Wheeled Type or Crawler Type

Processing materials: Limestone, granite, marble, basalt, iron ore, river pebbles, shale, coal, cobblestones, construction waste, etc.


Gravel Crusher

Gravel crusher is usually used to crush and process larger gravel stones or rocks into smaller particles suitable for various uses, such as road construction, building foundations, and landscaping projects.

AIMIX Gravel Crusher for Sale

However, what is crusher gravel? Crusher gravel refers to the gravel produced by crushing different kinds of larger rocks or stones. The gravel is typically used as a base material in construction projects, such as roads, driveways, and foundations. It has irregular edges and a mixture of different-sized particles, ranging from fine dust to larger stones. This composition allows for better compaction and stability when used as a base material. However, do you know that what types of rocks are gravel made of? What sizes of gravel? Read more about it.

Better Understanding of Gravel Materials

Gravel refers to a loose aggregation of small, rounded or angular rock fragments. It is a common type of sedimentary material that is widely used in construction, landscaping, and other applications. Gravel is formed through natural processes such as weathering and erosion. It is characterized by its particle size, which typically ranges from 2 to 64 millimeters in diameter.

What Types of Rocks Does The Gravel Include?

Gravel is often composed of a mixture of different minerals and rock types, including granite, limestone, sandstone, river stone, basalt, quartz, etc.



Hard and durable, granite gravel is commonly used in construction projects and landscaping due to its aesthetic appeal and resistance to erosion.



Limestone gravel is often used as a base material for roads and driveways due to its compaction properties and ability to provide a solid foundation.



Basalt gravel is a coarse aggregate. It is widely utilized in various construction projects such as road surfacing, concrete production, and drainage systems.



Sandstone gravel is commonly used in landscaping projects for its natural appearance and ability to interlock, providing stability in pathways and garden beds.

river stone

River Stone

Smooth and rounded by natural erosion, river rock gravel is often used for decorative purposes in landscaping, as well as for drainage in gardens and around buildings.

Division into Different Sizes

It is classified based on the size of the particles and can be further categorized into various grades, such as coarse gravel, fine gravel, and pea gravel.

Coarse gravel
Coarse Gravel
Fine gravel
Fine Gravel
Pea Gravel
Pea Gravel

  • Pea Gravel: Small, rounded stones typically used for decorative purposes, such as in garden beds or around pathways.
  • Crushed coarse gravel: Gravel that has been mechanically crushed into smaller pieces, often used as a base material for roads, driveways, and construction projects.
  • Gravel screenings: Crusher fine gravel particles that result from the crushing process, often used as a bedding material for pavers or as a base for concrete.

From the above we also learned that gravel is composed of different rocks. But the application of gravel in different fields requires crushing it. The selection of the best crusher for gravel depends on the specific rock types involved. Here, I will recommend suitable gravel crushing equipment for sale based on different rock types to effectively crush them into gravel.

What is The Best Crusher for Gravel?

Here are some suggestions on choice on gravel crusher machine based on different gravel stones or rocks. Besides, I will also show you some customized stone crushing solutions designed for AIMIX engineers for reference.

  • For Granite Gravel

    A jaw crusher or a gravel crusher cone would be a suitable choice. Jaw crusher is known for the high capacity and reliable performance in crushing hard and abrasive materials like granite. Cone granite crushers for gravel, on the other hand, excel in producing well-graded and cubical-shaped gravel.

    200TPH Granite Gravel Crushing Plant - Jaw Crusher+Cone Crusher
    200TPH Granite Gravel Crushing Plant – Jaw Crusher+Cone Crusher
  • For Limestone Gravel

    A impact crusher or a hammer crusher is the best limestone crusher. Impact gravel crusher for sale is ideal for producing high-quality gravel from limestone due to the ability to handle medium-hard to hard rocks and generate a well-graded final product. Hammer gravel crushers for sale are also effective in crushing limestone and can produce gravel with various particle sizes.

    150TPH Mobile Gravel Crusher Plant - Crushing Limestone - Mobile Impact Crusher
    150TPH Mobile Limestone Gravel Crusher – Impact Crusher
  • For Basalt Gravel

    A vertical shaft impact crusher (VSI Crusher) or a cone crusher is ideal for processing basalt. VSI crushers has the ability to produce cubical-shaped gravel and are well-suited for crushing basalt. The gravel crusher cones for sale can also effectively crush basalt gravel and produce a well-graded final product.

    basalt crush plant - VSI Crusher
    Basalt Gravel Crush Plant – VSI Crusher
  • For Quartz Gravel

    A gravel crusher jaw or a cone gravel crusher is the best choice. Jaw crushers are capable of crushing quartz gravel into smaller sizes, while cone crushers can produce finer gravel particles with excellent particle shape.

    Quartz Crusher Plant - Jaw Crusher+Cone Crusher
    Quartz Gravel Crusher Plant – Jaw Crusher+Cone Crusher

As the different rock crushing solutions show, the whole crushing process includes different kinds of crusher to form into a gravel production line. It is not just a single gravel crushing machine for sale. For some special crushing environment and situations, if the sand gravel crusher is moveable, the crushing work will be easier. AIMIX also have designed mobile gravel crusher for clients. Check them below.

