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Limestone Crushers

Limestone crushers are these equipment to break the raw materials – limestone from large blocks into desired particle sizes. The limestone crushing equipment play a key role in construction, mining, metallurgy and other industrial sectors.

Jaw Limestone Equipment + Cone Limestone Crusher Machine for Limestone Processing in AIMIX

Therefore, many clients have invested in the crushers to crush the limestone to give full play to its industrial use and commercial value. While the most important thing is to select the suitable crushers according to limestone materials. Therefore, it is necessary for you to know some details about the limestone materials itself first.

Characteristics of Limestone Affecting The Selection of Crusher

Limestone is a common sedimentary rock primarily composed of calcium carbonate. It is widely distributed around the world. Its diverse applications range from building materials to metallurgical ore refining, making it an indispensable and important mineral.

Varieties of Limestone Materials

Its physical properties have a direct and important impact on the selection of limestone crusher for sale. The following are guidance on crusher choices.

Hardness and Wear Resistance:

Limestone has a relatively low hardness, typically ranging between 3 and 4 on the Mohs hardness scale. The harder limestone may require more powerful crushers, such as jaw crushers, to handle higher compressive strength. However, for limestone with lower hardness but good wear resistance, impact crushers may be more suitable.

Particle Size and Distribution:

The particle size and distribution of limestone influence the selection of different types of crushers. Coarse-grained limestone is suitable for jaw crushers, while powdery or fine-grained limestone may be more suitable for impact crushers.

Porosity and Density:

The porosity and density of limestone affect its flowability and processing capacity in crushers. Limestone with high porosity may be more prone to compressive crushing and is suitable for use with compression crushers. Dense limestone, such as high-density sulfurized limestone, may require more powerful equipment, such as hammer crushers.

Limestone Jaw Crushers
Limestone Cone Crushers
Limestone Impact Crusher

In general, the choice of a crusher should consider the factors mentioned above to guarantee optimal crushing outcomes and production efficiency. Consequently, practical applications may require employing various mobile limestone crusher types, limestone grinding machine for fine particle size or a combination of multiple stone crushers, contingent on the specific circumstances. So, let’s explore a few combinations of different crushers that are often used by customers.

Multiple Limestone Crushers Combined for Better Fine Particle Size

As we all know, it is not practical to pass large limestone through the crusher to reach the required particle size at one time. Thus, it needs the secondary crushing stages. Here are two kinds of limestone processing equipment combinations for reference. And I also would show you the customized crushing solutions designed by AIMIX engineers for clients.

Limestone Crushers AIMIX

Jaw Limestone Equipment + Cone Limestone Crusher Machine

Working Principles:

  • Jaw crusher: As the initial crushing equipment, the jaw crusher is suitable for the primary crushing stage. The advantage of the jaw crusher is its strong compression resistance, which is suitable for medium hardness limestone.
    Jaw Limestone Crushing Machine

  • Cone crusher: As a further crushing step, cone crushers are often used in the mid-stage crushing stage. It produces more uniform finished particles and helps adjust particle shape. This is important for applications that require finer particles or have special requirements on particle shape.
    Cone Limestone Crushers

Combination Based on the Following Considerations:

  • Adaptability: The structures and principles of jaw crushers and cone crushers are complementary and can adapt to limestone of different particle sizes and hardness.
  • Efficiency: Jaw crushers are able to efficiently break large pieces of limestone into preliminary particles, while cone crushers further improve crushing efficiency and particle uniformity.
  • Finished product control: Cone crushers help control the shape and size of finished particles to ensure specific production and application requirements are met.

Applicable scene:

It is suitable for production scenarios that require precise control of particle size and shape, such as high-quality concrete, railway ballast track slabs, road infrastructure, etc.

One of the clients have requested a solution for processing limestone materials. Check the case details below.

500tph Limestone Crushing Plant Solution Designed for Clients

  • Processing material: limestome
  • Capacity: 500 tph
  • Output size: 5-10mm; 10-15mm; 15-25mm
  • Main equipment: Vibrating feeder+ Jaw Crusher + Cone Crusher + Vibrate Screen
  • Customer reviews: This project took a total of 6 months to be completed and put into production. AIMIX provided us with a full set of services. After being put into production, the operation was stable and the output met expectations. We are quite satisfied.

Aimix 500tph Limestone Crusher Plant On-site
500tph Limestone Crusher Machine for Aggregate Production

Limestone Crushers Working At The Construction Sites
500tph Limestone Crushing Line For Aggregate Production
500tph Limestone Crusher Plant

Jaw Limestone Equipment + Impact Crusher

Jaw Limestone Equipment + Impact Crusher for Limestone Crushing

Combination Advantages:

The limestone mining equipment combination takes advantage of the jaw crushers and impact crushers to achieve a multi-stage crushing process, helping to improve production efficiency and product quality.

