Concrete Mixer Pump

Concrete mixer pump in AIMIX Group is cost-effective concrete equipment, that combines a concrete mixer and a concrete pump. Obviously, its functions consist of two parts: mixing and pumping function.
concrete mixer pump in AIMIX Group
Due to these functions, many clients all over the world have used the concrete mixer with pump for different applications, especially in diverse engineering constructions. First, you can take a look at which engineering projects AIMIX’s mixing pumps have been used by customers.

Usages of Concrete Mixer Pump Machine in Various Engineering Projects

The concrete mixer with pump machine exhibits unique advantages in various engineering projects because of the ability of mixing and pump concrete mixture simultaneously at the construction sites. Here are some common usages of the concrete mixing pump trailer. Check how they are used in these projects.

Using Concrete Pump and Mixer for House Construction

House & Building Construction

The mixer pump concrete is extensively used in house and building construction projects for tasks, like pouring foundations, slabs, columns, and beams.

For Road Construction - AIMIX Mix Pump Concrete

Road Construction

It mainly undertake these tasks in the road construction projects, such as paving sidewalks, curbs, and gutters. The ability to transport and pump concrete on-site enables rapid construction progress and ensures high-quality road surfaces.

Mix Pump For Slope Construction

Slope Protection Construction

The slope protection construction projects mainly use the concrete mix pump utilized in for stabilizing and reinforcing slopes to prevent erosion and landslides. And it offers the advantage of precise concrete placement on steep or inaccessible slopes.

Concrete Mixing Pump for Warehouses

Industrial Facility Construction

The mixer concrete pump is also popular in the industrial facility construction projects. In general, people use it for building warehouses, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers.

Applied for Tunnel Construtction

Tunnel Construction

For tunnel construction, it is not easy for placing concrete mixture through large size equipment. The small concrete pump and mixer is the best choice. It can finish the works: lining tunnel walls, constructing tunnel segments, and grouting.

The above listed are the common usages of concrete mixing and pumping machine, it also have other applications according to actual construction requirements. AIMIX concrete mixer pump also has spread all over the world. It also has been used for the above projects. You can check some cases for reference.

Construction Project Case Of Customers Using Cement Mixer Pump

Until now, AIMIX has manufactured and exported over 800 units of concrete mixing pumps to the global market. Most clients have positive feedback on our equipment and sent us some working pictures and videos of carrying on construction projects. Check these cases below.

As the cases show, the ABJZ40C model is the best choice for customers’ projects. Let’s take a look at how many type of concrete mixer with pump for sale there are in AIMIX. And I would also explain why the ABJZ40C model is the most popular model.

Variety of Concrete Pump Mixer Models Available to Choose From

At AIMIX Group, the naming of cement mixer with pump models takes into account a variety of factors, including capacity, power source, and mixing method. Taking the ABJZ40C model for example:

  • The Letter Z means the type of concrete mixer used in the equipment
  • The number 40 represents its capacity.
  • A letter C refers to the diesel engine

Thus, the ABJZ40C refers to 40 cubic meters diesel concrete mixer pump trailer with drum concrete mixer.

Aimix ABJZ40C Mixing and Pumping Machine

Below I will focus on introducing different models based on the mixing methods. According to the mixing system, there are two ways of mixing concrete mixture: drum-type pump mix concrete and forced pump mixer concrete.

A. Drum Type Concrete Mix Pumping Machine

It has a drum as the mixing structure. The mixing cylinder is a double cone-shaped cylinder. When the drum rotates, the concrete in it falls down and starts mix under the influence of on the gravity.

AIMIX concrete mixer and pumping machine has such series: ABJZ30 series and ABJZ40 series. What’s more, each series can be equipped with diesel engine or motor. Thus, the concrete pump drum mixer models include ABJZ30C, ABJZ30D, ABJZ40C, and ABJZ40D.

ABJZ30C Concrete Mixer Pump with Diesel Engine

ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mix Pump

B. Compulsory Type Concrete Mixer and Pump

It is another type of concrete mixer pump for sale. Compared with drum-type, it is more effective. Because we equip more advanced concrete mixer for the portable concrete pump with mixer machine.

The concrete mixer has two agitator shafts inside. When it works, the motor drives twin shaft to rotate in reverse direction in order to achieve uniform mixing and get a better mixing effect.