Mobile Gravel Crusher Machine – Crush Anywhere, Anytime

Portable gravel crushers offer the flexibility and convenience of on-the-go gravel crushing. You can crush gravel materials at various locations and job sites. Whether you choose a wheeled type portable gravel crusher or a tracked rock crusher gravel, they are designed to deliver efficient and reliable performance in the field.

Wheeled-Type Gravel Crushing Plant – Eco-Friendly Crushing

It is equipped with a tire chassis, enabling easy transportation and maneuverability. The gravel crushing plants are commonly used in applications that require frequent relocation.

With a quick setup process and the ability to be moved quickly, the gravel crush equipment is perfect for crushing in different locations. They are designed to handle various terrains and provide the convenience of mobile crushing wherever you need it.

Mobile Impact Crusher

Wheeled-Type Mobile Crusher Plant For Crushing Marble

  • Capacity: 200 TPH
  • Type: Wheeled type
  • Raw Materials: Marble
  • Applications: Road construction
  • Configuration: Vibration feeder, jaw crusher, vibrating screen, etc.

200TPH Wheeled-Type Mobile Crusher Plant For Crushing Marble

Tracked Gravel Making Machine – High-Performance Crushing

A track crusher, also known as a crawler crusher, features a track-mounted chassis for enhanced stability and mobility. These crushers are well-suited for demanding environments and can effectively navigate rough and uneven terrains.

The crawler crusher for gravel is offer excellent traction and maneuverability. Thus, it is the other choice for efficient gravel crushing. The robust design ensures they can handle the challenges of mobile crushing, allowing you to crush gravel materials with ease, regardless of the location.

Crawler Mobile Crusher

Mobile Gravel Crushing Machine Used for Processing Cobblestone

  • Capacity: 150 TPH
  • Type: Tracked /crawler type
  • Raw Materials: Cobblestone
  • Output Size: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-25mm
  • Application: Road paving
  • Configuration: Tracked mobile jaw crusher machine, mobile cone crusher and screener machine
Mobile Crusher Working In Malaysia
150 tph Crawler Crusher For Processing Cobblestone
Tracked Crushing Plant Working on-site
Crawler Crusher for Crushing Cobblestone in Malaysia

How Does A Gravel Crusher Work?

The gravel crushing process is divided into several steps as follows:


Material Feeding

Large rocks are fed into the crusher through a hopper or feeder. The feeder usually controls the flow of material to ensure a consistent feed rate.

Gravel Crushing

Inside the mobile crusher, a set of jaws, or a cone, or an impactor, depending on the type of crusher, repeatedly compresses the rock between them to break it down into smaller pieces. The crushing process may involve multiple stages depending on the desired size of the final product.

Material Screening

After the rocks are crushed to the desired size, they may pass through a screening process to separate out different sizes of gravel. This is often done with a vibrating screen that sorts the crushed material into various sizes.


Once the gravel is sized appropriately, it is conveyed or transported away from the crusher to be used in various applications such as construction, landscaping, or road building.

Check the gravel crushing videos below for better understanding the process.

How Much Does A Gravel Crusher Cost?

When looking for crusher for your project, it’s essential to assess the financial aspect as well. Understanding the cost implications associated with a crusher can help you make informed decisions and plan your budget effectively. Here is the AIMIX gravel crusher price ranges for reference:

  • Single Small Gravel Crusher

    Jaw crusher price: $9800-$210000
    Cone crusher price: $26000-$450000
    Impact crusher price: $20000-$140000

  • Gravel Crushing Plant

    Primary crushing line: $550000-$960000
    Secondary crushing plant: $620000-$1350000
    Crawler crusher: $950000-$2300000

AIMIX Crushing Plant Working Well On-site

Because the sand and gravel crusher need to be customized in accordance with the clients’ requirements. Therefore, various configurations, different prices. If you want to get the quotation of concrete gravel crusher, welcome to consult our sales directly!

Factors Influencing The Gravel Crusher Price

Type of Gravel Crusher

Conduct research and comparisons in the market to understand the price range of different brands and models of mobile jaw crushers for sale. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of portable jaw crushers provided by different suppliers or manufacturers in terms of price, quality, performance and service.

Capacity of Gravel Crusher

The capacity of the crusher, or how much gravel it can process per hour, can affect the cost. Higher-capacity crushers sand and gravel generally have higher prices.

Gravel Crusher Supplier or Manufacturer

Different gravel crusher manufacturers or suppliers may have varying pricing structures based on factors such as reputation, raw materials, technology, customized options, production costs, and market demand.

After-sales Gravel Crusher Costs

In addition to the initial purchase cost, consider expenses related to after-sales costs, like installation, setup, and ongoing maintenance. These costs can vary depending on the complexity of the gravel screening equipment for sale and the specific requirements of your site.

Best jaw crusher after-sale service
After-sales Service Crusher Plant - AIMIX Group

In conclusion, when considering the price of a gravel crusher, it’s essential to take into account the above various factors. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can make an informed decision that meets your specific needs and budget. If you’re in the market for a crusher, please never miss AIMIX gravel crushing machine manufacturer to discuss your requirements and explore available options. We are waiting for your inquiry and start a gravel crushing business with you now.

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