Hollow Block Making Machine

Hollow block making machine is used to produce all kinds of hollow bricks. With the development of construction industry, the hollow bricks have become main wall material and road material in recent years due to its advantages of light weight and lower raw material consumption. It is also the recommended product for the government construction industry. Same as other bricks, there are many kinds of the raw materials, including: compressed fly ash, river sand, sea sand, mountain sand, coal powder, slag, coal powder, coal gangue, tail slag, chemical slag etc.

Hollow Block Making Machine for sale
Hollow Block Making Machine for sale

Nowadays, hollow block machine is also becoming more and more popular all over the world. Not only for hollow block machine price not high, but also for large demands of hollow block production and considerable profits. In Aimix Group, we have researched and developed new type of hollow block machine for sale, which has been well-received by our customers at home and abroad. More importantly, we have exported our machines to more than 20 countries. Let us check our recent successful case of hollow bricks machine to Philippines.

Aimix Automatic Hollow Block Making Machine to Philippines

We are so proud of our fully automatic hollow block making machine exported to Philippines. It is our first set of automatic hollow block making machine to this country. As we all know, Philippines is developing its economy now. Therefore, there is a large quantity of construction machines needed for construction industry. Earlier, we have been exported many kinds of machines, such as concrete plant, concrete pump, concrete truck and asphalt plant. But no hollow brick making machine. Our customer wanna explore new area and he decided to purchase our machine for making hollow blocks, which would help him earn more money.

hollow block machine in factory
hollow block machine in factory
ready to deliver our machine to Philippines
ready to deliver our machine to Philippines

Gladly, customer from Philippines have come to China for visiting real hollow brick manufacturing machine. After he checked in factory, he thought that it was deserved to invested into. After several days’ manufacturing, we have finished and began to deliver the excellent machine to our customer. Here are several picture taken when transporting.



ABM-4S hollow brick making machine
ABM-4S hollow brick making machine
Brick Size(L*W*H) Pcs/Mould Cycle Molding Pcs/Hr
paving blocks 200*100*60 16 18-23s 2504-3200
interlocking bricks 200*160*60 10 18-23s 1565-2000
solid blocks 240*115*53 28 15-17s 5930-6720
hollow bricks 390*190*190 4 15-20s 720-960

ABM-6S hollow brick machine
ABM-6S hollow brick machine
Brick Size(L*W*H) Pcs/Mould Cycle Molding Pcs/Hr
paving blocks 200*100*60 21 18-23s 3287-4200
interlocking bricks 200*160*60 12 18-23s 1878-2400
solid blocks 240*115*53 32 15-17s 6500-7800
hollow bricks 390*190*190 6 20-25s 864-1080

Parts of Hollow Block Making Machine for Sale

1. Guide Pillar

The guide pillar of this hollow cement block making machine applies the ultrastrong special steel. By virtue of the chromate plated treatment, it perfectly resists torsion and abrasion. In addition, the guide pillars with the ultra-long guide bearing make the pressure head and mould move accurately. This moving system adopts the special device, which is good for lubrication and can avoiding abrasion.

2. Material System

The lifting of the material machine is controlled by the hydraulic system. That its hopper is connected to the lift by the rubber spring, can offer favourable damping effect while preventing the vibration compaction of the remained materials. In this system, the hopper is equipped with a door which can help realize the uniform material distribution.

3. Material Distributing System

In this system, the material storage and distribution are independent from each other. The material receiving in the material hopper is accurately controlled. Under the function of the powerful centrifugal force, the material is speedily and evenly distributed.

4. Mainframe

The concrete concrete hollow brick making machine adopts high strength domestic famous steel material and unique welding technique for the mainframe. The firmness of mainframe can ensure good rigidity and vibration resistance.


ABM-8S hollow block machine
ABM-8S hollow block machine
Brick Size(L*W*H) Pcs/Mould Cycle Molding Pcs/Hr
paving blocks 200*100*60 28 18-23s 4382-5600
interlocking bricks 200*160*60 20 18-23s 3130-4000
solid blocks 240*115*53 42 15-17s 9000-10000
hollow bricks 390*190*190 8 20-25s 1150-1440

ABM-12S hollow brick machine for sale
ABM-12S hollow brick machine for sale
Brick Size(L*W*H) Pcs/Mould Cycle Molding Pcs/Hr
paving blocks 200*100*60 38 18-23s 5948-7600
interlocking bricks 200*160*60 25 18-23s 3913-5000
solid blocks 240*115*53 62 15-17s 12700-14400
hollow bricks 390*190*190 12 20-25s 1728-2160

Features of Aimix Hollow Block Making Machine

1. High pressure shock; high brick strength; good compactness; ready to pile up; 50 plate can be recycled production.

2. Change the die arbitrarily; one machine diversification.

3. Four-pillar; patent extended guide sleeve;durable structure

4. Complete equipment improve mechanization intensity and greatly saving human resources.

5. Compressed several blocks one time

6. Forced die synchronous structure ensure uniform thickness of bricks, stable demoulding and high yield.

7. Automation of board feed, board out, aggregate vibration and pressing.

8. Four-axis synchronous mixing is adopted to reduce packing time and thus improve the speed of making bricks.

Why to Choose Aimix Hollow Block Machine Manufacturer

Among so many hollow block making machine manufacturers in China, how to choose the right hollow block making machine for sale? How to balance the quality and the hollow bricks machine price? Does it mean that the price of hollow block making machineis higher, the machine is better? Such questions may puzzle a lot now. Let me analyze how to choose your ideal machined and why to choose why to select Aimix.

Popularity of manufacturer

In the market, there are numbers of hollow block machine suppliers. But only a few of them is well-known. Those are what you need to focus on. If the manufacturer is well-received, it proves that the manufacturer has made quality and reliable machine for customers at home and abroad. For example, Aimix Group is a well-known block making machine manufacturer which is with more than 30 years’ experience. Its equipment has spread all over the world. Therefore, you can totally trust it.

Cost of machine

Well, the hollow block machine cost will influence your decision totally. If the hollow block making machine price is too high, you may not choose them. Because circle of getting returns is too far. Therefore, choosing hollow brick making machine price which is reasonable is a smart behaviour. In Aimix Group, most of our hollow automatic block making machine price is relatively reasonable among China hollow block making machine suppliers. You can get hollow block machine price list for comparing before purchasing.

After-sale Service

After-sale service is important for all customers. If there is something wrong with machine, there will be huge lost for our customer. Most customers expect to repair them in time in order to catch the schedule of manufacturing. Any one who can offer best after-sale service, he can won high praise from customers. Aimix Group can offer you considerate after-sale service. We will come to check working status annually. Therefore, you can purchasing from us with safety.

Bases on above analysis, it is your best choice that making order from Aimix Group. Welcome friends from all over the world contact us for hollow block making machine details. Please send us inquiry on website through inquiry forms. We will reply you in 24 hours.

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