Crushing Limestone: AIMIX Empowers Ethiopian Quarry Crushing Success

This month, AIMIX engineer customized a crushing line for a client located in Ethiopia. The primary purpose of the crushing line is to crush limestone. Let’s understand the client’s basic requirements together.

Customer’s Production Requirements

In March, the customer obtained a mining permit for a quarry and intended to crush the materials in the quarry. The primary raw material in the quarry is limestone. The crushed limestone will mainly be used for aggregate sales. The customer has been searching for equipment suppliers online, including AIMIX.

AIMIX 100tph mobile impact crusher for limestone crushing

After reviewing actual case studies of AIMIX Group in the field of crushing equipment, the customer considered AIMIX as a reputable company. Therefore, the customer sent an inquiry. After discussions with the sales manager, the customer’s basic requirements are as follows:

  • Raw Material: Limestone in the quarry
  • Production Capacity: 70-100tph
  • Maximum Feed Size: 180mm
  • Final Product Sizes: 0-5-13-19-25mm

Customized Solution

Based on the customer’s requirements, we customized a mobile crushing production line with an impact crusher as the primary crushing equipment. Considering the feed size and output size, the equipment in the customized production line includes:

APG-3896W Vibrating Feeder + APF-1210H Impact Crusher + APS-1848Y4 Vibrating Screen + Conveyor Belts

Here is a 3D layout of the designed mobile impact crushing plant for reference:
100tph Tire Impact Crusher Plant for Quarry Limestone Crushing

Reasons for Configuring A Mobile Impact Crushing Plant

  • Reason 1: The customer’s quarry area is relatively large, and a mobile limestone crusher is the best choice as it can easily move around the crushing site. Based on the provided quarry photos by the customer, the terrain is not too steep, and a wheeled mobile crushing machine can fully meet the mobility requirements.
  • Reason 2: The customer’s raw material for crushing is limestone. Limestone is a soft rock, and through high-speed impact and collision, it can be well crushed and ground, producing aggregates with a good shape. These aggregate particles have uniform shapes and distinct edges and corners, meeting the requirements of industries such as construction for aggregate particle shape.

After presenting the solution to the customer, he expressed his satisfaction with the processing capacity and the particle size of the output, as they perfectly match his requirements. If you also have crushing needs for a quarry, please feel free to consult us to purchase professional quarry crushing equipment.

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