Wheeled Type or Crawler Type

Processing Materials: Construction waste, granite, marble, basalt, iron ore, river pebbles, shale, limestone, coal, cobblestones, etc.


Mobile Cone Crusher

Mobile cone crusher is a mobile crushing equipment, which is usually composed of a cone crusher and a screen. It is mainly used as a secondary crusher to process the stone that has been initially crushed by the primary crusher. The mobile cone crusher plant is used as a secondary crusher because of its following advantages.

tracked cone crusher

Advantages of Using Mobile Cone Crusher for Secondary or Tertiary Crushing?

Has Ability to Finely Crush Stones

The crushing cavity of the cone crusher is a cone-shaped cavity, and the crushing head is located at the top of the cavity. This design helps concentrate the material so that it receives a more uniform force during the crushing process, resulting in finer crushed products. These refined products are commonly used in concrete production, road base construction and other applications where precise particle size is required.
cone crusher working principle

Can Be Used for Crushing Various Kinds of Stones

The mobile cone crushers can adjust the size of the crushing cavity and the position of the crushing head to adapt to materials of different particle sizes and hardness. This adjustment device enables the mobile cone crushing plant to achieve precise crushing of different materials. When processing medium-hardness and high-hardness raw materials, such as river pebbles, granite, quartz stone, etc., its powerful crushing capacity can effectively process these higher-hardness materials and quickly and efficiently convert them into fine-grained products that meet the requirements.

portable cone crusher

Flexibility and Convenience to Move

The portable cone crusher is flexible and convenient and can be moved and operated at various engineering sites. Its mobility allows the cone-type mobile crusher plant to quickly adapt to different crushing needs and project requirements, providing convenience for on-site crushing.

portable cone crusher for sale

Suitable for A Variety of Application Scenarios

As a secondary crushing equipment, tracked cone crusher has wide applicability in various application scenarios. It can be used in quarries, mines, construction sites, highway construction and other industries and projects to provide customized crushing solutions for different needs.



In quarries, mobile cone plants are often used for secondary crushing of raw materials to produce fine-grained stone suitable for processing and use. It can handle stone materials of various hardness and particle sizes, including limestone, granite, coal ore, etc.

mining industry

Mining Industry

In mines, mobile cone crushing machine can be used for mining of various stone materials.

construction waste recycling industry

Construction Waste Recycling Industry

In the construction waste recycling industry, track mounted cone crushers are widely used to re-crushed construction waste such as concrete, bricks, and sand. Through secondary crushing, waste materials can be converted into reusable aggregates and fillers to achieve resource recycling.

Road and Railway Construction

Road and Railway Construction

In highway and railway construction projects, mobile cone crushers for sale are often used to produce road base materials, railway gravel, roadbed fill, etc. It can handle different types of rocks and ores and provide necessary material support for infrastructure construction.

Water Conservancy Projects

Water Conservancy Projects

In water conservancy and environmental protection projects, mobile cone crusher machines for sale can be used to process river bed materials such as river sand and river rocks, as well as sludge and pollutants produced by wastewater treatment plants. It can efficiently break raw materials into fine particles to meet the needs of engineering construction and environmental protection.

In general, as a secondary crushing equipment, the mobile cone crusher has the advantages of high crushing efficiency, large output, and wide applicability. It can effectively process raw materials of various hardness and granularity and produce high-quality fine particle products, which is beneficial to engineering construction. and material processing provide reliable solutions.

Cases of Mobile Cone Crushers of Different Specifications

As one of the professional mobile cone crusher manufacturers, Aimix Group supplies two types of mobile cone crusher for sale: crawler type and tire type.

Different models and specifications of portable cone crushers for sale have different crushing capabilities. Generally, larger models of mobile cone crushers have larger crushing chambers and higher processing capabilities, capable of processing larger-sized raw materials and producing higher yields of crushed products. Next, please look at a few cases.

180TPH Mobile Cone Crusher for River Pebbles

mobile cone crusher

  • Use Place: Malaysia
  • Application: Producing 0-38mm construction aggregate for house construction, apartment construction, etc.
  • Equipment Details: This is a set of mobile stone production line, which includes a set of mobile jaw crusher, a mobile cone crusher, and a mobile screening machine.
  • Reason to choose mobile cone crusher as the secondary crusher: The mobile track mounted cone crusher has strong adaptability and can handle rocks and ores of various hardness and shapes, including river rocks, granite, limestone, etc. For medium-hard stones such as river rocks, tracked mobile cone crusher for sale can effectively crush and refine them.

small mobile cone crusher
mobile jaw crusher
mobile screening plant

150TPH Mobile Cone Crusher for Quartz

closed circuit cone crusher for sale

  • Use Place: Vietnam
  • Feeding Size: 400mm
  • Finished Product Size: 0-3mm
  • Application: Producing 0-3mm quartz sand for making glass and ceramics.
  • Equipment Details: A mobile jaw-type stone crusher plant, a mobile cone crusher, a sand making machine, and a sand washing machine
  • Reason to choose mobile cone crusher as the secondary crusher: The closed circuit cone crusher for sale can produce excellent crushing effect with its unique crushing principle and design. The wheeled mobile cone crusher plant crushes and breaks the raw materials through the rotation of the conical crushing head and the crushing wall to produce fine-grained finished products, which can meet the requirements of quartzite refinement.

mobile jaw crusher plant
mobile cone crusher plant
sand making machine
sand washing machine

If you need a set of mobile cone crushers, let us provide you with customized services.

Services in Aimix Group to Support You

Customized Services

We can provide customized solutions and suggestions based on your needs and project characteristics. Cone-type crusher plant configuration, selection parameters and accessory options can be adjusted according to your requirements to ensure that the product can best meet your needs

Technical Support and After-sales Services

Aimix Group promises to provide you with comprehensive technical support and after-sales services, including equipment installation and commissioning, operation training, regular maintenance and remote support, etc. After purchasing the mobile cone crusher, you need timely technical support and professional services to ensure the normal operation and long-term stability of the equipment.

Offer Reasonable Prices

Price is one of the important factors when considering your purchasing decision. You may be concerned about whether the mobile cone crusher price is reasonable, whether the purchase cost fits within your budget, and want to know the cost-effectiveness and long-term return on investment of the mobile cone crusher for sale. First of all, the performance and quality of our mobile cone crushers are very advantageous. Secondly, Aimix Group is a manufacturer and can provide you with factory price.

Supply Flexible Payment Options

We can provide you with flexible payment methods and preferential policies to reduce your purchasing pressure and risk. You can consider offering installment payments, loan support, discounts, etc. Contact us for more details about the payment policy.

what is mobile cone crusher

If you need to crush various types of rocks and ores into suitable granular materials for use in various fields such as road construction, railway construction, construction engineering, mining and quarrying, and recycling, please consider to invest in a set of mobile cone crusher. We believe a mobile cone crusher plant will definitely be able to bring you good profits.

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