Inspection Before Delivery for Self Load Concrete Mixer

In every self load concrete mixer transaction, AIMIX will have a pre-delivery inspection process. This process is a critical step in ensuring the quality of our products and customer satisfaction. In recent years, our self loaded mixers have been particularly popular in various countries. In addition to our excellent product quality, our strict inspection services are also the magic weapon that helps us remain invincible. The following summarizes the inspection workflow of our 3.5m3 self-loaded concrete mixer before shipping to Malaysia.
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Inspection Processes

  • Check the Outer Packaging: First, check the outer packaging of the self loading concrete mixer, including appearance, integrity and logo, etc. Ensure that the outer packaging of the product is not damaged or contaminated, and that the labeling is clear and accurate.
  • Check Product Quantity: Based on the order and shipping list, check whether the product quantity is consistent with the order. Make sure the product quantity is accurate to avoid missing or multiple hairs.
  • Check Product Quality: Conduct a comprehensive inspection of product quality, including appearance, function, materials, workmanship, etc. According to the characteristics of the product and customer requirements, specific inspection standards and inspection items are determined and inspected item by item. We will go through the entire production process of self-load mixers, including loading, weighing, water filling, mixing, walking, and unloading processes. Only by making sure that all steps are OK can you be sure that the product quality is correct.
  • Record Inspection Results: Record the problems and anomalies found during the inspection, including problem description, quantity, location, impact and other information. Ensure the accuracy and traceability of inspection results and provide a basis for subsequent processing.
  • Determine Treatment Measures: Based on the inspection results, determine corresponding treatment measures, including repair, replacement, re-production, etc. Solve discovered problems and ensure product quality meets customer requirements.
  • Improve the Inspection Process: Based on the experience and lessons learned during the inspection process, we will continue to improve the inspection process and standards to improve inspection efficiency and accuracy. Establish a complete supply chain management system to ensure the continuous improvement of concrete self loading mixer quality and customer satisfaction.

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Importance of Inspecting Self Loaded Concrete Mixer Before Shipment

  • Ensure Product Quality: Pre-shipment inspection is a critical step to check whether the product meets quality standards and specifications. By checking the appearance, function, materials and workmanship of the product, any possible quality problems can be discovered in time to ensure that the product quality meets customer expectations.
  • Avoid Delivery Delays: Inspecting the concrete mixer self loading before shipment helps to detect potential problems and defects in time and avoid delivery delays caused by substandard product quality. By promptly addressing discovered issues, the risk of delivery delays can be reduced and the supply chain can be kept running smoothly.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: Inspecting goods before shipment can ensure that high-quality products are provided to customers, improving customer satisfaction and trust. Timely detection and resolution of problems can prevent customers from receiving defective or quality-problem products, thereby enhancing customer trust and loyalty to the brand.
  • Reduce After-sales Costs: Inspecting machines before shipment helps reduce product returns and after-sales service costs. By checking product quality before shipment, returns and customer complaints caused by product quality issues can be avoided, thereby reducing after-sales processing costs and time.
  • Protect AIMIX Reputation: Pre-shipment inspection helps protect aimix group reputation and image. Providing high-quality products can establish a good image of the brand, win the trust and reputation of customers, and contribute to the long-term development of the brand and the improvement of market competitiveness.

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Over the years, AIMIX has attached great importance to pre-delivery inspection and established complete inspection processes and standards to ensure the improvement of self loading cement mixers quality and customer satisfaction. As a result, our self-load concrete mixers sales are increasing day by day. Below, we also show you some cases. If you also have needs, please feel free to consult us.

Cases of Aimix Self Loaded Mixers

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