Dry Mortar Production Line

Dry mortar production line is the professional equipment to produce the ordinary mortar and special mortar. The ordinary mortar mainly includes masonry mortar, surface mortar and floor mortar. For the special mortar, it includes ceramic tile mortar, tick off seam mortar, thermal insulation mortar, waterproof mortar, colored mortar and self-leveling mortar etc.. If you get such a mortar production line, you will recoup the cost soon. Aimix has been manufacturing and supplying the production line for many years. Aimix has exported the equipment to Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Qatar, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Romania, Peru, Korea etc.

Aimix dry mortar working in Iran
Aimix dry mortar working in Iran

Aimix High Quality Dry Mortar Production Line Is Popular With Clients

1. Patent triple cylinder drying machine of dry mortar plant line

Europe standards: three layers design, and it includes inner layer, middle layer and outside layer.

Long working life: it adopts anti-resisting high manganese steel Q345, which ensures long service of the dryers.

Good drying effects: after drying, the water content of the sand is below 0.5%. The industry standard of the water is 1%. So that we have prominent advantage of the technology.

Energy saving: compared with traditional single layer dryer, it saves coal 60% and electricity 40%.

patent triple cylinder drying machine
patent triple cylinder drying machine


inner of sand dryer
inner of sand dryer
reasonable design of sand dryer
reasonable design of sand dryer
sand dryer
sand dryer
Model  Drying Capacity (T/H) Power (KW) Size (¢x L) (mm) Fuel
BH625 5~8 5.5  Coal
BH2240 20~30 18.5 ¢2200 x 4000  Diesel
BH2655 30~35 22 ¢2600 x 5500  Gas
BH3265 50~60 44 ¢3200 x 6500
BH3270 60~70 44 ¢3200 x 7000
BH3475 70~80 55 ¢3400 x 7500
BH3684 80~100 60 ¢3600 x 8400

2. Energy-saving drying system of dry-mix mortar production line

It can be powered by coal and fuel, and it matches government policy, so that it can be used in most of the countries.

It consumes less coal and fuel during working. The drying system has the features of energy-saving, and environmental protection.

We have mature technology on manufacturing the drying system. Moreover, some of the production equip the drying system and running successfully.

3. LDH coulter type mixing machine of dry-mixed mortar production line

Our mixing machines have high mixing efficiency.

The mixing machine has reliable working performance, and the it is not easy to segregate.

There is a sampling observation port on the mixing machine, and the operators can take a sample whenever they need.

There is a special discharging device, which is the sing-door.

Main parts of the system are wearable.

LDH coulter type mixing machine
LDH coulter type mixing machine

4. Pulse desusting equipment of automatic dry mortar production line

High dust-cleaning efficiency: its dust-cleaning efficiency is 99.9%, and it releases less than 30mg/Nm3.

Effective sealing measures: air leakage coefficient is less than 2%. What’s more, it can deal with powers with high concentration.

Advanced design of structure: it has large filter area per unit volume, and the machine is small.

Unique dust-cleaning design: the method of cleaning dust is very effective. Moreover, it can prolongs the service life of the filter bags.

Pulse desusting equipment
Pulse desusting equipment

Aimix Group Provides Good Service For The Clients

1. Dry mortar mix recipe. If the clients need the recipe, we would like to offer the suitable recipe for our clients. In addition, we can customize the new recipe according the local materials. Therefore, the clients needn’t create recipe by themselves.

2. Three-dimensional design drawing. For the clients who need the big dry mortar plant, we can provide the clients with design paper in three hours. We promise that we will help the clients to solve most of the problems as long as we could.

3. Project sites visiting. We have exported China dry mortar production line to many countries for many countries. If the clients would like to visit the project site, we would like to check the production line with them. In the project site, the clients will learn more about our equipment.

4. Considerate service. In order to guarantee the stable running of the machine, we will help the clients to install the equipment. Additionally, we will help our clients to train the operators for tow months.

Dry mortar mix recipe
Dry mortar mix recipe
dry mortar plant flow chart
dry mortar plant flow chart

Many Kinds Of Dry Mix Mortar Production Line For Sale

Simple low price dry mortar production line

1. The production line is very suitable for individual investing. It has relative lower price and cost. If the clients who want to invest a small project, the simple production line is the best choice.

2. It takes small area. The production line has simple structure and the height is less than 3.5 meter. So the ordinary house can work as the workshop for the clients.

3. It has the feature of easy operation. To complete the task, two or three operators can make it easily.

4. The production line has high production. It can produces 20 to 25 Ton mortar per day.

simple mortar plant
simple mortar plant

Small Tower Cheap Dry Mortar Production Line

small mortar plant
small mortar plant

The small tower production line has upper and lower level frame structure. It takes area about 20 m3m and its height is about 6.5 m. It can produce 3 to 5 Ton mortars, so that it is very suitable for initial investment.

Middle Hot Sale Dry Mortar Production Line

1. Wide application: The middle production line can make many kinds of mortars. For instance, it can produce masonry mortar, plastering mortar, thermal insulation mortar and so on.

2. High cost performance: If the middle dry mortar production line produce decoration mortar, it has low investment and high benefits. Meanwhile, it avoid idle equipment and wasted resources resulted from too much investment.

3. Easy operating: it takes small place and has low energy consumption. When operating, it can produce mortars for 3 to 8 Ton Per hour. It only need 3 to 6 operators to finish the whole working process.

middle mortar production line
middle mortar production line

Big CE Certification Dry Mortar Production Line

large dry mortar production line
large dry mortar production line

1. High automatic degree: we equip the production line with intelligent control system, and it has the function of automatic control. The operators can control all the working process of the equipment. What’s more, our control system adopts the international and domestic famous brand, which ensures high performance.

2. Used for the large project: it has relative higher price than the small mortar production line, but is has large output. If the clients purchase such a production line, they will benefits a lot in the long run.

Models GJ05 GJ10 GJ15 GJ20 GJ30 GJ40 GJ50 GJ60 GJ80 GJ100
(T/H )
5 10 15 20 30 40 50 60 80 100
Control  Semi-auto/Full auto

Aimix is a reliable enterprise to design and manufacture the customized dry mortar production line. And we have the professional and large-sized dry mortar plant line factory. Whenever you need the production line or related equipment, you can feel free to contact us.

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