Mini and Small Asphalt Mixing Plant

Mini and small asphalt plant is becoming more and more popular in the market because there is a large demand of road construction in rural and urban areas at home and abroad. For the small road construction projects, the small asphalt plant is the ideal equipment for choosing. It is convenient for users to operate and maintain due to its small size, small volume and small occupation. When changing construction sites, it is dragged by trailers, Therefore, it is also named after small portable asphalt plants. In general, the capacity of asphalt plant under 80 t/h is regarded as mini asphalt plant. Now our small portable asphalt plants for sale has been successfully run at abroad, such as Brazil, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Indonesia etc. Here are some pictures of asphalt plant working status. You can check the asphalt plants on construction sites if necessary.
60t asphalt plants in Brazil

mini 80t asphalt plants at abroad

The 60 t asphalt drum mix plant was exported to Brazil last year. Besides, we have batch types of asphalt plants in Brazil, too. The capacity is about 60t and 80t. From pictures, you can distinguish one from other through mixing tower. There is no mixing tower in drum type asphalt plant. In addition, this year, we have exported to our small asphalt mixing plant(batch type) to Russia and Kazakhstan.

DHB40 mini aspahlt drum plant
DHB40 mini aspahlt drum plant

DHB60 mini asphalt drum plant
DHB60 mini asphalt drum plant

80t/h small aspahlt plant
80t/h small aspahlt plant

Drum Type and Batch Type of Mini and Small Asphalt Mixing Plant

In terms of operation modes, there are two kinds of asphalt mixing plants for sale now: drum type and batch type. For drum type mini asphalt plant, it has simple working processes, which will dry and mix the asphalt mixture in the same device – dryer drum. While, for batch type, there is an individual forced mixer for mixing asphalt mixture to ensure its uniformity. Here are two pictures to compare them, you can have a better understanding of them.

drum type and batch type of mini asphalt plant

Characteristics of Mini Asphalt Plants for Sale

1. It has modular design and compact structure, which can save a lot of occupied areas.

2. With small size, small volume and light weight, it is easier to assemble and dis-assembly.

3. Dryer drum is made us of high strength steel materials which prolong its service life. Besides, the use of steel material can better for thermal insulation. The mixing blades insides can help for heat exchange. The shape and arrangement of the feeding plate adopts our unique technology-three-phase heating mode.

4. Primary screening device in the batching machine can vibrate itself, which can eliminate oversize aggregate and reduce damage to equipment. More importantly, this device can improve heat exchange efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

dryrer drum
dryrer drum
vibrating device
vibrating device
electric controlling
electric controlling

5. Humanized structure. Open maintenance design for daily maintenance and maintenance can help safety. In addition, the vibrating screen adopts the patented screen mesh tension device, which automatically tightens with longer service life.

6. Aimix have developed independent control system. The industrial computers and proprietary operating systems ensure stability and reliability in harsh field conditions. Equipped with large LCD screen to ensure clear screen, which will not be tires after long – term operation.

7. We have adopted famous components from home and abroad, which can ensure running reliably and safely.




Model Productivity (t/h) Total power (kw) Weighing Accuracy Fuel Consumption(kg/t)
Aggregate Bitumen Coal Oil
DHB20 20 26 ± 1.5% ± 1% 10 5.5-7
DHB40 40 58 ± 1.5% ± 1% 10–13 5.5-7
DHB60 60 99 ± 1.5% ± 1% 10–13 5.5-7
DHB80 80 196 ± 1.5% ± 1% 10–13 5.5-7
Model QLBY-15 QLBY-20 QLBY-30 QLBY-40 QLBY-60 QLBY-80
Capacity 15t/h 20t/h 30t/h 40t/h 60t/h 80t/h
Total Power Fuel Oil 54kw 63.5kw 104.5kw 125kw 157.5kw 200kw
Fuel Coal 75kw 86.5kw 127.5kw 169kw 205kw 276kw
Aggregate Batcher 2.3m³*3 2.3m³*3 2.3m³*3 2.3m³*3 2.3m³*3 2.3m³*3
Finished Asphalt 5t 5t 9t 9t 9t 20t
Asphalt Temperature 120-180℃(adjustable)
Fuel Consumption Fuel Oil:5-7.5kg/t;Fuel Coal:13-15kg/t
Optional Components Water dust collector, Baghouse dust collector, control room, Bitumen heatintg tank

How to Operate the Mini Asphalt Mixing Plant

Mini Asphalt Drum Mix Plant:

First, after weighed through batching machine, the cold aggregate will be transported to the dryer drum for removing moisture. When the dryer drum rolls for heating, the weighed asphalt and mineral filler are transported to the periphery of inner drum. After that, the hot aggregate will be flow into the inner drum periphery to ensure mix evenly. When rotating, the outer drum keep stationary, the inner drum keep rolling. Repeatedly, the asphalt mixture can be made continuously. Last, the finished products are poured from dryer drum and delivered to construction sites.

Mini Asphalt Drum Mix Plant
Mini Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Mini Asphalt Batch Mix Plant:

First, after screening on the batching machine, the cold aggregate will be loaded into dryer drum. After drying, the hot aggregate will be transported to vibrating screen through hot aggregate lifting system. Then, the different particle sizes of the aggregate will be poured into different aggregate bins. After weighing, it will be poured into mixer. So as the asphalt and miner filer. After mixing evenly in the mixer, the finished asphalt mixture will be discharged. In general, the asphalt mixture will be transported to construction sites through trucks. To be attention, the drying and mixing processes are carried out in two different devices.

Mini Asphalt Batch Mix Plant
Mini Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

About Aimix Group

Aimix Group has been a well-known and professional asphalt mixing plant manufacturer and supplier in China. With more than 30 years’ manufacturing experience, we are bound to offer you best equipment. Our manufacturing factory has occupied large areas. Besides, we have employed engineers, technicians, sales, office workers, factory workers, after-sale teams to totally support the quality of service. If you have any interest in our equipment, warmly welcome to visit.

Asphalt Plant Factory
Asphalt Plant Factory
manufacturing asphalt plant in factory
manufacturing asphalt plant in factory

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