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Marble Crusher Machine

The marble crusher machine is specialized equipment designed to break large chunks of marble into smaller pieces of uniform size. The crushing machines utilize powerful mechanical force to crush the marble, rendering it suitable for various applications such as construction, decoration, and manufacturing.

marble crusher machine

Marble, with its exquisite beauty and durability, has been a prized material in various industries for centuries. Thus, many investors focused on the extraction and processing of marble for business. Several months ago, one unit of the AIMIX marble crushing plant was installed on-site. Let’s learn the configuration and application of the marble crusher machine below.

marble raw materials
marble mining

Installation of The 200TPH Marble Crushing Plant On-site in Russia

  • Capacity: 200 TPH
  • Type: Wheeled type
  • Raw Materials: Marble
  • Application Field: Road construction
  • Configuration: Vibration feeder, jaw crusher, vibrating screen, etc.

200TPH Marble Crushing Plant for Road Construction

  • Customer reviews: “I am very satisfied with the AIMIX mobile crushing marble plant I purchased. The particle size of the crushed marble (0-5, 5-10, 10-20mm) by the mobile jaw crusher is within a reasonable range and is very suitable for use in road construction. Additionally, I am grateful to the AIMIX engineers for their on-site installation and guidance, which ensured the machine was quickly operational and running smoothly.”

particle sizes of the crushed marble
the finished marble

Why Client Use Marble Jaw Crusher Mobile for Road Construction?

1. Flexibility and Mobility

The mobile jaw crushing plant is equipped with a tire chassis. It can be quickly deployed and moved to different sites. For road construction projects, the mobile plant crushing a marble can be deployed directly near the quarry or road construction site, reducing material transportation costs and time.

2. High-quality Finished Aggregate Production

Equipped with the European version of the jaw crusher, it has high crushing capabilities. It yields crushed materials that meet the particle size and gradation requirements for road construction. By controlling the discharge size of the stone crusher and configuring suitable screening meshes, ensures the production of crushed marble materials that adhere to the specifications for road construction. The crushed marble exhibits excellent solidity and stability, thereby enhancing the strength and durability of the road.

APY Series Wheeled Type Mobile Jaw Crusher for Marble Crushing

In addition to the above field of road construction, marble crushing plays an important role in several other application areas. Let’s check how the marble crushers are applied in different fields.

Varied Applications of Marble Crushers

Marble crushers are utilized in various applications due to the versatility and unique characteristics of marble. Some of the varied applications of marble crushers are as follows:

crushed marble for Construction Aggregates

Construction Aggregates

Crushed marble is commonly used as construction aggregates. It can be used as a base material for roads, sidewalks, and foundations. The marble provides stability, durability, and aesthetic appeal to construction projects.

marble crushing for Indoor Decoration

Indoor and Outdoor Decoration

It is utilized in interior design applications such as flooring, wall tiles, countertops, and vanity tops. It adds a luxurious and visually appealing element to residential and commercial spaces.

Used for Landscaping and Gardens

Landscaping and Gardens

Crushed marble can be used in landscaping projects to create paths, walkways, and garden features. It adds a decorative touch to outdoor spaces and enhances the overall aesthetics of gardens and parks.

marble for Sculpture

Art and Sculpture

Marble has been used for centuries in the creation of sculptures and art pieces. Marble crusher for sale helps break down marble blocks into smaller pieces, which can then be used by artists and sculptors to create intricate and beautiful sculptures.

marble production into calcium carbonate

Production of Calcium Carbonate

Marble crushers are utilized in the production of calcium carbonate, which has various industrial applications. Calcium carbonate derived from crushed marble is used in industries such as paper, plastics, paints, and coatings.

Different Types of Marble Crusher Configurations for Diverse Applications

In the above part, we have learned about the extensive applications of marble crushers across various fields. What types of marble crusher equipment combinations are typically configured to form a crushing line for these different application fields? Check the suggested configurations below.

Use for Construction Aggregates – Jaw Crusher + Cone Crusher

In the field of construction materials, it is common to use a combination of jaw crushers and cone crushers. Jaw crushers are employed for primary crushing and cone crushers are used to further refine these particles. The cone crushers can produce uniform, regular particle shapes, which is crucial for construction aggregates. Construction aggregate needs to be of consistent shape and size to ensure the strength and durability of the concrete or asphalt concrete.

Marble jaw crusher and cone crusher for Construction Aggregates
Jaw Crusher and Cone Crusher for Construction Aggregates

For Decorative Materials – Jaw Crusher + Impact Crusher

Jaw crushers are responsible for primary crushing. The secondary crushing adopts the impact crusher. Because it can produce well-shaped and high-quality finished product particles, which is crucial for decorative materials such as carved and relief designs. They ensure that the particles have smooth surfaces and precise shapes, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the final products.

Marble Jaw Crusher and Impact Crusher For Decorative Materials
Jaw Crusher and Impact Crusher For Decorative Materials

Applied for Sculpture Art – Jaw Crusher + Hammer Crusher

The combination of jaw crushers and hammer crushers is typically used in the field of sculpture art. The hammer crusher can further crush the marble particles crushed by the jaw crusher into a finer powder. The softness and ease of workability of the fine powder make it easier for artists to carve intricate details and textures.

If you want to apply it for other different fields, welcome to consult AIMIX engineers to customize the marble crushing process line.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Marble Crusher Machine

Selecting the right marble crushing equipment is crucial for optimal performance and efficiency. Here are some important factors you need to pay attention to.

mobile crushing machine production on-site

Crushing Capacity

Determine the required crushing capacity based on the production needs and volume of marble material to be processed. Choose a marble crusher machine with sufficient capacity to handle the expected workload efficiently.

Particle Size Requirements

Consider the desired particle size distribution of the crushed marble material. Different applications may require specific particle sizes, so choose a marble crusher machine that can produce the desired output size range.

Customized Crusher Combinations

Assess the different kinds of crushers’ features and characteristics available, such as jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, or hammer crushers. Each one has its advantages and suitability for specific applications. Choose the suitable crushers and form into a crushing plant that aligns with your requirements and preferences.


Evaluate the whole project, particularly if it needs to be transported between different work sites. If it is needed, mobile stone crushers are the best choice. Then, consider whether the crusher machine is tracked or wheel-mounted.

Maintenance and Operating Costs

Estimate the maintenance requirements and operating costs associated with the marble crushing machine. Opt for a machine that is easy to maintain and operate, with lower maintenance costs and downtime to ensure smooth operation and reduced overall expenses.

Supplier Reputation and Support

Consider the reputation and reliability of the crusher machine supplier. Choose a reputable marble crusher supplier known for providing quality equipment, after-sales support, and spare parts.

By carefully considering the above factors, you can select the most suitable marble crusher machine to meet your specific needs and achieve optimal performance in marble crushing operations. If you need further help on the marble crushers selection, welcome to contact us for suggestions. Write down your requirements in the following forms. Then we will reply to you as soon as possible!

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