80TPH Asphalt Mixing Plant in Full Operation in Indonesia Now

Recently, the AIMIX 80TPH asphalt mixing plant, exported to Medan, Indonesia, has been installed and fully operational. So far, more than 10 sets of 80TPH asphalt mixing plants have been put into operation in Indonesia and have been well-received by customers. First, let me briefly introduce AIMIX’s best-selling model in Indonesia, the ALQ80.

80TPH Asphalt Mixing Plant in Full Operation in Indonesia Now

Well-received Asphalt Plant Model – ALQ80

As the name suggests, the ALQ80 is an asphalt production equipment with a production capacity of 80 tons per hour. The powerful and efficient stationary asphalt plant for sale produces asphalt in batches. It can produce high-quality asphalt mixtures suitable for medium to high-level road construction projects. Its specific parameters are as follows:

  • Output: 80t/h
  • Aggregate Batcher: 4×7.5m3
  • Finished Asphalt Storage Bin: 100t/h
  • Vibrating Screen: 4 layers
  • Mixer Capacity: 1000kg
  • Cycle Time: 45s
  • Dust-removing Area: 420㎡

80TPH Asphalt Mixing Plant in Indonesia
80TPH Asphalt Mixing Plant Working For Highway Project in Indonesia

Advantages of ALQ80 Asphalt Plant

High Production Capacity

The 80 tons per hour production capacity allows the asphalt plant to efficiently produce a large amount of asphalt mixture, making it suitable for large-scale projects with high demand, such as highway and airport runway construction.

High Automation

The AIMIX ALQ series asphalt plants adopt advanced control systems and automation technology, enabling full automation operation, reducing manual intervention, and improving production efficiency and operational convenience.

Outstanding Performance of the 80TPH Asphalt Mixing Plant in this Project

Currently, this equipment has been put into operation and is mainly applied to the government project contracted by the customer’s company – the construction of a highway. After a period of use, the equipment has demonstrated stable performance.

High Automation of 80tph AIMIX asphalt batch mix plant

High-quality asphalt mixtures

By strictly controlling the proportion of raw materials and setting parameters through the control system, the produced asphalt mixtures are uniformly distributed, improving road durability and service life.

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly

Adhering to local environmental standards, AIMIX asphalt mixing plants are designed with energy-saving features and advanced dust removal technology to meet green environmental requirements.

The customer is very satisfied with AIMIX’s equipment and believes that cooperating with AIMIX was the right decision, achieving a win-win situation. Additionally, the customer has handwritten a testimonial to express their sincere cooperation.

ALQ80 asphalt mixing plant recommendation letter from Indonesian Client
ALQ80 asphalt mixing plant recommendation letter from Indonesian Client
customer review on 80 tph asphalt plant in Indonesia

In recent years, AIMIX has conducted specialized designs in terms of environmental protection, dust removal systems, screening systems, drying systems, system processing capacity, equipment maintenance, etc., based on the pace of road construction and material characteristics in Indonesia. We are dedicated to providing customers with integrated solutions for hot mix asphalt plants and process technology. Furthermore, our comprehensive and efficient service system has been a key factor in AIMIX’s rapid growth in Indonesia. If you require an asphalt plant for your projects in Indonesia, please contact us.

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