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Processing Materials: Construction waste, granite, marble, basalt, iron ore, river pebbles, shale, limestone, coal, cobblestones, etc.


Mobile Crusher Plant

Mobile crusher plant usually refers to a crushing equipment that can be moved on a construction site or mining site. This type of equipment usually has the characteristics of high flexibility and easy operation. Thanks to their unique features and advantages, mobile crusher plants are suitable for improving productivity and reducing operating costs for customers in different types of construction projects, mining and waste processing projects.
mobile crusher plant

Application Fields You Can Use Mobile Crusher Plant For

Construction Waste Recycling Industry

Mobile crushing plants have a wide range of applications in the construction waste recycling industry for crushing and reusing recycled materials such as construction waste, concrete gravel and bricks. This helps reduce construction waste disposal costs, reduces resource waste, and supports the development of sustainable buildings.

construction waste recycling industry

Mining and Quarrying Industry

In the mining and quarrying industry, mobile crushing plants are used to crush and process raw materials such as rocks, ores and mineral sands. These devices can be moved around mining sites and quarries and flexibly respond to different geological conditions and ore types, improving the efficiency and productivity of mining operations.

mining industry

So how does the mobile crushing plant help customers improve their production capacity in those industries? Read on to find out the answers.

Features of Mobile Crusher Plant and Benefits It Can Bring

Multi-machine Collaborative Operation – Improve Overall Production Capacity & Adaptability

Multiple mobile crushing plants can work together to achieve higher overall production capacity. This is especially useful in large engineering or mining sites, where the equipment can be flexibly configured to adapt to the crushing needs of raw materials of different types and hardness, including rocks, ores, construction waste, etc.

Cases of Multiple Mobile Crusher Plants for Crushing River Pebbles

mobile crushing and screening plant

  • Crushing Capacity: 180TPH
  • Use Place: Malaysia
  • Use For: Production of construction aggregates of four grades: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, and 20-38mm
  • Equipment Configuration: 1 set of jaw-type mobile crusher plant, 1 set of cone-type mobile crusher plant, and 1 set of mobile screening plant
  • jaw-type mobile crushing plant
    cone-type mobile crushing plant for sale

  • Combination Products Advantages:

    1. Multiple crawler mobile crusher plants can work together to improve overall production capacity by reasonably allocating tasks and materials.

    2. The jaw-type crusher mobile plant is responsible for the primary crushing of raw materials. After crushing the raw materials to 100mm, the cone-type portable crusher plant continues to crush the river pebbles into aggregates of 0-38mm. Finally, the aggregate is screened into 4 grades by the mobile screening machine: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, and 20-38mm.

    mobile crushing screening plant

    3. By rationally configuring multiple portable crushing plants, the load of each of crushing portable plants can be reduced and the service life of the equipment can be extended. Avoid wear and failure that may be caused by long-term high-intensity operation of a single device.

    4. In large-scale mining or construction projects, the use of multiple mobile crusher plants can better adapt to high-output, high-intensity production requirements. This is critical to ensuring the progress of the project and achieving the desired output.

Cases of Multiple Mobile Crushing And Screening Plant for Crushing Construction Waste

80TPH tracked mobile crusher plant

  • Crushing Capacity: 80TPH
  • Use Place: the Philippines
  • Use For: Production of recycled construction aggregates
  • Equipment Configuration: 1 set of impact-type mobile crusher plant, and 1 set of mobile screening plant
  • track-mounted impact-type mobile crusher plant
    crawler mobile crushing plant

Quickly Move To A Different Site – Reduce Downtime

The biggest feature of the mobile crusher plant for sale is its mobile base. Regarding the mobile base, mobile crusher plants generally come in two forms, one is a wheeled base and the other is a crawler base. Both designs are highly maneuverable and stable, and can provide customers with an efficient crushing experience.

wheeled impact-type mobile crusher plant
Wheeled Base
tracked impact-type mobile crusher plant
Tracked Base

Installation Only Takes 3 hours – Achieve Rapid Production

Wheeled Base/Tracked Base: Eliminates the need for a foundation, allowing for faster installation and commissioning. From transportation to installation on site, it only takes 3 hours to start production. In the event of emergency deployment, mobile crushing and screening plant can respond to demand more quickly, thus reducing downtime. Time is money, and if you stop work for one day, you will lose a lot of production.

movable base of mobile crusher plant
Movable Base

Telescopic legs or hydraulic supports: In order to ensure the stability of the equipment during operation, the base of the mobile crushing plant for sale is usually designed with telescopic legs or hydraulic supports. These legs or brackets support the weight of the equipment when it is parked, making the equipment more stable. Therefore, even without a foundation, the mobile crushing and screening equipment can stably crush various materials for customers.

Telescopic legs in mobile crusher plant
Telescopic Legs

Towing device: The mobile base is also usually designed with a towing device so that it can be easily towed or towed to different construction sites. Some large mobile crushing plants may also be equipped with special transport vehicles to ensure fast and safe transportation of the equipment. Customers only need one trailer to easily pull the mobile crushing plant to the construction site.

Easy To Move – Reduce Transportation Costs & Time For Raw Material

The mobile crushing screening plant has the ability to crush at the raw material mining site. This eliminates the need to transport raw materials from the mining site to a stationary crushing plant and avoids secondary handling of raw materials, which can significantly reduce the cost and time of raw material transportation and handling. This improves production efficiency and reduces the time required for raw material crushing. This feature makes the mobile crushing station more suitable for temporary or multi-site engineering projects.

