Concrete Mixer Truck Capacity

Concrete mixer truck capacity is one of the most important factors to consider before purchasing the mixer truck. Generally speaking, you can get different capacity of cement truck here. In Aimix Group, the smallest capacity is 3 m3, and the largest capacity is over 12 m3. In recent years, Aimix mixer trucks have been exporting the trucks to foreign countries. Some of the clients have purchased the tucks from Aimix for several times. And they even recommend our trucks to their partners and friends. If you need concrete mixer trucks, there is no doubt that Aimix Group is your ideal choice.

Aimix Concrete Mixer Truck
Aimix Concrete Mixer Truck

Selling Points of Aimix 5 Yard Concrete Mixer Truck For Sale

1. The coaxial mixing drum ensures high stability of the drum, and the drum will keep stable even the truck running on the uneven road.2. Aimix Group has advanced painting technology. The advanced rust cleaning technology and painting technology ensure good outlook of the trucks and drums.

3. Coating technology guarantees that the lacqure has high adhesive force. In this way, the trucks will have bright appearance.

4. The hydraulic system of the trucks are installed in closed space, which assure the clean hydraulic system.

5. Before the trucks leave our factory, our professional engineers will test them seriously. We can promise that all of the trucks have reliable performance and quality.

6. Whenever the clients need the accessories, they will get them on the local markets. Besides, we will offer the considerate service for the clients.

Aimix Concrete Mixer Truck
Aimix Concrete Mixer Truck

The Main Features Of Aimix Concrete Mixer Truck

1. Hydraulic Transmission System

It mainly includes hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, reducer. Generally speaking, there are unitary type and split type of the system. For the unitary type, the three accessories are the one unit. It has compact structure and high bearing concrete mixer truck capacity. Moreover, it has low rate of failure and long working life. For the split type, it has reliable heat dissipation, and it is easy to check and maintain.

For the high performance and reliable quality, the key accessories of the system adopt German Rexroth, America Sauer, Italy ARK, Italy TOP and Italy PMP.

Hydraulic transmission system
Hydraulic transmission system

concrete mixer truck capacity
concrete mixer truck capacity

2. Capacity Of Concrete Mixer Truck

The capacity of the concrete mixer trucks are decided by the mixer drum. The working principle of the mixer drums are as follows: when the drum works, concrete are mixed with the rotating of the drum blades. When feeding concrete, the blades does forward to the inner of the drum. And they will convey concrete into the drum continuously. When discharging concrete, the drum will rotate reversely, and then it will discharge concrete soon.

Aimix concrete mixer drums are made from Q345 and the different concrete mixer truck specifications have different drum processing thickness. Commonly, the processing thickness is 4mm if the rmc truck capacity is lower than 6 m3 but higher than 3 m3. As for the concrete mixer truck capacity is lower than 10 m3, the thickness of drum is 5mm. In order to prolong the working life, the drum will be thicker than the common drums.

3. Water Supply Cleaning System

Most of the truck equip with the water supply cleaning system, because the water in the tank can clean drums at any time. If the clients purchase the mixer trucks from Aimix Group, they can purchase pneumatic type and hydraulic pressure type of cleaning system. The capacity of water tank on the concrete mixing truck is 450 litre. And it high concrete mixer truck capacity will provide enough water for drum cleaning.

Water supply cleaning system
Water supply cleaning system

Aimix Concrete Mixer Truck Capacity

Mixer trucks are the professional transportation to transport concrete, and there is mixing drum on the frame of the truck. In order to prevent concrete from consolidating, it is very necessary to blend the concrete during transporting. Moreover, the operators always wash the mixing drum to assure the mixing capacity of concrete truck. Otherwise, the solid concrete would take some space in the long run, and there would be less space for mixing. In additionally, the clients should know that the mixing capacity of a concrete truck takes over 50 percent of the cement mixer truck capacity theoretically. Therefore, the operator should take care of the feeding concrete truck mixer capacity. In the short term, the over concrete mixer truck capacity will lower the mixing quality of concrete. In the long run, it will shorten the working life of the trucks.

drum capacity/m3 mixing volume/m3 geometric volume/m3 wheelbase of the chassis
3 4.5 7.35 4×2/3800
5 5.9 9.2 4×2/4200
6 6.75 10.3 4×2/4200
8 9.1 13.4 6×4/3200+1350
9 9.8 14.3 6×4/3600+1350
10 10.8 15.96 6×4/3800+1350
12 12.9 17.93 6×4/4000+1350
13 13.8 20.1 6×4/4000+1350
14 14.9 22.17 6×4/4000+1350
15 15.7 24.2 8×4/1800+3000+1350
16 17.1 26.77 8×4/1800+3600+1350
3m3 Aimix concrete mixer truck
3m3 Aimix concrete mixer truck

6 m³ concrete mixer truck capacity
6 m³ concrete mixer truck capacity

9 m³ concrete mixer truck capacity
9 m³ concrete mixer truck capacity

12 m³ concrete mixer truck capacity
12m³ concrete mixer truck capacity

Concrete Mixer Truck Design

Concrete mixer truck mainly consists two parts: chassis and mixing drum.

For the chassis, it includes cab, engine, transmission system, driving system, steering system and braking system.

Cab: it is the special room for drivers, and the driver will control all the procedures of the truck. When driving on the road, the drivers can drive the truck with different speed. When feeding or discharging concrete, the driver can control the actions easily.

Engine: Engine is the supplying center, which supply enough for the truck to work. Therefore, most of the drivers call the engine as the “heart of the truck”.

Transmission system: The function of the transmission system is bring the power generated from engine to drive wheels. For the transmission system, it includes clutch, gearbox, drive axle, transmission shaft and so on.

Driving system: The driving system holds on the whole drum and other parts of the truck. And it ensures normal running of the truck. Moreover, if the concrete truck capacity is very high, the driving system should be much stronger.

Steering system: the steering system is composed of steering wheel and transmission system. Under the control of the driver, the truck will running safely. When driving the cars, the drivers should slow down the speed, especially start heading downhill. Because the cement truck capacity is so high that the drivers can hardly control the speed and directions easily.

Braking system: Each truck has independent braking system, so that the mixer trucks can slow down or stop running. As the reliable cement truck capacity manufacturers, we hope all of the drivers keep safe speed. No matter how reliable the braking system is, it can hardly assure the safety of the truck. Because some of the drivers drive trucks at high speed, which is very dangerous. Meanwhile, the high capacity of rmc truck will increase speed and decrease safety. So we advocate that all of the concrete mixer truck drivers will drive trucks safely.

details of mixer truck system
details of mixer truck system

Types Of Concrete Mixer Trucks

According to the driving form, there are mainly four types of trucks: 4*2, 6*2, 6*4, 8*4. For example, 6*4 means that this truck has six vehicle wheels and four driving wheels. The clients can select the suitable type on the basis of the special requirements.

Sorting by the capacity of cement truck, Aimix Group offers 3 m3, 4 m3, 6 m3, 8 m3, 10 m3, 12 m3 and other capacities of trucks. If the clients have special requirements, we will try our best to design the best trucks for you.

There are different truck capacity for sale in Aimix Group. If you want a mixer truck, you can consider concrete mixer truck size and concrete truck capacity yards first. Whenever you contact us, we will offer best tucks and warmly service for you.

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