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Crusher Plant for Sale

The core function of the crusher plant for sale is to crush and screen raw ores, rocks, construction waste, etc. The crusher plant has an advanced fully automatic control system, which can realize automatic feeding, crushing, screening, and other operations. Therefore, crushing plants are often widely used in ore processing, raw material processing, and construction waste recycling industries.

crusher plant for sale

If you plan to invest in a crushing plant, product quality and after-sales service guarantee are the first things you should consider. As a crusher plant manufacturer with more than 10 years of production experience, Aimix Group not only produces stable and reliable crushing plants for sale, but our pre-sales service, after-sales technical supports, and training services are also among the best in the world. Next, please learn more about our products.

Variety of Crusher Plants – There’s Always One for You

Crusher plant machines are divided into various types according to different working principles, processing capabilities, and applicable scenarios. The following are some common types of crusher plant:

stationary-type crushing plant
Stationary-type Crushing Plant
mobile-type crusher plant
Mobile-type Crusher Plant

Jaw and Cone Type Crusher Plant – Suitable for the Production of Construction Aggregate

Jaw and cone type crusher plant refers to a crusher plant that is mainly composed of the feeder, the jaw crusher, the cone crusher, and the screening machine. Among those crusher plant components, the jaw crusher and the cone crusher are the core parts. The jaw crusher is used for the primary crushing, and the cone crusher is used for the secondary crushing. After two stages of crushing, you can get 0-40mm aggregates.

jaw and cone crusher plant

Now, we attach a jaw and cone type crusher plant working video to help you understand how it works to produce aggregate material.

Cases of Jaw and Cone Type Crusher Plant

  • Project Place: El Salvador
  • Crushing Plant Capacity: 60TPH
  • Raw Material: Mountain rock
  • Configuration:
  • Application: Production of sand and gravel aggregates for various building materials

jaw crusher in a 60tph crusher plant
cone crusher for crusher plant
60tph crusher plant price

Jaw and Impact Type Crusher Plant – Can Get Rhombic Particle

Jaw and impact type crusher plant means the main crusher machines in a crusher plant use a jaw crusher and an impact crusher. By means of using the impact crusher as the secondary crusher, the particle shape of the final product is rhombic, which is more suitalbe for house construction.

jaw and impact crusher plant

Imapct Type Crusher Plant – Suitable for Crushing Construction Waste

Impact type crusher plant uses the impact crusher as the only crusher machine. This kind of crusher plant is suitable for recycling construction waste due its special working principle.

impact-type crusher plant

Mobile Type Crusher Plant – Suitable for Projects That Require Frequent Moving Operations

In Aimix Group, there are many types of mobile-type crusher plants for sale, including mobile jaw-type crusher plant, mobile cone-type crusher plant, mobile impact-type crusher plant, and mobile 4-in-1 crusher plant. Their configuration and functions are different.

  • Mobile Jaw-Type Crusher Plant: The mobile jaw crusher is mainly used for the primary crushing for the raw stones. It can crush the raw stones with high hardness and large size into 100mm particle size.
  • jaw -type crusher plant
    Jaw -type Crusher Plant
  • Mobile Cone-Type Crusher Plant: Mainly applied for the secondary crushing. In general, the 100mm stones crushed by the mobile jaw-type crusher plant will be continuously conveyed into the mobile cone-type crusher plant until they are proceeded into 0-40mm.
  • mobile cone-type crusher plant
    Mobile Cone-type Crusher Plant
  • Mobile Impact-type Crusher Plant: Mainly used for the secondary crushing like the cone crusher. In addition to this, the mobile impact crusher are widely used for processing construction waste.
  • mobile impact-type crusher plant
    Mobile Impact-type Crusher Plant
  • Mobile 4-in-1 Crusher Plant: This kind of crusher plant for sale usually contains two crusher machines in one unit. For example, it may contain the combination of jaw crusher and cone crusher, or the combination of jaw crusher and impact crusher.
  • mobile jaw and cone crusher plant
    Mobile Jaw and Cone Crusher Plant

    Mobile Jaw and Impact Crusher
    Mobile Jaw and Impact Crusher

Cases of Mobile-type Crusher Plants

In Aimix Group, a lot of customers have chosen the mobile crusher plant for their stone-crushing business due to its flexibility and mobility.

