Dry Mix Mortar Plant

Dry mix mortar plant has wide application in construction industry, because it can produce various mortars for the investors.In this passage, you will know each component of the plant. In this way, you will know how to choose an excellent plant correctly.Meanwhile, we will give the working flows of the plants, and you will get much information here. Besides, if you want to buy dry mortar plant, you will find more information about Aimix mortar plant. We do believe that we will provide the clients with reliable equipment, and the clients will benefit a lot from the plant.

dry mix mortar plant
dry mix mortar plant

Key Components of Dry Mix Mortar Manufacturing Plant

1. Drying machine

Drying machine also called sand dryer, it is the professional equipment to dry the cement, mortar, sand, fly ash and other materials with a certain humility. In mortar plant, the drying machine is one of the most important parts, which will dry wet materials effectively. Generally, the drying machine consists of ten element. And it mainly includes horizontal cylinder, air exhaust pipe, drum screw device and so on.

As for Aimix sand dryer, it has several prominent features:

1) High drying efficiency. Our sand dryer is the triple cylinder drying machine, and it includes inner layer, middle layer and outside layer. The reasonable design of the drying machine enables the dry mortar mixer machine to have high drying efficiency. Moreover, the quality of the drying machine meets the standards of European standard.

2) Powered by coal, electricity or diesel. Compared with other dry mortar plant manufacturer, our drying machines can be powered by several energies. Therefore, our machines have wild application. Meanwhile, the clients can choose the more economical energy to power the machine according to local energy.

3)Environmental protection. Aimix machines adopt the advanced and mature energy-saving technology, which improves efficiency of energy utilization. What more important is that the drying machines will decrease pollution when it is equipped on the dry mortar mix plant. The clients who live in the country having high requirements can get such a machine without hesitation.

sand dryer of dry miox mortar plant
sand dryer of dry miox mortar plant
reasonable design of sand dryer
reasonable design of sand dryer
inner of sand dryer
inner of sand dryer

2. Sand vibrating screen

vibrating screen of dry mix mortar plant
vibrating screen of dry mix mortar plant

The sand vibrating screen has wide application in mining industry, transport industry, energy industry, chemical industry and so on. The sand vibrating screen mainly includes electric engine, suspension spring, screening frame and so on. Aimix has invented the classifying screen, which has high screen efficiency.

The features of Aimx vibrating screen are as follows:

1) Reliable performance. It adopts the international and domestic famous vibration motor.

2) Easy maintenance. Our vibrating screen has reasonable design. Therefore, it is easy to replace the screens if it is necessary to change screens for the dry mortar batching plant.

3) Reasonable design of screening system. We design the advanced screening system according to the different mortar recipes. And it will satisfy the higher requirements of mortar.

3. Bucket Elevator

The bucket elevator can convey the coal, cement, sand, clay and other materials to the higher position. Commonly, the elevator consists of conveying chain, hopper, shell, driving wheel and other components. In order to protect the environment, most of the elevators have shells. Aimix bucket elevators have high transporting capacity and reliable performance. We do believe that you can select dry mortar machine from Aimix Group without hesitation.
Features and characteristics:

1) Wide application. It can transport coal, cement, sand, iron ore and other granular or powdery materials.

2) Reliable quality. The elevators have high reliability and good sealing. Meanwhile, the good design will prolong the working life of the elevators and dry mortar equipment.

bucket elevator
bucket elevator

Dry Mortar Plant Layout

According to the different configurations and size, there are four type of mortar in Aimix Group.

1. Simple Powder Mixer Machine


1) Low price and investment. It is very suitable for the clients who have a new start in producing mortar.

2) Simple structure but high production. The plants can be set in the ordinary house, and it has lower requirement in working site. What’s more, the equipment can produce 20 to 25Ton mortar per day. Therefore, the clients will cover the cost on short time.

simple dry mix mortar plant
simple dry mix mortar plant

2. Small Tower Type of Dry Mix Plant


1) Alternative configurations. The clients can choose the twin shaft weightless mixer, finished product warehouse and other equipment.

2) Suitable for initial investment. For the clients who want large output but have no suitable workshop, the small plant is a good choice. Because it has small height and takes small places.

small dry mix mortar plant
small dry mix mortar plant

3. Middle Mortar Mixing Equipment


1) Lower investment than the big plant. In order to save cost and control all the working process, the clients can purchase the semi automatic dry mix mortar plant.

2) Higher output than the small mortar plant.

middle dry mix mortar plant
middle dry mix mortar plant

4. Large Dry Mortar Mixing Machine


1) High investment cost. It has advanced technology and complicated structure, which enables the plants to have high price. Moreover, the investors need to spend much money in building the infrastructure.

2) High automatic degree. Our control system adopts the Siemens PLC, and the operators will check the whole process. The famous-brand system guarantees the high performance and good quality. And it is easy to check and maintain.

3) Suitable for the large company and long-period investment.

big dry mortar production line
big dry mortar production line
Models GJ05 GJ10 GJ15 GJ20 GJ30 GJ40 GJ50 GJ60 GJ80 GJ100
(T/H )
5 10 15 20 30 40 50 60 80 100
Control  Semi-auto/Full auto

Dry Mix Mortar Plant Supplier

Aimix Group is a popular dry mortar production line manufacturing company in China and world. There are the professional innovative team, sales team and after-sales service team. In recent years, the dry mortar plant sale is very hot in China Aimix Group. We have exported the dry mortar mixing plant korea, Iran, India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Peru, Vietnam and other countries. With the help of the our engineers, all of the equipment came into use successfully. Possessing the good machine, our clients cover the cost soon and make great profits. If you are going to start mortar business, Aimix Group is you ideal choice.

dry mix mortar sent to India
dry mix mortar sent to India

What You Need To Know Before Placing Order

1. How much capacity (t/h) do you need for dry mortar plant?

2. What type of dry mortar do you want to produce?

3. How many kinds of raw material do you have? What are they?

4. Need sand drying machine?

5. Whats the fuel: gas, diesel or coal?

6. Whats the humidity of the input wet sand?

7. Whats the humidity of the dry sand?

8. Need bag packing or bulk truck loading after mixing?

9. Any special requirement for layout design?

10. Whats your power supply voltage/frequency for 1phase and 3phase?

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