Concrete Truck Mixer

Concrete truck mixer is the professional conveyor of mixed concrete, which plays insignificant role in construction projects. During transporting concrete, the mixing drum is rotating all the time. Therefore, the truck mixer will prevents the separation of the concrete and mortar. The trucks made by Aimix have good appearance, reliable safety and high cost performance. In recent years, we have exported the trucks to Southeast Asia, Africa, Russia and so on. Most of the clients give high appraise on our good trucks and first-class service.

Concrete Mixer Truck Sent to Kenya
Concrete Mixer Truck Sent to Kenya

Concrete Mixer Truck Sent to The Philippines
Concrete Mixer Truck Sent to The Philippines

First of all, you can watch the video of mixer drum testing.

Advantages of Aimix Concrete Mixing Truck

1. Long service life. The body of truck is made from wearing Q345 steel, and the average thickness is 6 millimeter. And the different parts of the body have different thickness. In order to expand the working life, we equip the wearable strips on the concrete mixers. Generally, the service life of Aimix truck is 1.5 times longer than the common cement mixing trucks made by other manufacturers.

2. Unique design. The concrete truck mixer adopts the revised logarithmic helical blade, and the blades are molded by the special mold. Because of the special design, the trucks can feed and discharge concrete quickly. Meanwhile, the concrete and mortar mixed by the truck are even.

3. High-quality configuration. In order to guarantee the high quality of the truck mixed concrete, the trucks are equipped with the excellent configuration. Such as CNC charging equipment, automatic welding equipment, several sets of self-developed jigs and fixtures.

4. Parented technology. We have several national parented technologies, including curve blade, anti-torsion beam, heating device of water tank etc.

5. Spray paint. There is a large spray painting manufacturing plant, which is occupies more than 15 thousand square meters. What’s more, we have special spray painting technology and fantastic lacquer. Therefore, the painted drum of the cement mixture truck has good out-looking, and it keeps the beautiful appearance for many years.

6. Reliable hydraulic system. All the hydraulic systems equipped on Aimix trucks adopts the imported products. And the hydraulic systems are mainly imported from German, Italy, America and so on.


drum capacity/m3 mixing volume/m3 geometric volume/m3 wheelbase of the chassis
3 4.5 7.35 4×2/3800
5 5.9 9.2 4×2/4200
6 6.75 10.3 4×2/4200
8 9.1 13.4 6×4/3200+1350
9 9.8 14.3 6×4/3600+1350
10 10.8 15.96 6×4/3800+1350
12 12.9 17.93 6×4/4000+1350
13 13.8 20.1 6×4/4000+1350
14 14.9 22.17 6×4/4000+1350
15 15.7 24.2 8×4/1800+3000+1350
16 17.1 26.77 8×4/1800+3600+1350
4m³ concrete truck mixer
4m³ concrete truck mixer

9m³ concrete mixer truck
9m³ concrete mixer truck

14m³ concrete mixer truck for sale
14m³ concrete mixer truck for sale

User-friendly Design

1. Installation of high-power work taillights. During working, the high-power taillight can lighten the construction site. And it will satisfy the requirement of operation. Meanwhile, it will guarantee the safety of the operators and trucks.

2. Secure steps and handrail. The steps have the features of preventing slippery, and it is wear-resisting. in addition, the handrails have reasonable design, which ensures the safety of the operators.

3. Self-locking cab. The self-locking cab increases the safety of the concrete cement mixer truck, because it will prevent from misoperation.

4. Elaborate design of the water system. There are several large tanks with different sizes in the water system, which provides enough water for mixing and cleaning. The system adopts several ways to water feeding, so that operators can select the suitable way to feed water.

5. Satisfying the special requirements. If the clients would like to implement the remote control and other intelligentized setting, we will make efforts to custom the concrete truck mixers for you.

details of concrete truck mixer
details of concrete truck mixer


High Technology of The Concrete Truck Mixer

Discharging: The drum and the upper parts adopt the numerical control equipment. Therefore, there is less errors for discharging. The high technology enables the high accuracy of the product, and improves the working efficiency greatly.

Welding: Aimix has top welding technology in in the same industry. The drums of the mixer cement truck are formed by the veneer reeling machine. What’s more, the key parts are welded by the digital welding inverter. The special automated welding ensures the high quality of the welding line.

Painting: Before painting, we get rid of the oil and rust from the drum and other parts. In this way, the painted parts will keep the beautiful appearance for long time. The usage of dust-free spray paint and baking enamel ensure better painting of the mixer concrete truck.

Final assembly: We design the reasonable processing layout and set the rigorous quality control system. And the high-quality productions and capability will benefit a lot from it.

Testing: After assembly and test, the new-made truck concrete mixer will be tested on the automatic test-line. In the test process, we will check all the items again. We believe that all the efforts we made will ensures the high reliability and safety of the mixture truck.

design of drum
design of drum
advanced technology
advanced technology
painting workshop
painting workshop
welding technology
welding technology

Use Of Attention

1. The pressure of the hydraulic system should match the requirement of the instruction, and the operators should not adjust it arbitrarily. In addition, the operators need to take care of the quality and quantity of the oil.

2. Before feeding concrete, the operators should clean the hydrops and other scrap materials out of the drum. During transporting the concrete, the drum should rotate continuously. Otherwise, the concrete or mortar will separate. When reaching the construction site and discharging, the drum had better rotate for 1 to 2 minutes. If the mixing drum stops steadily, the operators can enable the truck mixer concrete to discharge fluently.

3. In winter, the operators should check whether there is ice in the drum. After finishing operation, it is advisable to clean all the hydrops in the mixing drum and water system. Moreover, please remember to turn off the water pump and place the control handle to “stop”.

4. For the operators, it is very important to clean the cement truck mixer, especially completing discharging the materials, The operators can wash the feeding hopper, discharging hopper immediately.

5. When the truck cement mixer is working, never put your hand into the mixing drum. Besides, it is very dangerous to touch the discharging parts.

6. The operators should obey all the safe operating norms. The drivers of the concrete truck mixer must have accepted the professional training. Otherwise, it will do harm to the operators and cement mixing truck due to the mistakes.

Aimix concrete mixer trucks are very famous in China, because of their reliable quality. We all know that the cement mixer truck plays great role in the construction projects, and they often have relatively higher price. In order to make full use of the mixing truck, why not to purchase a good concrete truck mixer? If so, the trucks will help you to finish the task efficiently and safely. Whenever you need the trucks, you can leave your message here, and our salesman will contact you in 24 hours.

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