Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

Hot mix asphalt plant is an key asphalt mixture production machine for road construction. Compared with cold mix asphalt plant, the hot mix asphalt will be made under high temperature generally. The batch mix method can ensure asphalt mixture with high quality and better uniformity. The capacities of asphalt hot mix plant can rang from 40 t/h to 320 t/h. The wider capacity range can offer more choices for you. You can select mobile hot mix asphalt plant and hot mix asphalt drum plant for your road construction. In Aimix Group, we can customize asphalt plant for our customers according to their special construction needs. For asphalt plant, we have manufactured more than 30 years which has owned mature experience. Up to now, our hot mix plant for sale has been exported to more than 20 countries all over the world.

80t/h hot mix asphalt plant
80t/h hot mix asphalt plant

100t/h asphalt hot mix plant
100t/h asphalt hot mix plant


120t/h hot mix plant
120t/h hot mix plant

160t/h hot asphalt plant for sale
160t/h hot asphalt plant

Exporting Aimix Hot Mix Bitumen Plant To The World

Aimix Hot Mix Plant In The World

Here are list of our asphalt plants exported to overseas:

In 2013, three sets of mobile asphalt hot mix plant were delivered to Burma;

In 2014, we exported five sets of hot mobile asphalt mix plants to Algeria, Brazil, Sri Lanka and Australia;

In 2016, our four sets of asphalt hot mix plants were successfully exported to Botswana, Algeria and Pakistan ;

In 2017, we exported three sets of our asphalt hot mix plant to Ukraine, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan;

In 2018, up to now, two sets of mobile asphalt hot mix plant was exported to New Zealand and one set of asphalt plant has been transported to Russia. Moeever, one set of plant is ready to Philippines. You can check the elaborate information about it in the following paragraph.

Aimix Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Have Been Exported to Russia

In Feb, 2018, our hot mix plant have been ready to Russia. The customer chose 80 t/h medium hot asphalt mixing plant, which is more suitable for medium rural and urban road construction. After one month of delivering, we arranged our engineer to help install asphalt plant in Russia. One month later, our asphalt plant has erected on the local areas. Our engineer has tested and debugged the working of asphalt plant. Finally, the asphalt plant could run normally. This asphalt plant has gain high praise from local customers due to its beautiful appearance, unique hot mix asphalt plant design and high performance. We hope that our asphalt plant can bring great benefits to our customers. Here are some pictures of asphalt plant in Russia when installed.

Hot asphalt plant in Russia
Hot asphalt plant in Russia

Hot Mix Plant Process

Working of an asphalt batch plant will include heating and weighing of aggregates, heating and weighing of asphalt, weighing of filler material and in the end mixing aggregates, asphalt and filler material to produce hot mix asphalt. The percentage of each item can vary depending on the mix material recipe set in the control panel. The size and percentage of the aggregates will also vary depending on the recipe selected.

Here are several processes of hot mix asphalt plant for sale:

1. Cold aggregate have to be stored in different hopper as per their sizes. There are individual cold bin gate to control the flow of aggregates.

2. The cold aggregate will be transferred to the dry drum via belt conveyor.

3. The burner will offer heat for the dryer drum, and the dryer drum will dry and heat the clod aggregate. It can remove the moisture from cold aggregate.

4. The asphalt hot mix plant for sale has equipped with dust collector. It will collect the dust from the dryer drum and hot aggregate elevator.

5. Bucket elevator transfers the heated aggregates to the top of the tower unit. On top of the tower unit is the vibrating screen.

6. The vibrating screen is multiple layered. When aggregates pass they get treated to screening effect. They get separated based on their sizes.

7. There are separate hot bins for storing hot aggregate. This is a temporary storage before the aggregates are weighed.

8. After weighing, the aggregates will be poured into the asphalt mixer. Meanwhile, the asphalt and filler material will be delivered to mixer and blend together.

9. Asphalt tanks store the bitumen. Asphalt tanks also heat the asphalt to keep it in liquid state for free flowing. Pumping station of asphalt pumps it to the weighing bucket. This bucket weighs it before addition into the mixer. Same principal is applied for the filler material also. Filler is in separate container and pumped to its weighing bucket before addition into the asphalt mixer.

10. After mixing, the material is discharged into trucks or storage silos.

11. Control panel controls all the operations of the plant.

Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Flow Diagram

After specific introduction of hot mix asphalt plant process, you can be familiar with how the asphalt plant work. In order to help you have a better understanding of asphalt plant working, there is an asphalt plant flow diagram. You can clearly know the hot mix plant working:

Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Flow Diagram
Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Flow Diagram

About Aimix Hot Mix Plant Manufacturer

Aimix, as one of well-known asphalt hot mix plant manufacturers in China, has served customers from more than 20 countries. Aimix hot mix plant supplier promises to offer the top quality hot mix asphalt plant for sale. Besides, the asphalt plant price is attractive, competitive and affordable. You can choose your ideal equipment from us, welcome to contact us for more asphalt plant details.

In addition, the mobile asphalt plant, drum mix plant, portable asphalt plant and mini asphalt plant can be your reference.

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