Custom-Designed 200TPH Mobile Crusher Plants for High-Performance Aggregate Production

Nowadays, mobile crushing plants are becoming increasingly popular in the fields of construction, mining, and road construction due to their outstanding features: flexibility, mobility, and efficiency. They can be quickly and easily moved between different job sites. Despite the higher cost compared to stationary crushing plants, many customers still choose mobile ones.

Custom-Designed 200TPH Mobile Crusher Plants for High-Performance Aggregate Manufacturing

Recently, a customer from Peru also inquired about AIMIX crushing plants, and after comparison, he ultimately chose to purchase an AIMIX mobile crushing plant. Here are the main reasons:

Primary Reasons for Investing in Mobile Crushing Plants

1. Due to the large particle size of the raw materials, a crusher with a high crushing ratio needs to be selected as the main equipment. To achieve the size requirements of the final product, a two-stage crushing process is usually required. However, due to the uncertainty of the location of the raw materials and the storage capacity, the mobile crushing plant is the most suitable choice.

2. The customer is required to crush hard stones and rocks from different locations to produce high-quality aggregates for various construction materials. The size of the raw materials can reach a maximum of 600mm, while the final products need to be 0-24mm sand and aggregates. Based on these requirements, AIMIX engineers suggested establishing a mobile crushing line with a capacity of 200TPH to meet the customer’s needs.

Customized Configuration of the Mobile Crushing Plants

According to the customer’s crushing requirements, we mainly adopt two types of mobile crushers: mobile jaw crusher and a mobile cone crusher. The final configuration is as follows:

  • Vibrating Feeder: APG-4211W
  • Jaw Crusher: APJ-7510E
  • Intermediate Compound Cone Crusher: APC-200C
  • Finished Product Vibrating Screen: APS-2160Y4

200TPH Mobile Crusher Plants Layout
These equipment will work together for the crushing and screening process of the raw materials. The vibrating feeder (APG-4211W) will evenly feed the raw materials into the jaw crusher (APJ-7510E), performing the primary crushing of the raw materials. Then, the intermediate compound cone crusher (APC-200C) will further crush the output of the jaw crusher to obtain the required fineness. Finally, the finished product vibrating screen (APS-2160Y4) will screen the crushed products to obtain the desired final products that meet the requirements.

This configuration will meet the customer’s requirements for crushing and screening, and it will be able to handle the hard stones and rocks provided by the customer, producing construction materials such as 0-24mm sand and aggregates.

Analysis of The Configuration

Based on the customer’s requirements, we will provide a detailed analysis of the final configuration as follows:

  • Feeder: To meet the granularity and output-matching requirements of the feeder, we have selected the vibrating feeder model APG-4211W. This vibrating feeder can evenly feed the raw materials into the crusher, ensuring the stability and efficiency of the crushing process.
  • Primary Crusher: Based on the crushing curve requirements of the mine, we have chosen the jaw crusher model APJ-7510E. By adjusting the grate gap to 100mm, this jaw crusher can directly crush the raw materials to the granularity required for secondary crushing. This configuration can perform primary crushing and meet the customer’s granularity requirements.
  • Compound Cone Crusher: Based on the discharge curve of the jaw crusher and the required output, we have selected the intermediate compound cone crusher model APC-200C. With its combination with the jaw crusher, the intermediate compound cone crusher can further crush the output of the jaw crusher to obtain the desired fineness.
  • Screening Machine: Based on the cone curve calculations for the respective final products and the production requirements for different final products, we have chosen the vibrating screen model APS-2160Y4. This screening equipment can perform an initial screening of the sand and aggregates to obtain the desired final products that meet the requirements.

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