150tph crawler type mobile crushing plant

Integrated Design – Simplifying The Crushing Process

mobile crusher plants often integrate feeders, stone crusher machines, belt conveyors, and screening machines into one movable unit, which includes crushing, screening, and conveying functions. This design reduces dependence on other equipment, simplifies the production process, reduces material transfer between equipment, and helps reduce raw material transportation costs.
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Reduce Intermediate Transmission and Loading and Unloading Steps

The integrated design of the mobile crusher and screening plant integrates crushing, screening and conveying in the same equipment to form a seamless production process. This avoids intermediate transmission and loading and unloading steps between different equipment and improves production efficiency.

Reduce Material Handling Time

In the traditional production process, raw materials may need to be processed by multiple equipment, and each equipment requires a certain amount of time. The integrated design of the mobile crusher plant eliminates these intermediate steps and reduces material handling time throughout the production process.

Instant Processing And Delivery

Portable crushing and screening plants enable instant raw material processing and transportation without waiting for intermediate steps to be completed. This ensures continuous operation of the production line, improves processing speed, and thus increases production capacity.

mobile crusher plant for sale

Reduce Energy Waste

The integrated design can optimize energy utilization and reduce the loss of energy transmission between devices. This helps reduce energy waste throughout the production process and improve production efficiency.

Cases of Integrated Mobile Crusher Plants Applied in Various Fields

Since mobile crusher plants have so many advantages, they are widely used for road and bridge construction projects, mines and quarries, urban infrastructure construction projects, garbage disposal and renewable resources projects, metallurgical and coal mining industry, and so on. As one of the mobile crushing plant manufacturers in China, Aimix Group has exported countless mobile crusher plants to the global areas. In the following part, we will list some cases of mobile crushing plants applied for different fields.

200TPH Mobile Crusher Plant for Road Paving Construction

closed-circuit mobile crusher plant

  • Raw Material: Granite
  • Use Place: Madagascar
  • Feeding Size: <600mm
  • Model: 200TPH 4-in-1 closed-circuit mobile crusher plant
  • Application: Producing filler aggregates for road paving construction
  • Role of Mobile Crusher Plant: Mobile crushing plant plays a vital role in road construction. It can quickly crush granite on site to provide necessary construction materials for road paving construction. Its flexibility and portability enable rapid transfer between different construction sites.

how does a mobile crusher plant work
what is a mobile crushing and screening plant

50TPH Impact-type Mobile Crush Plant for Construction Waste Recycling Industry

  • Raw Material: Construction Waste, inlcuding waste brick and waste concrete block
  • Use Place: the Philippines
  • Feeding Size: <250mm
  • Machine Model: 50TPH mobile impact crusher
  • Application: Producing recycled construction waste
  • Role of Mobile Crusher Plant:

    Preliminary treatment of construction waste: In construction waste recycling projects, mobile crusher plants for sale are used for preliminary crushing of construction waste. These wastes include concrete fragments, masonry, tiles, etc. By breaking these wastes into smaller particles, subsequent processing and reuse can be facilitated.

    Production of recycled aggregate: The portable crushing plants for sale can crush raw materials such as concrete fragments in construction waste into recycled aggregates. These recycled aggregates can be used in new construction projects to replace some or all of the natural aggregates, thereby reducing reliance on natural resources. Mobile crushing plants for sale from Aimix Group excel in this aspect, providing high-quality recycled aggregate through advanced crushing technology and design.

50TPH Mobile Crushing Screening Plant for Bridge Construction

the benefits of using a mobile crushing plant

  • Raw Material: River Pebbles
  • Use Place: the Philippines
  • Feeding Size: <350mm
  • Machine Model: 50TPH 4-in-1 mobile crusher plant
  • Equipment Configuration: 1 feeder machine, 1 jaw crusher, 1 cone crusher, 1 screening machine, and several belt conveyors.
  • Application: Producing construction aggregates for bridge construction
  • Role of Mobile Crusher Plant in Bridge Construction:

    Material preparation and processing: In bridge construction, a large amount of construction materials are required, such as gravel, sand, concrete, etc. Mobile crushing plants crush and screen raw materials to provide building materials that meet specific requirements. This includes the preliminary crushing of rocks and ores to ensure their suitability for concrete preparation and the production of other structural materials.

    On-site resource recovery and reuse: Bridge construction sites usually produce a large amount of construction waste, including concrete fragments, masonry, etc. The mobile crushing plant regenerates these wastes and breaks them into reusable particles, which can be directly reused at the construction site, reducing dependence on new raw materials and reducing the load on the environment.

china mobile crusher plant factory and suppliers
Comprehensively considering those factors, mobile crusher plants have certain advantages in improving production capacity and responding to changing engineering needs. Its versatility makes it ideal for handling a variety of crushing needs, increasing the flexibility and versatility of the production line, helping to save time and labor costs while increasing production capacity.

If you plan to start a stone crushing business with a mobile crusher plant, you need to first analyze its ROI. Here we attach some methods to analyze its ROI.

How to Evaluate the ROI of A Mobile Crushing Plant?

Investment Cost Analysis

Conduct detailed cost-benefit analysis, including mobile crusher plant price, operating cost and maintenance cost, etc., to determine the investment return period and expected benefit level.

Consider Productivity and Efficiency

The production capacity and efficiency of a mobile crusher plant directly affect its return on investment. High-capacity and efficient equipment can process raw materials faster, increasing productivity and output, thereby increasing return on investment.

Consider Raw Material Costs

The return on investment of a mobile crushing plant is also affected by the cost of raw materials. Raw material costs include the expenses required to obtain and transport raw materials, as well as the impact of raw material scarcity and price fluctuations on return on investment.

Considering the Factors of Technology and Equipment Upgrading

Evaluate the technical level and competitive advantages of the mobile crushing station, as well as the service life and depreciation of the equipment.

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