Our compulsory concrete mix and pump includes ABJS40D-JS500 and ABJS40D-JS750. Any interested in this type of concrete mixer pump for sale, send us an inquiry directly.

ABJS40D-JS750 Compulsory Concrete Mixer and Pump
ABJS40D-JS750 Compulsory Type Mixer and Pump

Accordingly, in comparison with ordinary concrete pump, concrete pump and mixer is more efficient. Because it saves the time on using a concrete mixer to mix concrete. What is more, since it merges mixer and pump into one, it takes less people to operate, which leads to a less labor costs.

Max. theo. concrete output(L./H)M3/h3040
Mixer rated feed capacitym30.560.56
Mixer rated discharge capacitym30.350.45
Max.concrete pumping pressure(H./L.)MPa1010
Distribution valve typeS Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokemmΦ140×1000Φ180×1000
Hopper capacityL400400
Outlet diametermmΦ150Φ150
Diesel engine modelWeichaiWeichai
Electrical engineering powerKW3782
Rotate speedr/min14802200
Circuit typeOpen circuit
Pumping system pressureMPa2632
Mixing system pressureMPa6-86
Capacity of oil tankL260350
Max. Theoretical Vertical/Horizontal Conveying Distancem120/300120/500
Max. aggregate diametermmSlick/scree:10/20Slick/scree:40/50
Inside diameter of delivering pipemmΦ100Φ125
Total weightkg30004500

Max. theo. concrete output(L./H)M3/h30404040
Mixer rated feed capacitym30.560.560.560.56
Mixer rated discharge capacitym30.350.450.50.75
Max.concrete pumping pressure(H./L.)MPa101088
Distribution valve typeS Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokemmΦ140×1000Φ180×1000Φ200×1000Φ200×1000
Hopper capacityL400400400400
Outlet diametermmΦ150Φ150Φ180Φ180
Winding motor powerKW5.
Stir the motorPowerKW4.54.518.530
Water pump motor poweKW0.550.550.750.75
Electrical engineering powerKW37454545
Rotate speedr/min1480148014801480
Circuit typeOpen circuit
Pumping system pressureMPa26262828
Mixing system pressureMPa6-86-86-86-8
Capacity of oil tankL260370370370
Max. Theoretical Vertical/Horizontal Conveying Distancem120/300120/500120/500120/500
Max. aggregate diametermmSlick/scree:10/20Slick/scree:40/50Slick/scree:40/50Slick/scree:40/50
Inside diameter of delivering pipemmΦ100Φ125Φ125Φ125
Total weightkg3000450045005000

Why ABJZ40C Model Well-received Among Users?

Eighty percent of clients has adopted the ABJZ40C concrete mixer pump with diesel engine for different usages. We have also done surveys on some ABJZ40C cement mixer and pump clients. The following are the reasons stated by customers for choosing it.

ABJZ40C Model Concrete mixer pump working in the Philippines

Efficient Equipment

“ABJZ40C has greater production capacity than ABJ30 series. For our projects, high throughput means the ability to produce concrete faster, resulting in more efficient construction and shorter construction schedules.”

Competitive Price

“The ABJZ40C AIMIX concrete mixer pump price is more competitive than ABJZ40D. It achieve higher performance and efficiency without sacrificing quality, resulting in better ROI.”

Nearby Applications

“AIMIX has more ABJZ40C application cases near me. I have inspected this model of trailer concrete pump mixer machine on the spot and it is trustworthy, so I purchased it.”

Positive Customer Reviews

“AIMIX ABJZ40C diesel mixing pump has been proven in many projects, and I have checked many customers’ positive comments. Therefore, you can’t go wrong by choosing it, which ensures that our project can proceed smoothly.”

Aimix ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump for Rural Construction
ABJZ40C Mixing Pump for house construction in philippines

If you also want to purchase one, please write down your requirements right now. Our manager will contact you back soon.

Although this model is hot-sale, it is not suitable for your projects. Therefore, before you are ready to buy mixer pump, figure out which type you need is just the first step. Here are some suggestions when buying a best concrete mixer with pump for sale.

Suggestions Of Purchasing Concrete Mixer And Pump

1. Evaluate The Systems Carefully

Mixer pump is composed of different systems, including hydraulic system, mechanical system, electronic control system, lubrication system and cooling system. Only if each system is good enough and cooperate with each other very well, then this concrete mixer pump can be considered as a purchasable.

