Concrete Mixer Truck Manufacturers

What kind of concrete mixer truck manufacturers would you want? There is no doubt that all the clients would like to select the reliable concrete mixer truck hydraulic systems manufacturers. In generally, the good manufacturer will offer high-quality mixer trucks for the clients. Therefore, the clients will feel free to use the trucks. Moreover, it will better if the manufacturer will provide the considerate service. If you want both good mixer trucks and perfect service, why not select Aimix Group? We promise that we will give the good trucks and service to satisfy your requirements. You will get more information about Aimix Group in the following context.

Aimix Group – One Of The Reputable Concrete Mixer Truck Manufacturers

Aimix Group is not a company with long history, but he is developing and energetic. Aimix Group is founded in 2013, which is concentrated on manufacturing and supplying of construction machines. We have won many certifications in recent years, and you can check the certifications in the following pictures. Better yet, we have our prominent advantages on manufacturing mixer truck. The advanced technology and reasonable price ensure high position of Aimix Group in Mixer truck industry. Recently, we have exported our mixer trucks to several countries. We do believe that we will we will gain recognition from all of the clients. Of course, if you need concrete mixer truck or other construction machines, you can feel free to contact us. Because we are not only the mini concrete truck manufacturers, but also leading enterprise in construction machinery industry.

Aimix Office
Aimix Office
Aimix Factory
Aimix Factory

Prominent Advantages of Aimix Concrete Mixer Truck

Reasonable design of the mixer drum
There are the revised logarithmic mixing blades in the drum. And the blades use the way of cold bruquetting, so that the blades will ensure fast feeding. Meanwhile, the special design will guarantee that the mixer drum will mixer concrete evenly.
reasonable design of mixer drum
reasonable design of mixer drum
Superior materials of trucks and mixer drums
All of the rolled steels are purchased from Ansteel’s and Baosteel’ So we can make sure that we manufacture each truck by using the superior material. In order to prolong the working life, we design that the different parts of the drum have different thickness. For example, we equip the wearable strips on the drum. The effective measures guarantee Aimix drums have longer working service than the ordinary drums. We professional cement mixer truck manufacturers will provide the clients with good mixer trucks.
Quality steel makes machine long-lasting
Quality steel makes machine long-lasting
Advanced manufacturing equipment
There are numerically controlled discharging equipment, automatic welding equipment, and other locally-developed equipment. The advanced equipment makes the trucks have reliable performance and quality. World-renowned brand of hydraulic system: in order to guarantee the high performance, we import the superior hydraulic systems. The main brands of the hydraulic systems includes German Rexroth, German ZF, Italy ARK, Italy TOP and so on.
famous-brand element
famous-brand element
Excellent painting technology
Beston painting workshop occupies more tham 15 thousand square meters. And we have have unique paint and painting technology. Even if the mixer tucks are used for long time, the mixer trucks will have beautiful and bright appearance.
baking varnish
baking varnish

Considerate Service From The Reliable Truck Concrete Mixer Manufacturers

We have the professional pre-sales team. We can offer the latest information about our mixer trucks in time. And the clients can get the details on the Internet. Whenever the clients are interested in the trucks, they can contact us by email, phone, fax and other ways easily.

The professional salesmen will communicate with the clients in time. The salesman will offer the information that the clients need. If the clients would like to visit our factory, the salesmen are the best guide. During communicating, the clients will try their best to solve the problems for them. Aimix is the famous and reliable China mixing truck manufacturer.

After the clients receive the mixer trucks, we will get touch with them immediately. We will make sure whether the mixer trucks are intact. Whenever the clients need technology support, we will help them in time. If the wearing accessories don’t work, they can get them easily in local market.

drum capacity/m3 mixing volume/m3 geometric volume/m3 wheelbase of the chassis
3 4.5 7.35 4×2/3800
5 5.9 9.2 4×2/4200
6 6.75 10.3 4×2/4200
8 9.1 13.4 6×4/3200+1350
9 9.8 14.3 6×4/3600+1350
10 10.8 15.96 6×4/3800+1350
12 12.9 17.93 6×4/4000+1350
13 13.8 20.1 6×4/4000+1350
14 14.9 22.17 6×4/4000+1350
15 15.7 24.2 8×4/1800+3000+1350
16 17.1 26.77 8×4/1800+3600+1350
3 m3 concrete mixer truck
3 m3 concrete mixer truck

8 m³ mixer truck
8 m³ mixer truck

12m³ concrete mixer truck for sale
12m³ concrete mixer truck for sale

16m³ concrete mixer truck for sale
16m³ concrete mixer truck for sale

Tips Of Daily Maintenance – From Mixer Cement Truck Manufacturers

As a concrete mixer truck manufacturer who has rich experience, we will give several tips about daily maintenance.

1. Before feeding materials, please wash the feeding port. In this way, the feeding port will keep wet when feeding materials in the drum. On the one hand, there will be less concrete left on the port. On the other hand, it is easy to

2. When feeding concrete, please remember to add water in the water tank. And the water will be used for washing drums after discharging materials

3. After feeding concrete, it is very necessary to remove the concrete left on the feeding port.

4. Please remember to wash the discharge chute after discharging concrete. Then you can wash the drum by the water stored in the water tank.

5. Keep the mixer drum rotating slowly and directly, when the trucks go back.

6. If the concrete mixer trucks need to transport concrete next time, please remove the waste in the drum.

7. Clean the mixer truck and the surroundings of the feeding port completely. There should be no cement and concrete on the mixing drum and feeding port.

If you have any questions when operating the trucks, you can get touch with the concrete mixer trucks manufacturers.

My dear friend, if you have a mini batching plant, the mixer trucks will be your good assistant. Because they can transport concrete to the construction site quickly. You can seek for the different volume concrete mixing trucks manufacturers in China. And Aimix Group is your ideal choice among all the commercial concrete mixer truck manufacturers. For early reply, you can leave your message in the following forms. Or you can send email to us. The salesman will offer the details and price soon.

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