Dry Mortar Production Line Manufacturers

Dry mortar production line manufacturers often provide many kinds of mortar production lines for the clients. In order to produce high-quality dry mortar, it is very important to select the manufacturer seriously. In this passage, we will give some tips on selecting the manufacturer. Meanwhile, the clients will get more information about one of the most reputable China dry mortar product line company – Aimix Group.

Many Kinds of Dry Mortar Production Lines Offered By The Manufacturers

Simple And Small Production Lines

Generally, the investors can install the whole production line in the small workshop, even in the ordinary house. For the simple line, there are no dryer, weighing system, silo and packing system. And the labors can feed the materials in to the mixer, which will satisfy the needs of production. If the clients would like to select the tower type, they can select automatic or semi automatic type of the machines. The dry mortar production line suppliers often equip the silos, weighing system and packing system on the line.


1. Low investment and quick cost recovering. If the individuals who would like to produce dry mortar, they can purchase such equipment. And they will recover the cost soon.

2. Simple structure and easy setting. It takes small place, and the clients can install it in the small workshop.

3. Easy operation and large productivity. To make the production line run smoothly, two or three operators will make it. Moreover, it can produce dry mortar for 20 to 25 Ton each day.

simple mortar production line
simple mortar production line

Middle Mortar Production Line Supplied By Dry Mortar Line Manufacturers

The middle -sized production line has three floor, and it is equipped with the waiting mix house, twin shaft weightlessness mixer, finished product silos and packing machines. In general, the production line take place about 30 m3, and its height is about 8.5 m. In the long run, the investors can upgrade it to the full-automatic dry mortar production line.


1. Wide application: it can produce different kinds of dry mortars, such as masonry mortar, surface mortar and floor mortar, ceramic tile mortar, tick off seam mortar, thermal insulation mortar, waterproof mortar, colored mortar and self-leveling mortar etc.

2. Lower cost and higher performance. If you purchase the production line from the same dry mortar production line manufacturing company, the middle-sized equipment will have lower cost than the large production line. Moreover, it has higher performance than the simple line.

3. Resource saving. All of the parts equipped on the line are very necessary, so it avoids wasting resources. And it has lower energy consumption during operation.

small mortar production line
small mortar production line

Large Production Line Supplied By China Dry Mortar Product Line Manufacturer

All of the large production line offered by the dry mortar production line manufacturer has fully automatic control system. Whats’ more, there are drying system, weighing system, packing machine or bulk system equipped on the line. The large production has complicated structure and many parts, and it takes large area. It is very suitable for the clients to do big business, and they will benefit a lot from the large-sized production line.


1. High investment in the initial stage. No matter which dry mortar production line company the client purchase the line from, they will spend much money. However, if the company gets one, the company will bear cost easily.

2. High automatic degree. Owing to the equipment of automatic control system, the equipment will feed the materials automatically. In this aspect, it will save labor cost for the investors.

big dry mortar production line
big dry mortar production line

Models GJ05 GJ10 GJ15 GJ20 GJ30 GJ40 GJ50 GJ60 GJ80 GJ100
Production 5 10 15 20 30 40 50 60 80 100
(T/H )
Control  Semi-auto/Full auto  Semi-auto/Full auto  Semi-auto/Full auto  Semi-auto/Full auto  Semi-auto/Full auto  Semi-auto/Full auto  Semi-auto/Full auto  Semi-auto/Full auto  Semi-auto/Full auto  Semi-auto/Full auto

How To Select The suitable Dry Mortar Product Line Manufacturer

1. Learn more about the craftsmanship and make sure the quality of the equipment. For the dry mortar production line, there are several parts are very important, and the clients should think highly of them.

Sand dryer: it is very important to dry sands in the sand dryer, and the standard water content of sand should be about 1%. When conveying sand into the storage silo, the sand should lower temperature. Otherwise, it will have bad effects on the dry mortar and the equipment.

sand dryer
sand dryer
Advantages of Aimix drying machine:

1) After drying, the water content is about 0.5%, which is much lower than the industry standard.

2) Before transporting sand to the storage silo, the sand much lower than 60 degree centigrade.

The drying machine has triple cylinder, which saves much fuel. When coals are used for fuel, the equipment will save coal 2/3. If the operators use electricity as fuel, it will save electricity 40%.

Model  Drying Capacity (T/H) Power (KW) Size (¢x L) (mm) Fuel
BH625 5~8 5.5  Coal
BH2240 20~30 18.5 ¢2200 x 4000  Diesel
BH2655 30~35 22 ¢2600 x 5500  Gas
BH3265 50~60 44 ¢3200 x 6500
BH3270 60~70 44 ¢3200 x 7000
BH3475 70~80 55 ¢3400 x 7500
BH3684 80~100 60 ¢3600 x 8400

Pulse dust collector: the main function of the dust collector is to collect the dust in the working process. If the collector adopts the advanced sealing technology, it will deal with the high-density dust.

Advantages of Aimix dust collector:

As the reputable China dry mortar product line manufacturing company, Aimix has high technology in designing and manufacturing the dust collector.

1)The equipment has advanced sealing efficiency,and it can treat the the dust efficiently and effectively, even treating the dust with high density.

2)The equipment take effective measures to collect the dust, which will prolong the working life of the filter bags.

3)It has stable performance and high automation. Meanwhile, it is easy to monitor and maintain in daily work.

pulse dust collector
pulse dust collector

2. Compare the price of the equipment among several dry mortar product line suppliers. The most suitable production line is the the equipment has both reliable performance and reasonable price. Aimix would like to offer the low price plant with affordable price. As long as you get a quote, you will get the favorable price soon.

3. Choose the dry mortar plant line manufacturers who can offer the best service. In general, the reliable and reputable company are always supplying best service to the clients. If so, the clients will feel comfortable when the plant runs. No matter when the clients need help, the manufacturer will give technology support to the clients. Moreover, China dry mortar production line manufacturer would like to provide the clients with good dry mortar recipe. In order to satisfy the requirement, we would like provide three-dimensional plan for the clients.

dry mortar production line manufacturers
dry mortar production line manufacturers

What You May Want To Know About Aimix Group

Aimix Group is located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China, which is one of China dry mortar product line suppliers. With the development of company, Aimix Group has become a professional manufacturer and supplier of construction machines. There are concrete mixer, concrete batching plant, asphalt mixing plant and other types of machines for sale. If you are interested in any construction machines, you can feel free to contact us. We will make efforts to provide the best machines and service for the clients.

Aimix Factory
Aimix Factory
Aimix Office
Aimix Office

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