Common Faults and Maintenance Guides of Stone Crusher Plant

During the operating process of a stone crusher plant, some faults may be caused, which can affect the performance and productivity of stone crushing plants. In order to avoid such problems, we provide some useful methods to fix this kind of problems.
stone crusher plant

Common Stone Crusher Failures

Usually, there are the following faults.

Blockage or Jamming

Excessive raw material size or improper operation to the crushed stone plant may cause some blockage issues in the discharge port of the stone crusher, thereby causes the shutdown of the stone crusher plant. Without a doubt, clearing the jam and taking steps to prevent it from happening again are the priorities to do.

Parts Have Wear Problems

Due to long-term operation and high-frequency use, some stone crusher plant parts, such as crushing plates, rotors, etc., may become worn. Wear parts may need to be replaced periodically to ensure proper operation of the stone crusher plant for sale.

stone crusher plant layout
what is stone crusher plant

Motor Failure

The motor is a key component of the stone crushing plant for sale. Motor failure may cause the equipment to fail to start normally or shut down. Causes of motor failure may include power problems, internal motor faults, etc.

Hydraulic System Problems

The hydraulic system in the stone crushing and screening plant is used to control the movement and adjustment of the whole plant. Problems with the hydraulic system may lead to unstable stone crusher plant working, material jamming and other failures.

Control System Failure

The control system is the core part of the stone crusher plant, which is in charge of controlling all aspects of the equipment. Failure of the control system may cause problems such as the inabilities of the equipment to work properly and adjust working parameters.

Vibration & Noise Issues

Abnormal vibration and noise may be caused by problems such as stone crusher plant imbalance, worn or loose parts, etc. These problems may require timely adjustments and maintenance.

50 tph stone crusher plant
stone crusher plant 50tph

Dust Problem

A large amount of dust may be generated during the operation of the automatic stone crusher plant. If the dust collection and suppression system fails, it may affect the normal operation of the equipment and have a negative impact on the health of the operators.

Bearing Failure

The bearings in the stone crusher plants may be subject to great pressure during long-term operation, leading to bearing failure. Bearing failure can cause equipment to operate erratically and bring about abnormal noise.

Electrical Problems

Failures in electrical systems may include broken cables, connection problems, faulty switches, and so on. These problems can cause the stone crushing plants to not function properly or create electrical safety risks.

automatic stone crusher plant
crushed stone plant

Impact of Environmental Conditions

Harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, humidity or pollution, may affect the normal operation of the stone crusher plants.

After knowing those faults and mulfunctions, you maybe want to know how to fix those problems. Now, we give you some guides and methods to help you reduce the failure rate and maintain those faults.

Methods To Reduce the Failure Rate and Maintain Faults

We provide a few ways to reduce the failure rate and maintain faults during your use of stone crusher plants. Check now.

Choose the Right Crusher Machine to Deal With Different Raw Stone Materials

The crusher machine is the core component of the stone crusher plant. A suitable stone crusher machine can ensure that the stone crusher plant processes raw materials efficiently while avoiding material jamming and blockage. Different types of raw materials may require different types of crusher machines to ensure optimal crushing results.

What Are the Types of Crusher Machines?

The crusher machines used in the stone crusher plants mainly include jaw crusher, cone crusher, and impact crusher.

Jaw Crusher
Jaw Crusher

Cone Crusher
Cone Crusher

impact crusher
Impact Crusher

How to Choose A Suitable Crusher Machine for Different Types of Raw Materials?

Analyze the Hardness and Size of Raw Stone Materials

When selecting a crusher machine for different types of raw materials, you should first analyze the hardness of the raw materials, and their feed particle sizes.

  1. For example, when the raw materials are hard rocks, such as granite, basalt, iron ore, and copper ore, the hardness of these raw materials is relatively high, and the feed size is relatively large, basically between 350-600mm.
    Iron Ore
    Iron Ore

    Jaw crusher is more suitable for crushing this type of harder stone.

    Advantages of jaw crusher: The powerful crushing force of the jaw crusher is due to the pressure between its movable jaw and stationary jaw. This pressure is enough to crush hard rock into the desired particle size. The jaw plate of the jaw crusher has a large swing angle, which is also called large-scale jaw movement. This design allows the jaw plate to better adapt to the irregular shape of hard rock and improves crushing efficiency.
    Working Principle of Jaw Crusher
    Working Principle of Jaw Crusher

  2. When the raw material is soft rock, such as limestone, shale, or construction waste, which is highly brittle and has low hardness, impact crusher can often provide a more uniform crushing effect.
    Construction Waste
    Construction Waste

    Advantages of impact crusher: There is a high-speed rotating rotor inside the impact crusher. When the raw materials enter the crushing cavity, the high-speed rotating rotor causes the hammer head to generate high-speed impact force. The raw materials are strongly collided and broken under the impact of the hammer head. This working principle allows the impact crusher to play a good role in crushing brittle or slightly soft stones.
    working principle of impact crusher

However, we cannot only consider the hardness of the raw materials, but also need to consider other factors.