180TPH for River Pebbles
  • Project Place: Malaysia
  • Configuration: 1 set of mobile jaw-type crusher plant, 1 set of mobile cone-type crusher plant, and 1 set of mobile screening machine.
  • Application: Production of construction aggregate for building hotels, supermarkets, and apartments.

mobile-type crusher plant price
mobile-type crusher plant sale

50TPH for Construction Waste
  • Project Place: the Philippines
  • Configuration: 1 set of mobile impact-type crusher plant, and 1 set of mobile screening machine
  • Application: Production recycled construction aggregate

mobile-type crusher plant machinery

200TPH Crusher Plant for Granite
  • Project Place: Madagascar
  • Configuration: 1 set of 4-in-1 mobile-type crusher plant, including the feeder, the jaw crusher, the cone crusher, and the screening machine. And all the parts are set up on a movable chassis.
  • Application: Production sand and gravel aggregate

crushing plant for mountain rocks

After understanding our crusher plants for sale, please continue to learn more about our service guarantees.

Better Services and Technical Support – Guarantee Your Efficient Stone Crushing Business

Our crusher plants for sale undergo strict quality control and inspection to ensure that they meet high standards of quality requirements. Moreover, we can always provide comprehensive and complete pre-sales, and after-sales services to provide customers with professional technical support and timely problem solutions. Therefore, Aimix Group has won unanimous recognition and praise from our customers.


Customized Pre-sales Services

Aimix can customize the crushing plant equipment according to the specific needs of customers, including equipment specifications, configuration, power, etc., to meet the specific requirements of customers.

Specific Service Process

  1. Receive your requirements, including finished product size and grade requirements, finished product shape requirements, output requirements, etc.
  2. Professional consultants will connect with you and ask for the detailed information about your project, including application areas, investment budget, site layout, needs or preferences for stationary/mobile type crusher plant equipment, and other specific information.
  3. Our engineers integrate your needs and design a 3D diagram of the crushing process exclusively for you, and attach the crushing and screening plant dimensions and parameters that meet your requirements.
  4. crusher and screening plant
    3D Diagram
  5. We accept feedback and make modifications based on the areas you point out that need adjustment on the 3D drawings designed by our engineers.
  6. After all details are confirmed through communication with you, we will finalize the final plan.

After-sales Services

Aimix usually provides comprehensive after-sales service support. Our after-sales service mainly includes the following aspects:

Provide Installation Services

  • Aimix has an after-sales team of 60 people, including 20 installation engineers. They are always on call and can immediately go to the customer’s site to help customers install the crushing screening plant whenever they need it.
  • aimix service team

  • At the same time, we have partners in many countries who can send local engineers to your construction site to help you install the crusher plant, which is more efficient and time-saving.

Provide Training Services

There are too many accessories included in a set of crushing plant. Especially if you are buying a crushing plant equipment for the first time, you may not have a clue about how to start a crusher plant, how does a crusher plant work, and how to operate the crusher plant to make it work normally.

In order to help you learn how to operate the crusher plant machine faster, our engineers will provide on-site training services to help train your workers on the operating principles until they learn it.

aimix engineers team

Provide Spare Parts Supply Services

We have set up offices and warehouses in many countries, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, UZ, Russia, and so on. You can get original spare parts and accessories faster through our local warehouses near you, which can ensure the timeliness and delivery of equipment repairs and replacement.

aimix warehouses
Aimix Warehouses in Jakarta

Provide Maintenance Services

After you purchase a crusher and screening plant from us, we can provide you with lifetime maintenance services. Our engineers have rich technical experience and professional knowledge. During your use for our crusher plant for sale, once your stone crusher plant fails, we can immediately send engineers to your site for testing and maintenance services. Your problems will be solved by means of our timely technical support and solutions.

crushing plant manufacturer

To sum up, Aimix is a trustworthy crushing plant manufacturer. Your purchase of a crusher plant for sale from our company can bring you more convenience and security, and improve the reliability, stability and use experience of the crushing plants. Contact us now to get professional advice.

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