The jaw crusher is responsible for primary crushing, quickly processing large raw limestone blocks into smaller particles.

The impact crusher further acts on the primary crushed particles to produce polygonal shapes to meet production needs with specific shape requirements.


Suitable for construction, concrete production and other fields that require polygonal shaped particles.

Customized 300-350 TPH Limestone Crusher Cement Plant

The project necessitates a throughput capacity ranging from 300 to 350 tons per hour, along with the capability to cater to diverse aggregate particle sizes, encompassing 0-5mm, 5-10mm, and 10-30mm. These aggregates would be used as the raw materials for clients’ commercial concrete batching plants and cement plants.

300-350 TPH Limestone Crushing Plant Working

Limestone Processing Line Solution Configuration

  • Vibrating Feeder (APG-6015W)
  • Jaw Crusher (APJ-110V)
  • Impact Crusher (APF-1620H)
  • Vibrating Screen (APS-3072Y3)

APG-6015W (vibrating feeder)
APG-6015W Vibrating Feeder
APJ-110V (jaw limestone crusher)
APJ-110V Jaw Crusher
APF-1620H (impact limestone crusher)
APF-1620H Impact Crusher
APS-3072Y3 (vibrating screen)
APS-3072Y3 Vibrating Screen

Why Choose The Jaw Crusher (APJ-110V)+ Impact Crusher (APF-1620H) in The Limestone Crushing Process?

  • Jaw Crusher (APJ-110V): Serving as the primary crushing equipment, the jaw crusher boasts a high crushing ratio, consistent finished product size, reliable equipment performance, and a low failure rate. To fulfill the primary crushing requirements, we’ve set a 100mm gap for the grizzly bars, directing the remaining material beneath them for subsequent secondary crushing.
  • Impact Crusher (APF-1620H): This equipment is adept at processing materials with medium to lower hardness levels. We carefully selected a suitable model by considering the discharge curve of the jaw crusher and the necessary capacity, ensuring it can effectively address the crushing demands for various material specifications.

Main differences Between the Jaw + Cone Crusher and Jaw + Impact Crusher Combinations

  • Shape Adjustment:

    Jaw crusher + cone crusher combination focuses primarily on shape and size adjustment, providing multi-stage refinement. While, the jaw crusher + impact crusher combination emphasizes the dual functions of primary crushing and shape adjustment.

  • Applicable Situations:

    For the secondary stages, cone crushers are suitable for scenarios that have strict requirements on particle shape and size, while impact crushers are more suitable for situations where polygonal particles need to be produced.

Outstanding Uses of Crushed Limestone in the Construction Field

As the above customized solutions show, the processed limestone materials mainly are used for construction sectors. And many clients also have invested the limestone production lines for construction industry. Here are its wide applications:

Concrete Preparation

It is one of the main components of concrete. A concrete mixture is formed by mixing limestone gravel, cement, sand and water. Its advantages include high strength and durability, making it an important support material for building structures.

Limestone for Concrete Preparation
Used in Concrete Mixture
Limestone for Mortar Preparation
For Mortar Preparation

Mortar Preparation

Used in the preparation of mortar, mixed with cement and sand to form the building material used for laying and pasting bricks. Mortar plays the role of filling, reinforcing and bonding in construction.

Subgrade and Paving Materials

Commonly used in road construction as the base material for subgrade and paving. Its sturdy nature and compressive strength make it ideal for road foundations.

Used for Building Decoration Materials
for Building Decoration Materials
Used for Road Paving
for Road Paving

Building decoration materials

It can obtain different textures and colors through different processing methods, so it is also widely used in building decoration. It can be used as wall decoration, floor material or other architectural appearance decoration.

Slope protection and flood control projects

The materials plays a key role in slope protection and flood control projects. By laying limestone gravel along river banks, levees, or other erosion-prone areas, you can effectively slow down water erosion and protect land and buildings.

All in all, its strong and durable properties make it an indispensable and important material in construction projects. Besides, with the rapid development of infrastructure, it is the best opportunity to invest the limestone crushers for sale. In addition, the limestone crusher machine price all over the world is competitive now. Never miss the best invest time.

If you want to get a customized solution for the limestone production process, welcome to contact us without doubts. AIMIX engineers would design the layout and sales would send you the latest limestone crusher price to you quickly!

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