Big Dry Mortar Plant

Big dry mortar plant, from its name, we can know that it is mainly for large construction site which has large demands of dry mortar. Nowadays, it is ordinary that the dry mortar is used in the construction projects, for masonry, coating and screeding. More importantly, using dry mortar can save a lot of time, labor and cost. Aimix Group has concentrated on big dry mortar plant industry for decades. As one of China big dry mortar plant suppliers, we have exported our equipment all over the world, including Pakistan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Qatar, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Romania, Peru, Korea, Sri Lanka etc. With many years’ manufacturing experience, we promise to offer machine with high quality and perfect performance. According to following pictures, you can see our equipment working on various construction site in the world.

Big Dry Mortar Plant In Iran
Big Dry Mortar Plant In Iran
Dry mix mortar plant in Cambodia
Dry mix mortar plant in Cambodia

Diverse Types of Dry Mortar

For China big dry mortar plant, it can produce different kinds of dry mortar for various purposes. Dry mortar can be divided into two kinds: common mortar and special mortar. In general, the ordinary mortar has masonry mortar, surface mortar and screeding mortar. While, there are many types of special mortar: tile adhesive mortar, mortar-chalked joint, thermal mortar, anti-water mortar, colored mortar self-leveling mortar etc.

Mix Proportion of Some Mortar

Due to different kinds of mortar for various uses,  we should mix the mortar by a certain proportion. In this way, the mortar can better serve on construction sites. You can check following picture to get basic information of ordinary mortar proportion.

Mix Proportion of Some Mortar
Mix Proportion of Some Mortar

Advantages of Big Dry Mortar Plant Made in China

1.Wide application in construction industry. Wall putty mortar, rendering mortar, masonry mortar, tile adhesive mortar and waterproof mortar all can come into use in various construction sites.

2.In China big dry mortar plant factory, Aimix has equipped with triple-cylinder dryer to reduce sand water content under 0.5 %, which can conform to international standard.  Therefore, it can promote the efficiency of heat transfer and save energy.

3.Material weighing. The weighing system is so significant because proportion should be controlled accurately. It can control the accuracy of weighing according to different formulas.

4.Efficient mixing. The big dry mortar plant adopts twin shaft paddle mixer to improve the uniformity and mixing efficiency.

5.Full-automatic control system. Aimix – big dry mortar plant manufacturing company has applied to international famous brands electrical elements and PLC controller, which is convenient for operators to operate and maintain.

30t big dry mortar plant
30t big dry mortar plant

50t big mortar plant
50t big mortar plant

Whether to Invest into Big Dry Mortar Plant Product

Investing into a big dry mortar plant is a series issue. Therefore, many people will be anxious about whether to invest into one. However, they are not clear about the big dry mortar plant for sale. Here is some basic information about bit plant. Hope it can help you before you make a decision on plants in big dry mortar plant manufacturer.

1.High cost. Because it is large equipment, the cost is higher than small and middle dry mortar plant naturally.

2.High automation. The big dry mortar plant belongs to automatic plant, which has high automation. It can be controlled and operated easily through electric controlling system.

3.Long cycle of capital recovery. It is a huge investment, therefore, it may take a long time to get profits. Indeed, longer time of running, higher returns obtaining.

4.Basically all comes with a bulk system. It is convenient for users to control the mortar.

5.The big dry mortar plant wholesale is not suitable for small investor and customers from developing countries.

Models GJ05 GJ10 GJ15 GJ20 GJ30 GJ40 GJ50 GJ60 GJ80 GJ100
(T/H )
5 10 15 20 30 40 50 60 80 100
Control  Semi-auto/Full auto

Main Components of Big Mortar Plant

1.Large storage tank of raw materials

The large tank is to store bulk of raw materials, such as cement, fly ash, sand etc. Usually, for the big dry mortar plant, it adopts 50t and 100t cement silo. The material silos generally include: cement silo, fly ash silo and sand silo. For cement and fly ash, it uses tank wagons to feed; while, for sand, it feed through bucket elevator.

2.Sand drying device

It is for removing moisture from wet sand. This system consists of these components: feeding machine, bucket elevator, hot air stove, sieve, dust removal, cooling, conveying and lifting. The sand drying device better matches with big small dry mortar plants.

sand drying
sand drying

3.Batching machine

It is composed of hopper measuring scale, screw conveyor, discharging device, force sensing device and computer control system. It can automatically measure different raw materials according to the formula, which can reduce labor strength, environmental pollution and guarantee the quality of dry mortar.


Uniformity mixing; wear-resistant and fast feeding speed. Aimix big dry mortar plant company adopts twin-shaft weightless mixer, which can ensure uniformity mixing and high efficiency.  Besides, the inner part of the main engine is with high manganese wear-resistant lining with thickness up to 20mm, which has longer service life and easier to be changed.


5.Dry mortar packaging machine

There are two kinds of packing machine: open packing machine and valve packing machine. In big dry mortar plant factory, we mainly manufacturers valve pocket machine, because it does not require seam, only one person operating. The open type can pack all kinds of materials but need to seam. Compared with valve type, it need more than one person to operate.

open mouth packing machine
open mouth packing machine
valve packing machine
valve packing machine

6.Dust removal

It is used to recover dust in dry mortar production line. The suction port is generally located at the top pf cement silo., lift feeder and filling machine etc.

7.Conveying and lifting system

The material conveying method used in the silo of production line include: horizontal conveying and vertical conveying. Besides, horizontal conveying can use screw conveyor; vertical conveying usually adopts bucket elevator and electric hoist.

8.Automatic industrial control system

It consists of PLC control board, high electric cabinet, touch screen and computer. Dry mortar is manufactured by industrialization, in addition, raw materials and mix proportion are strictly controlled to ensure the quality of mortar.

electric control
electric control

Aimix Group, a China big dry mortar plant manufacturer, has specialized on dry mortar mix plant for decades. In addition, we have manufactured many kinds of plants: simple dry mortar plant, small dry mortar plant, middle dry mix mortar plant and big dry mortar plant etc. Aimix – China big dry mortar plant manufacturing company will serve you better with professional attitude and reasonable price.

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