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Basalt Crusher

Basalt crusher refers to the crushing equipment to process large black basalt to more manageable sizes. The crushed basalt rock is used as the best raw materials for building roads, railways, and airport runways, and as aggregate for high-rise buildings. Therefore, basalt would be a valuable resource for you to invest in and mine. First, let’s have an understanding of the basalt material.
AIMIX Basalt Crusher Working On-site

Is the Basalt Hard to Crush?

Is the Basalt Hard to Crush? Yes, it is. The basalt is a hard and dense rock, making it challenging to crush. The Mohs hardness of basalt reaches 5 to 7, the SiO2 content is 45% to 52%, and the volume density is 2.8 to 3.3g/cm3. The dense one has a very high compressive strength, which can be as high as 300MPa, sometimes even higher. When glassy and pores are present, the intensity is somewhat reduced.

basalt aggregate

Basalt has very high durability and often has a pentagonal or hexagonal surface, forming many columnar structures. Due to its brittleness, it is not easy to extract large pieces of basalt. However, with the right basalt rock crusher, the basalt can be effectively crushed into desired sizes. Well, here I recommend some crushers commonly used in basalt crushing plants for reference.

basalt - raw material
basalt materials

Choosing The Right Basalt Crusher to Process Aggregate and Sand

The crushed basalt is regarded as the best aggregate and sand for different uses. How to crush basalt into aggregate and sand? Now I will show you the basalt crushing process and what kind of basalt gravel crusher is best to use in the crushing process.

Crusher Choice in Different Stages of Basalt Crushing Process Line

In the design of crushing basalt into aggregate, crushing equipment based on the lamination principle should be used as much as possible to reduce the loss of wear-resistant parts. The typical lamination equipment configuration is a two-stage jaw crusher or a jaw crusher plus cone crusher process configuration.

If the customer has higher requirements on the particle size of the stone, such as sand making, a VSI crusher can be configured for integral crushing, thus forming a three-stage crushing process configuration. Check the details of crushing stages below.

Basalt Crushing Plant On-site

First Crushing Stage – Basalt Jaw Crusher

The basalt raw materials are large in size and require an advanced jaw basalt stone crusher for crushing. The large stones can be broken into medium particles at one time to prepare for the second crushing.

First Crushing Stage Using Basalt Jaw Crusher

Second Stage Medium Fine crushing – Cone Crusher

After the crushed basalt gravel transported to the cone crusher is medium and finely crushed, it is screened using a circular vibrating screen. Materials that are too large would be returned to the cone crusher for crushing again. Why use the cone basalt crushers as the secondary basalt crushing?

APC-132C Compound Cone Crusher for Basalt
APC-110C Cone Basalt Crush Machine

Because the basalt has a high silicon content and high hardness. If you choose to use impact crushing or hammer crushing for medium and fine crushing, it will cause too much wear and tear on the basalt crusher machines and cause high maintenance costs in the future. Therefore, using cone crushing is a reasonable choice.

Three-stage Sand Making and Shaping – VSI Crusher

If you want to reshape basalt stones or further break them into sand, you need to use VSI crusher. The hardness of basalt is too high and other sand making machines are not durable. Only the impact of “stone on stone” can reduce the pure impact on the machine and use the impact between stones to achieve the crushing effect.

Three-stage Sand Making and Shaping Through VSI Crusher

The above is the conventional configuration in a basalt crushing line, which mainly includes jaw crusher, cone crusher, and VSI crusher. However, the actual specific configuration needs to be determined according to the actual situation. Recently the AIMIX engineer has customized a basalt crushing solution for clients. Check the solution below.

Customized Basalt Crusher Plant for Concrete Production

Customer Requirements:

  • Applications: Crush basalt extracted from mountainous areas to manufacture sand and gravel aggregates suitable for standard concrete applications.
  • Maximum size of raw materials: 500mm
  • Desired Output: Four categories of sand, ranging in size from 0 to 38mm
  • Production Capacity: 150TPH

150tph Basalt Crusher Plant for Concrete Production

Customized crushing configuration:

APJ-6090E (jaw crusher) + APC-132C-M (medium crushing compound cone crusher) + APC-132C-F (fine crushing compound cone crusher)

Why Use These Basalt Crushers?

  • APJ-6090E: Capable of handling large-sized raw materials up to 500mm
  • APC-132C-M: The 65-180mm crushed basalt near me from primary crushing, then processing them into 10-25mm.
  • APC-132C-F: The client needed some aggregates from 10-15mm. Thus, using the fine crushing cavity of APC-132C to achieve it.
  • 10-25mm crushed basalt material
    10-15mm crushed basalt material

    As the case shows, the processed basalt aggregate is mainly for sand gravel for concrete production. Indeed, the crushed basalt has different usages. Check its applications.

    What is Crushed Basalt Used For?

    Crushed basalt finds applications in various construction projects due to its exceptional properties. Some common uses of crushed basalt include:

    Crushed Basalt for Road and Railway Construction

    Road and Railway Construction

    Crushed basalt is commonly used as a sub-base material in road and railway construction. It provides a stable foundation and helps distribute the load from the surface layers.

    Basalt Used As Concrete and Asphalt Aggregate

    Concrete and Asphalt Aggregate

    It adds strength and durability to the construction material and improves its performance under various weather conditions.

    Basalt for Erosion Control and Drainage Systems

    Erosion Control and Drainage Systems

    The crushed basalt material is often used in the construction of retaining walls, embankments, and slopes to prevent soil erosion and provide stability.

    Basalt For Landscaping


    Basalt’s dark color and angular shape make it an attractive option for landscaping projects. It can be used for pathways, driveways, garden borders, and decorative features in gardens and parks.

    Crushed Basalt Gabion Walls

    Gabion walls

    Gabion walls, which are wire mesh containers filled with stones, often utilize crushed basalt as the filling material. The interlocking nature of crushed basalt stones provides stability and strength to the structure

    How to Choose A Basalt Crusher?

    Choosing the right basalt crusher can greatly improve the efficiency of the crushing process and ensure that the final product meets the desired specifications. When choosing a basalt crusher for sale in the market, you need to consider several factors. Here are some factors for reference:

    Production Requirements

    Determine the desired output size, capacity, and production goals to select a rock crusher that meets those needs.

    Operational Costs

    Evaluate the energy consumption, maintenance requirements, and overall operating costs associated with different crusher options.

    Quality and Shape of Final Product

    Consider the desired shape, gradation, and particle size distribution of the crushed basalt required for the project.

    Use AIMIX Basalt crushing production line
    AIMIX Basalt crushing plants

    Consider The Basalt Crusher Cost

    Choose a crusher within your budget, but also consider the long-term cost-effectiveness of the machine.

    Supplier Reputation and Support

    Choose a reliable supplier with a good reputation, quality products, and after-sales support.

    AIMIX is one of the reliable crushing plant manufacturers and suppliers in China and we have been dedicated to this field for decades. AIMIX has over 50 basalt crusher plants engineers to provide professional services from consultation to equipment running. You can trust us and request the best basalt crusher price right now!

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