50TPH Combined Mobile Crusher Plant To Process Quartz

Recently, a client from Brazil in South America contacted AIMIX through email because he saw AIMIX crush equipment picture on Pinterest, inquiring about the crushing of quartz materials on-site.

50TPH Combined Mobile Crusher Plant To Process Quartz in Brazil

As we all know, Brazil is one of the countries globally abundant in high-purity quartz mineral resources, and AIMIX has received numerous inquiries from Brazilian clients regarding corresponding crushing solutions in the past. Through communication with the client, our sales has known the following basic requirements:

Requirements for Crushing Quartz:

  • Material to be processed: Quartz
  • Feed size: <425mm
  • Output sizes: 0-20-40-70mm
  • Capacity: 50 – 60 tons/hour

Customized Crushing Design and Configuration

Considering the client’s relatively low capacity requirement but the necessity to mine quartz raw materials from multiple locations, we suggested employing a four-in-one mobile crushing and screening plant, enabling the client to crush quartz materials at different sites. Our engineers initially designed a customized 3D layout and process diagram as follows.

3D Layout of 50TPH Combined Mobile Quartz Crusher Plant

After several rounds of communication with the client, AIMIX engineers patiently made modifications, and we ultimately settled on the following configuration:

  • APG-3090W vibrating feeder + APJ-5075E jaw crusher + APC-900Y cone crusher + APS-1548Y3 vibrating screen

The Main Crusher Machine Selection

Upon receiving the quotation, the client expressed great satisfaction with the overall crushing solution configuration. AIMIX sales also provided detailed explanations regarding the rationale behind this configuration. Check the reasons why to choose these quartz crushers as follows:

  • The final product size needs to be achieved through two-stage crushing. However, due to uncertainties regarding the raw material site and storage capacity, it is advisable to utilize a combination of mobile crushing plants.
  • Jaw crusher: Given that the feed granularity is less than 425mm, among all available jaw crusher models, the APJ-5075E jaw crusher is the optimal choice, as its maximum feed size also aligns with the requirement.
  • Cone crusher: For the secondary crushing stage, we opted for the APC-900Y cone crusher. The APC-900Y’s output size ranges from approximately 3mm to 50mm. Furthermore, depending on the chamber type, the material can be processed into three ranges: 15-50mm, 5-20mm, 3-13mm, covering the desired output size range of 0-20-40mm.

APJ-5075E jaw crusher machine
Jaw Crusher Machine
APC-900Y Spring Cone Crusher Equipment
Spring Cone Crusher Equipment

Given that the crushing plant is equipped with various equipment, customization is necessary to meet the specific crushing requirements of each client, including materials, capacity, feed and output sizes, mobility, etc. If you are interested in investing in such equipment for crushing mineral resources, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.

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