Consider the Finished Particle Size Required For Different Projects

Different construction projects need different finished particle size. If you want to obtain finer aggregate, you often need multi-stage crushing, and integrate two or more crusher machines to work together to obtain fine aggregate. The crusher machines may need primary crusher, secondary crusher, and tertiary crusher, etc.

Usually, use the jaw crusher as the primary crusher can often avoid material jamming problems. During the primary crushing process, the jaw crusher can crush the raw materials into about 100mm. Then, use other crusher machines to continue crush the raw materials into finer aggregates of 0-40mm.

Now, we will attach some cases to further explain it to you.

  1. 60TPH Stone Crusher Plant for Mountain Rock
    60tph stone crusher plant
    Equipment Configuration: Feeder machine, jaw crusher, cone crusher, and screening machine.
    Why Use Two Crusher Machines?: The raw materials are mountain rocks, which belongs to hard rocks. Therefore, we use a jaw crusher to perform primary crushing until the raw rocks are crushed into 100mm. Next, we also equip a cone crusher to help customers further process the 100mm rocks into 0-38mm construction aggregate. Compared with the jaw crusher, the cone crusher is more suitable for the secondary crushing or fine crushing.

    With the help of these two crusher machines, the large mountain rocks can be successfully crushed into four grades: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, and 20-38mm. At the same time, the jaw crusher and the cone crusher individually perform their duties so that each part of the stone crusher plant are well protected from failures.

    jaw crusher in stone crusher plant
    cone crusher in stone crusher plant
    conveyor belts in stone crusher plant

  2. 150TPH Stone Crusher Plant for Basalt
    150TPH stone crusher plant
    Equipment Configuration: feeder, jaw crusher, medium crushing compound cone crusher, fine crushing compound cone crusher, and screening machine.
    Advantages of the combinatin of jaw crusher and cone crushers: Utilizing the respective crushing characteristics of jaw crusher and cone crusher can optimize the production process and improve the production capacity of the entire crushing system.
    150TPH stone crushing plants
    The jaw crusher and cone crusher can be used as primary and secondary crushing equipment respectively to form a multi-stage crushing system. Primary crushing is completed by the jaw crusher, which initially crushes the raw materials, and then transports the broken materials to the cone crusher for secondary crushing through a conveyor belt, which can more fully refine the materials and improve the overall crushing efficiency. At the same time, you can avoid using one device too many times and reduce energy and equipment consumption.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Develop a regular maintenance and overhaul plan, including disassembly and inspection of key components to identify potential problems and resolve them promptly.

  • Check and replace lubrication and parts to ensure that all stone crusher plant parts remain in good condition.
  • Regularly inspect the electrical system, including cables, connectors and switches, to ensure stable operation of the electrical system.
  • Regularly clean and maintain dust collection and suppression systems to ensure that dust during equipment operation does not have a negative impact on machine performance and operator health.
  • Make a regularly check and replacement for the bearing lubricating oil to ensure that the bearings are in good lubrication condition to prevent bearing failure.

180TPH stone crusher plant

Apply Intelligent Monitoring System

Utilize modern technology, such as intelligent monitoring systems, to monitor stone crusher plant operating conditions in real time, detect abnormalities in a timely manner and take preventive measures.

  • Establish a vibration and noise monitoring system to detect and solve abnormal vibration and noise problems in a timely manner to prevent failure of stone crusher machine plant.
  • Monitor environmental conditions, especially in harsh climate conditions, and take necessary protective measures to mitigate the environmental impact on stone crusher plants.

Train Employees

Training employees to rightly operate the stone crusher plants can prevent 80% machine failures. Therefore, ask the stone crusher plant manufacturer to supply the training services would be important thing to do.

  • Provide training to equipment operators to ensure they understand correct operating procedures, including start-up, shutdown, adjustments and emergency handling.
  • In addition to his, train professional maintenance personnel to quickly identify and solve problems, ensuring the stone crusher plant is maintained in a timely and effective manner. During the operation of the equipment, personnel should always follow the operating manual and specified working parameters to avoid overload operation and improper use of stone crusher machine plant.

AIMIX service team

Aimix has a professional engineers team and many local partners who can provide training services for you. Besides, our partners are from Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, UZ, and so on. No matter where you are from, Aimix Group can bring you the best training services.

In general, comprehensively adopting these methods, can help prevent and solve these common faults and ensure the reliability and long-term operation of the stone crusher plant.
We sincerely hope these methods are useful for you. Contact us any time if you still have any problems.

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