Hydraulic Concrete Pump

The hydraulic concrete pump is the professional equipment which can transport the concrete through the pipe continuously. The machine transports the concrete by generating the great hydraulic power, and it has the advantages of large displacement, high pressure, cost and material saving. It is ideal concrete transporting equipment for many construction projects: reservoir, high building, hydropower station, port and so forth.

Aimix Hydraulic Concrete Pump
Aimix Hydraulic Concrete Pump

Aimix hydraulic concrete pump has been exported to Russia, Uganda, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, Kenya etc. Let’s go through how good the Aimix hydraulic trailer concrete pump is together.

To Vietnam
Hydraulic Pump To Vietnam
To Kenya
Hydraulic Concrete Pump To Kenya
To Russia
Concrete Pump Hydraulic To Russia

Features of Hydraulic Concrete Pump

1. Reasonable design. The match of dynamical system, hydraulic system and pumping system enables the motor to deliver the maximum power.

2. High-efficiency material suction system. When the concrete pumping machine starts to work, the machine can pump effectively. The actual working efficiency of the machine is more than 80% of the theoretical efficiency.

3. Optimal configuration. The concrete mixer truck hydraulic pump adopts the original imported hydraulic components and electrical elements. So that the equipment has reliable performance.

4. Unique buffering technique. The distribution circuit adopts the special buffering technique, which guarantees that S-valve wings to the right position. The elaborated design prolongs the working life of S-valve.

s valve
s valve
lubrication system
lubrication system

5. Good lubrication and energy saving. The lubrication system adopts the automatic centralized oil-supply system, and it has the features of sufficient oil-supply and good lubrication. Moreover, the system has the prominent advantage of energy saving. Compared with the continuous oiling, the oil consumption will decrease to 50%.

6. Wearable resistant. The concrete mixer hydraulic pump adopts the new type of wearable materials and advanced weld technique. So that the components used frequently will have long service life.

hydraulic concrete pump
hydraulic concrete pump

hydraulic concrete mixer pump
hydraulic concrete mixer pump

The Suggestions for Operators

1. When operating the hydraulic type of concrete pump, please don’t adjust the safety valve. The pressure generated from the safety valve should follow up with the request of the instruction book.

2. In winter, the operators had better take the frostproof measure, which will ensure the long service life of the hydraulic concrete pump.

3. In summer, the operators should pay attention to the oil temperature. Besides, If the oil temperature reaches 70 degree, please turn off the equipment.

4. After completing the task, please clean the hopper, S-valve, concrete cylinder and transportation pipe clearly. After cleaning the pump, the operator should release the pressure of the energy accumulator before cutting off the electricity.

5. In order to prolong the service life of the hydraulic concrete pumps and ensure safe operation, it is advisable to maintain it regularly. For example, the operator can check whether the bolt is loose once time a week.

How to Select A Good Hydraulic pump

Generally speaking, there are several important technique parameters for the pump, mainly including maximum theoretical conveying capability, the pressure of outlet, the motor power and the type of distributing valve. Aimix offer several concrete pump models, so that clients can select the most suitable pump according to the actual need. Moreover, the clients can adjust the conveying amount manually. Most of the portable concrete pumps supplied by Aimix adopt S valve, and the S valve has prominent advantages. Compared with other distributing valve, the pump with S valve will lose less pressure.

All of the good concrete pumps have significant feature that the pump is suitable for the project. Before selecting the pump, it is necessary for the clients to do research about the project. For instance, the clients should realize how much the conveying capability will satisfy the requirement of the project. What types and models of hydraulic pump for concrete are beneficial to improve working efficiency and lower the cost of project. Realizing the situation of construction project, the clients will get the professional guide from the salesperson.

For the clients, it will be of great use to purchase high-performance equipment. Compared with the equipment with poor quality and performance, perhaps the good on has the higher mobile concrete pump price. So that many clients hesitate to select the choose the equipment with high performance. However, if you select the hydraulic pump for concrete mixer, you will never worry the quality and the price.

About Aimix

Aimix is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of concrete pumps, and all of the machines have good quality and reasonable concrete pump price. Additionally, the machines have been exported to many countries and states, and Aimix is gradually becoming a famous enterprise in China. As long as you are interested in the equipment, please feel free to leave your message or contact us.

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