Mini Concrete Pump

Mini concrete pump has played an irreplaceable role in the construction projects, especially the small construction sites. Choosing a large capacity of concrete pump indeed can not match the construction requirements. It is more suitable for small projects due to its small size and small volume. Commonly, the delivering capability of the mini pump is less than 40 m3, therefore, it is widely applied in many kinds of small projects, such as road, civil building, and other small projects for pumping. Moreover, it can be used for spraying in wall construction.

Aimix Having Exported Mini Concrete Pump to Many Countries

Aimix is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of pump, and the mini concrete pumps for sale have exported to many countries. Last month, the diesel mini pump made in Aimix was Sent to Vietnam. In addition, Aimix has exported ABJZ30C mini pump to Uzbekistan. Additionally, the client in Pakistan has sent a picture of pump working. He said that he will get more equipment from Aimix for the reliable-quality machines. In sum, Aimix is a trustworthy enterprise, and Aimix machines have become more popular in recent years.

diesel mini pump to Vietnam
diesel mini pump to Vietnam
ABJZ30C mini pump to Uzbekistan
ABJZ30C mini pump to Uzbekistan
mini concrete pump working in Pakistan
mini concrete pump working in Pakistan

Mini Concrete Pump for Sale in Aimix

Up to now,  Aimix provides electric type and diesel type of machine for the clients. If the construction project is located in the remote place, and it is not convenient to use electricity, it is wise to choose the diesel pump. The diesel type of machine includes ABT40C. The electric pump is widely used in the construction site with rich electricity. ABT40D is the main models of electric type of pump. Besides, we also have mini concrete mixer with pump for sale. The clients can choose the proper type according to the construction situation.

Why do many clients prefer concrete mini pump On the one hand, the stationary pump has several characteristics. The high working efficiency enables the project to have short construction period, and the high reliability ensures the high working quality. On the other hand, the mini type of concrete often has acceptable price, so that they are the preferable machines for the clients.

electric mini concrete pump

diesel mini concrete pump
diesel mini concrete pump

diesel mini concrete mixer pump
diesel mini concrete mixer pump

The Structure of Mini Concrete Pump

The concrete pump mini size consists of hydraulic system, valve system, control system, motion controller, pumping system, mixing motor.

The hydraulic system has the characteristics of opening system self-circulation filtering impurities, high cleanness and low temperature hydraulic oil. It greatly improves the efficiency and reduces the wear between parts, which ensures long working life and low maintenance cost.

The main valve system of mini concrete pump for sale adopts main valve with high pressure big flow electro-hydraulic accurate control and integrated valve with optimized design and layout. So, it has the features of small pressure loss, low temperature rise and high reliability. It is easy for the piston to return back and maintain.

structure of mini concrete pump
structure of mini concrete pump

The intelligent control system can supervise and diagnosis over 50 failures real-time, which can reduce the 70% failure removal time efficiently.

The motion controller adopts special motion controller and integrated pumping classical algorithms and database. Besides, compared with common motion controller, it has faster operating rate and more superior performance.

Concrete pump mini size adopts big power mixing motor, so it has large displacement, and the big torque steel ball motor feed material forcibly. When the material is poor or heightening the hopper, it can also mix normally and not be stuck.

Concrete pumping system has the function of pushing and sucking. It is driven by diesel motor or electric motor. When the motor starts to work, the pump will generate hydraulic power. The hydraulic power ensures the reciprocal motion of cylinder, which enables the piston to suck and pump concrete.

Maintenance of Concrete Pump

In order to guarantee the smooth running of the pump, it is necessary to maintain the pump regularly.

Daily maintenance

1. The clients should check the hydraulic cylinder to guarantee the proper quality and level of the hydraulic oil. In addition, if the oil is dirty, the users should clean out the dirty oil and add the new oil into the cylinder.

2.Before operating, the clients should check whether the distributing valve works. It is very important to guarantee that that the valve can reverse normally.

3. The users should guarantee that there is no leakage for the hydraulic system.

Maintenance of diesel engine

1. The users should change diesel for the machine timely. Even if the concrete pump portable doesn’t work frequently, the users should change the diesel for one year. What the most important is that the users should turn off the motor to ensure safe operation.

2. In winter, the operators had better add the frozen proof oil. If the temperature reaches 20 below zero, they can add kerosene to the diesel. Because the kerosene will decrease the flow resistance of diesel.

Working Video

Aimix Group – Reliable Mini Concrete Pump Manufacturer and Supplier

Aimix, a leading enterprise, has developed for over 30 years. Meanwhile, It has a large-scale factory covering an area of 120 thousand square maters, and there are over 1000 workers in the factory. If you purchase the mini concrete pump for sale from Aimix, and you will enjoy the good quality of the productions and perfect service.

Strong technology: all of the customers would like to purchase a mixer pump concrete with high efficiency, good quality, high performance and long service-life. The strong technology ensures all of the characteristics of the productions. In order to satisfy the requirements of users, our company updates the productions rapidly. There is no doubt that the customers will get the best concrete pump in Aimix.

Large-scale factory: why should the customers consider the scale of the factory The large-scale factory usually has many workers to manufacture the production, so that the customers will receive the cement mixer with pump in short time. Aimix is a large-scale factory, which ensures short delivery time.

Perfect after-sales service: the perfect after-sales service contributes to less trouble and high efficiency. After the customers receive the mini concrete mixer with pump, then we will teach the users to install and operate by telephone or video chat.

Team of Aimix Group
Team of Aimix Group
working in the office
working in the office

Apart from the mini concrete pump and concrete mixer with pump, Aimix also offers concrete trailer pumps, cement mortar pump for the clients. If you would like to purchase the pump, you can contact us at any time.

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