right mobile crusher plant. Here are some suggestions that I hope will help you.

mobile crusher for sale

Understand Your Own Needs

Before purchasing a mobile crusher, you need to understand your specific needs and project requirements. For example,

-What type of raw stone material are you working with and how about its hardness grade?

-What are your requirements for discharging particle size, and do you have any special requirements for the shape of the final product? In what fields will these end products be used?

-What is the size of your project working site? Is there a stable place to work?

Assess Existing Crushing Equipment and Processes

If you already own some stone crusher plants or are using a specific process, you need to evaluate the performance of your existing equipment and processes to determine whether you need to upgrade or replace the equipment.

Consider Production Scale and Budget Constraints

Depending on your production scale and budget constraints, mobile crusher options are available in different grades, models, and mobile crusher prices to suit your needs and budget.

We hope that the above suggestions and guidance can help you better understand your needs, choose suitable mobile crusher, and maximize production efficiency and quality, while reducing costs and risks.

Cases of Mobile Crushers in Different Fields

There may be some other special requirements. You need to summarize them first, understand your actual needs, and inform Aimix Group. Then, our consultants can recommend a suitable mobile crusher for you based on your actual needs.

For example, if your stone is relatively hard, such as granite, basalt, iron ore, etc., we recommend you to use multi-stage crushing, that is, a combination of primary crushing plus the secondary crushing. Here, we usually choose a jaw-type mobile crusher for the primary crusher because it is more suitable for processing materials with higher hardness. For secondary crushing, we will choose a cone-type or impact-type mobile crusher according to your specific requirements. Below, I will give you 2 cases to see how we match different mobile crushers for different customers.

180TPH Mobile Crusher for Crushing River Pebbles

mobile crusher for sale

mobile screening plant

Place: Malaysia

Application Field: Housing Construction Project

Use For: Production of construction aggregate for apartment, villa, and supermarket construction.

Feeding Size: ≤375mm

Final Product Size: 0-38mm

Configuration Details: 1 set of jaw-type mobile crusher, 1 set of cone-type mobile crusher, and 1 set of mobile screening plant.

Reasons for this kind of configuration collocation:

1. Raw material is river pebbles which belong to hard stones. Only jaw-type mobile crusher machine can handle this kind of hard stones as primary crusher.

2. Our customer requires uniform particle size for the final products. That is why we choose the cone-type mobile crusher as the secondary crushing equipment.

50TPH Mobile Crusher for Crushing Construction Waste

mobile crusher price

50tph crusher plant for construction waste

Place: the Philippines

Application Field: Construction Waste Recycling Industry

Use For: Selling recycled construction aggregate as a local supplier in the Philippines

Finished Product Size: 0-40mm

Configuration Details: 1 set of impact-type mobile crusher, and 1 set of mobile screening machine.

Why choose impact-type mobile crusher for construction waste?

1. The crushing principle of impact-type mobile crusher is more suitable for processing construction waste. The impact-type mobile crusher uses a high-speed rotating rotor to interact with the crushing plate to quickly break construction waste into the required particles. Its efficient crushing method saves time and energy consumption, thereby reducing processing costs.

2. The impact-type mobile crusher is more suitable for construction waste with various components. Construction waste consists of various components, including concrete, bricks, stones, etc. The impact-type mobile crusher can handle construction waste of different types and hardness, whether it is large pieces of concrete fragments or small particles of masonry, it can be effectively broken and processed.

3. Low maintenance cost: The structure of the impact-type mobile crusher plant is relatively simple and the maintenance cost is low. They are usually made of wear-resistant materials and can withstand long-term high-intensity use, reducing equipment failure rates and maintenance costs.

What Benefits Can You Get If You Use the Right Mobile Crusher?

Increase Productivity
Cut Costs

Increase Productivity

The main task of a quarry is to collect raw materials such as rocks and ores from underground or from the surface. However, these raw materials often exist in the form of larger blocks or solids, and mobile crushers can break these large blocks of raw materials into gravel or aggregate suitable for processing, transportation and use. By using mobile crushers, quarries can greatly increase the processing speed and production efficiency of raw materials. Compared with traditional manual or mechanical methods of crushing raw materials, mobile crusher for sale can complete the crushing task more quickly and efficiently, thus speeding up the production cycle and increasing output.

Cut Costs

The use of mobile crusher machines can reduce the cost of raw material processing. Although purchasing and maintaining mobile crushers may require a certain amount of investment, by increasing production efficiency and reducing labor costs, overall costs can be reduced in the long term and the quarry’s competitiveness can be improved.

Possess Higher Flexibility

The purpose of the design concept for mobile crusher for sale is to stand from the customer’s standpoint and take the elimination of obstacles to customers’ crushing operations caused by the crushing site and environment as the primary solution. Truly provide customers with efficient and low-cost project operation hardware facilities.

Have Better Adaptability

Mobile crushers can process raw materials into gravel or scraps of different sizes and specifications to meet the needs of different engineering projects. This flexibility allows the quarry to produce stone in different specifications and sizes according to specific requirements, thus adapting to the needs of various construction, infrastructure and road construction projects.

Here, we attach a mobile crusher working video to show you how efficient it can make your crushing process be.

To sum up, mobile crusher plays a vital role in quarries. It can improve production efficiency, reduce costs, increase flexibility, and help quarries better utilize and manage raw material resources. If you need a mobile crusher, you can contact us. Our products are diverse and our services are guaranteed, and as one of a reliable mobile crusher manufacturers, we will definitely help you start your quarry crushing business smoothly.

Services Supported from Aimix Group

We have an after-sales service team of 60 people who can definitely help you solve various problems.

mobile crusher supplier

Provide 3D Drawing

AIMIX helps you plan the project layout and produces 3D drawings for you, allowing you to clearly see the overall situation of your project.

aimix installation team

Installation Services

AIMIX Group has a few local installation teams in several countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, UZ, Russia, the Philippines, to provide full installation services until the mobile crusher machine can be operated normally.

training services

Training Services

AIMIX will train your employees on how to operate the mobile crusher correctly and daily operating precautions until they can operate the machine independently.

Maintenance service

Maintenance Services

Our mobile crusher parts are all from well-known brands. There are also retailers of these brands in your local area. You can contact us for replacement. Or we also provide door-to-door services to repair it for you.

aimix warehouses in Indonesia

Local Warehouses

Aimix Group has several warehouses in a lot of cities of Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, UZ, the Philippines, and so on. Therefore, we often have mobile crushers for sale in stock in the warehouses. In other words, our delivery time is shorter.

If you have any needs for mobile crusher for sale, please contact us for crushing solutions now.

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