Let us take Aimix concrete mixer with pump as an example.

A. It adopts open hydraulic system. And the main pump oil circuit and the swinging oil circuit is independent, which is easy to detect the trouble in time.

B. Its mechanical system is also reliable. Most of its part in mechanical system adopts high-quality raw materials. For example, the wear plate and cutting ring are made from wear-resistant alloy materials. Thus the service life of the whole machine is guaranteed.

C. As for its electronic control system, one of its shinning points is that the mobile concrete mixer pump has the feature of remote control, which is convenient for workers to operate it in a rather narrow place.

electric control system of mixing pump
electric control system of mix pump
Remote Control Device

D. Its lubrication system is automatic centralized lubrication system and its cooling system is air cooling radiator. So it can ensure that the pump keeps working smoothly and deduces fault rate.

As a matter of fact, it is more effective to visit the factory directly. In that way, you can observe each systems vividly. No matter when you want to visit our factory, just contact us and we can arrange it for you.

2. Pay Attention to Delivery Date

When you are planning to buy a concrete mixer pump, there are some details which you need to consider, such as the models of cement mixer and pump, the number of mixer pump, the delivery date and so on. Among them, delivery date is very crucial.

Delivering ABJZ40C Mixer Pump to Clients
Exporting ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer with Pump to Clients

3. Learn More about After-sales Service

Here is the third suggestion that you should know. Well after-sales service helps you to operate and maintain your cement mixer pump better. In Aimix, we have set up a professional after-sales service department, which is responsible for offering free training, including basic product knowledge and maintenance method. Besides, we also have a vulnerable parts manufacturing plant, which can ensure the supply of original spare parts. If you have to change certain broken parts, you will get its replacement very soon.

After-sales Service for AIMIX Concrete Pump

How Does The Concrete Mixer with Pump Work?

The working process of concrete mixture pump is easy. It can be divided into several steps as follows:



Load the cement, sand, gravel, and water into the mixer drum through wheel loader or other loading equipment.


Inside the mixer drum, rotating blades or paddles thoroughly mix the ingredients to create a homogeneous concrete mixture. The mixing process continues until achieving the desired consistency.


After the concrete is mixed, the hydraulic system of the pump engages to initiate pumping. The concrete mixing pumping machine applies pressure to push the concrete mixture through the delivery pipe.


As the concrete is pumped through the delivery pipe, the operator controls the flow rate and direction using the pump’s control panel. The flexible hose at the end of the delivery pipe can ensure the precise placement of concrete at the desired location.


After the concrete placement is complete, the mixer drum and delivery system need to be cleaned to prevent hardened concrete blockage. Use the water to flush the mixer drum and the delivery pipe, ensuring they are ready for the next batch of concrete.

AIMIX Group also have taken a video of complete cement mixer pumping machine workflow for better understanding. Check it below.

Factors Influencing The Concrete Mixer with Pump Machine Price

The price of concrete mixer pump for sale is diverse in the market. It is associated with many factors. Here are some key factors that affecting the concrete mixer pump machine price.

Equipment Specifications

The specifications of the concrete mixer and pump for sale, such as its capacity, pumping distance, and pumping rate, can significantly affect the price. Higher capacity and longer pumping distance abilities generally result in a higher price.

Features and Technology

Advanced features, such as remote control operation, automatic lubrication systems, and integrated safety features, can increase the price of the concrete mixer with pump machine. Additionally, equipment equipped with the latest technology, such as intelligent control systems or energy-saving features, may come at a premium concrete mixer with pump cost.

Manufacturer and Supplier

The reputation, reliability, and quality of the manufacturer and supplier influence the price of the machine. Well-known concrete pump mixer manufacturers may command higher prices due to producing durable and efficient equipment.

After-Sales Support and Warranty

The level of after-sales service, warranty coverage, and technical support provided by the manufacturer or supplier can impact the price. The concrete mix pump with comprehensive support and service offerings may have a higher price point.

Electric Concrete Mix Pump for Seaside Trestle Project
After-sales Service for Concrete Mixer Pump

Therefore, the prices are varied for different factors. When you purchase one, please consider the most important factors. If you want to get AIMIX concrete mixer pump price list, welcome to contact us and send us an inquiry through the following form, email, and tel. Then we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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