Convenient Concrete Production Solutions For Flood Control Projects

A client was planning a flood protection project that required large amounts of concrete for the construction of levees and flood walls. In view of the complex site conditions, inconvenient transportation, and the need for flexibility and convenience, our customers contacted us and wanted to purchase a set of portable concrete mixers to produce concrete by themselves to meet the project needs.

self loading mixer concrete for flood control project

Determine Actual Needs and Recommend the Right Products

After receiving the inquiry, we contacted our customer at once to find out the actual needs so that we can recommend the right machines.

Customer Requirement

The customers needed a portable concrete mixer that could be used in outdoor conditions to produce concrete instantly on site, reduce transportation costs and time, and improve construction efficiency. They hope that the concrete mixer should have good performance and stability, can continue to work in harsh environments, and is easy to operate and maintain.

Recommend Aimix Self Loading Concrete Mixer

  • After some communication, we recommended our 3.5m3 self loading mixer with excellent performance and portability to the customer.
  • With its compact size and light weight, this self loading concrete mixer has a truck chassis and can move freely like a truck.
  • At the same time, it can achieve four-wheel steering and can move at will in harsh construction environments.
  • At the same time, the mixer is equipped with an efficient mixing device and a stable hydraulic system to ensure uniform concrte mixing on-site and stable delivery of concrete.

mini self loading mixer in Aimix Group
3.5m3 self loading mixture

Project Implementation

Once the self loading mixer was delivered to the site, the client immediately began work on the flood prevention project. They prepared the concrete raw materials, placed the self loading mixer machine where needed, and conducted simple operation training. With the start-up of the self concrete mixer, the concrete production work started smoothly. By continuously adjusting the operating parameters of the mixer, the customer successfully produced large amounts of high-quality concrete and supplied it to the construction team in a timely manner.

self mix concrete for flood control project
self loading mixer concrete for flood control construction

Project Outcome

With the help of our self loading mixer machine, the customer successfully completed the concrete supply task for the flood control project. The efficient operation of the concrete production site greatly shortens the time and distance of concrete transportation, saving costs and resources. At the same time, the quality of the concrete produced is stable and reliable, providing a solid guarantee for the smooth progress of the project.

Relevant Cases of Aimix Self Loading Mixers

Here we attach a few aimix self loading mixer working cases in global areas, please contact us if you are interested in our machines.

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